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Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"



Firstly, I am aware that there is another post for the Storm with a similar issue, and they have come to some sort of conclusion. However, here is my problem....



I have a BlackBerry Bold 9700. I am using the Email Setup wizard to add an existing email account to my phone.


I have made sure that I am using the correct setting and my email address and password are correct (I can use them to log in to my webmail).  When I get to the "Email Address" and "Password" it says "processing, please wait" for about 3 minutes and then says "update failed".



I have checked my domain/hosting website for support and they have instructions for adding email accounts of this type to the BB9700 linked below....




It appears that I cannot get past the initial address/password screen to enter my POP and IMAP settings.




Any help would be excellent, if my Blackberry cannot set this up, I will grudgingly get rid my my BB and get something else that will be able to do this, as its a business email address that I need to set up and have access to.



I have already set up a Hotmail, GMail, and one other web based email account on my BB using the wizard, currently I only have GMail and the one other webmail account on my BB as Hotmail was no longer required, so I know that this should be possible as I have been able to set up this type of account before and also going on my domain/hosting support, there is