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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

@ Philip


The problem isn't with the UID. The UID is MEANT to change when the message changes. This is obvious because the message is no longer the message that it was before replying or flagging/unflagging the message. Microsoft exchange will create changes on the E-Mail in your inbox linking it to a "flagged event" in Exchange or a sent E-Mail. Ergo the message ID must change.


Blackberry's Polling service is what needs to change. IMAP is the best mail retrieval protocol because of the constant connection to the server.


It seems rediculous for RIM to suggest we use a far inferior, slower and less secure alternative to solve this problem. I was also having the issue on Secure POP3 on port 995. Unsecure POP3 seems to work fine as this just seems to check for unread mail.


I would suggest that RIM alter their polling service to look for more than just the UID of the E-Mail.


If someone is able to provide a means of contacting the actual support team for RIM, it would be most appreciated.


They don't seem to supply adequate support for BIS users.




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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

Hello all,

I am picking up this topic because I think I have some new information to share. It may or may not help you, but I thought it would be worth posting.


I ran into the same issue with the following scenarios:


Exchange 2007 running on a Small Business Server 2008

BlackBerry device connecting through BIS


Exchange 2007 running on Windows Server 2003

BlackBerry device connecting through IMAP (directly setup on the device, no BIS)


After some trials and testing difference scenarios, I have come down to the following conclusion (with some test results that lead me to this conclusion below):


The issue is with BlackBerry devices connecting via IMAP to a mailbox residing on an Exchnage 2007 mailbox server. It is NOT with IMAP. IMAP is merely a victim of circumstances - BBs cannot connect to Exchange 2007 via OWA, because they are looking for /Exchange in the URL and in Exchange 2007 it is /OWA, so the only ways to connect it are IMAP and POP3 as you all already know. And the issue does not show in POP because POP is dumb. ;-)


Anyway, here is what I tried and what lead me to believe the above:


BB device connecting via IMAP to a mailbox on Exchange 2007 = duplicate messages

iPhone/Windows Mobile 7 connecting via IMAP to a mailbox on Exchange 2007 = NO duplicate messages


BB device connecting via IMAP to a mailbox on Exchange 2010 = NO duplicate messages

iPhone/Windows Mobile 7 connecting via IMAP to a mailbox on Exchange 2010 = NO duplicate messages


Now the important one:

BB device connecting via an IMAP service residing on an Exchange 2010 server, but connecting to a mailbox on Exchange 2007 - duplicate messages


Also, the behavior that you see in IMAP where it treats a message with a different UID as a new message seems to be indeed by design, however, other phones seem to treat and deal with it properly, where the BB devices can't/don't - when I had setup an iPhone to connect via IMAP to E2007 and I replied to a message the iPhone downloaded the message again and for a split second showed two messages with the same subject, however, it immediately deleted one of them as it somehow realized it is a dupe.


Bottom line... It seems this points to the way BB devices interpret information from Exchange 2007 mailbox servers. Hard to say it is a Microsoft issue as it is only BBs that have this problem. Regardless, there obviously is a way to interpert them so they don't show up as dupes, but, from what I have seen on other posts, BB does not seem to want to make that code change and resolve the issue, just as they do not seem willing to fix the issue with the devices not working with OWA...


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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

I am also having this problem.  As soon as the message is read/open in Outlook or OWA the BB device downloads the mesage again.


The proposed solution of using POP or OWA isn't viable - the only reason I'm using IMAP over SSL is because OWA doesn't work.  POP has the same problem.


I'm using Exchange 2010 SP1 and would prefer to use OWA, which according to the provider works with Blackberry Internet Service - yet they couldn't get it working for me.


Unless a solution can be found to get OWA or even IMAP working then the BB is going back and I'll be using an iPhone ! All because BB won't pay to use MS Active Sync - ridiculous



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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

Please!  For the love of all things good and decent in this world, someone provide an answer that works for this problem.  I have been Googling and Binging for the past 3 days and I must read 1000's of posts and tried dozens of "solutions" and nothing has worked for me.


In addition to getting the duplicate original email sent to my Blackberry when the email changes on Outlook (e.g., flag, or marked as read) if I wait a minute without reading the original message on either the Blackberry or Outlook, it sends the original message to me again on the Blackberry.  I am unable to use OWA and I wouldn't want a 15-30 minute delay on delivery anyway.


I am using the Blackberry Curve 8330 on the Sprint network.  Has anyone been able to figure this problem out yet?  We used to have Exchange 2003 and my BB worked, then the server crashed and I didn't have access to email on my BB for a long time.  Now we have Exchange 2007 and I tried setting the email up again.  That when this problem began.  Is there a fix for this or should I look into getting a Droid or IPhone?




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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

Unfortunately, until RIM/Blackberry fixes this, there is no resolution. They are simply not complying with the standards all other mobile devices go by. Every other major manufacturer uses ActiveSync for Exchange email - on iPhone, Android and of course Windows Mobile. Blackberry decided they will do their own thing - even in the days of successfully connecting to Exchange 2003 when they again were not using ActiveSync, but instead were hitting the Outlook Web Access client (which is the root of this issue - no OWA support for 2007, which forces you to go to IMAP, which has this issue, because they are not implementing IMAP correctly either)...


Bottom line, either live with it, or pick any other phone - Windows Mobile 7, iPhone, Android (in no particular order  )


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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

I agree is't disappointing and quite baffling that one has to go through all these hoops with Blackberry when Android and Windows Mobile work like a charm without all this nonsense.


We've been having issues at our company with dupe emails for 2+ years now with no fix in sight.  We just got a new Bold and now that one is doing dupe emails;  and it's Exchange 2007 and it's POP3 without security.  I say that because it seems I cannot change the account type settings on the phone.  It won't allow you to get to that "field" in setup and does not even show the option when you create an account.  I also do not see the option to use OWA or IMAP.  Aparently you could change that in version 5 but not in version 6!   Obviouly, a feature!  Smiley Happy  I have added,  deleted,  redone,  redone on BIS ad naseum.  Still the duplicates come.  I can not see nor have I read anything to change in Outlook or Exchange. 


I did, however,  cause a bit of a ruckus with the tech support folks at US Cellular though...  I think I got their entire Blackberry team on the case!  I'll post if I hear any good news.  But honestly RIM,  just add a darn Exhcange client for crying out loud!!  Sheesh!    You are the only O/S not to hav that!

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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

I have been experiencing this problem for about 4 months.

Everything we have tried to correct has failed.  It's SO ANNOYING.

My box gets flooded because I have exchange connected to a business email and a personal email. Everytime I even look at a past email on outlook it gets resent to my BB inbox, usually twice. 

I don't really want to change phones, but I see that is an apparent fix.

How long can this take to correct??



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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

Hello All


Okay time to revive this silly thread.


Well IMAPS and POP3S are a waste of time with BBs connecting to Microsoft Exchange. Don't even bother.


Just make sure your Exchange OWA is accessible.


You CAN setup the Blackberrys using BIS through OWA.


Just put your OWA address in, your credentials and Voila!


https://sbserver.sillydomain.co.za/owa will work if your A record is setup like that.


Works perfectly for all of our clients with exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010.


If you have any issues with it, call RIM so they can ignore you. :-)


A large Multinational like RIM will most likely not bother changing their Polling service so we must just use OWA (It works better than IMAP anyway with flagged mails etc.)



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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

[ Edited ]

Hi Guys this is my first pos on the forum ans I live in New Zealand (FYI)

I have stumbled onto the resolution to the Duplicate emails in BB after days of searching and testing. I have added a entry into Regedit on the blackberry server a few days ago to resolve one issue. Two days later I started to receive complaints about duplicate messages on the BB's. Rolled back on the change and issue resolved.

I have tested on a live environment 

I have tested and it is working 

This is only for BES and outlook 

1. In the Registry Editor, go to one of the following locations:

For BlackBerry Enterprise Server 2.1 and earlier:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Server

For BlackBerry Enterprise Server 3.5 to 3.6:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SoftwareResearch In Motion\BlackBerry\Servers\<BlackBerry_Enterprise_S erver_name>

For BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 to 5.0:

For Windows 32-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agents
For Windows 64-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agents

*** If the ProcessMailDelay registry entry already exists, change the Value data field to the number of seconds you would like mail processing to be delayed. If the ProcessMailDelay registry entry does not exist, create a registry entry with the following values:



This value specifies the number of seconds to delay email processing. For example, a value of 45 delays mail processing for 45 seconds. (decimal to 45)

3.Set Decimal to 45

4. Restart the BlackBerry Dispatcher and BlackBerry Controller.
Important: Restarting certain BlackBerry Enterprise Server services delays email message delivery to BlackBerry smartphones.

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Re: Duplicate emails in BB inbox after using Outlook

I'm on BIS and when I started using Outlook 2010, the duplicate emails started coming in on my Bold.  After some trial and error, the following fixed it:


  • Outlook 2010: Navigate to File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings...
  • Account Settings dialog: E-mail tab > highlight the email account > click [Change...]
  • Change Account dialog: uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode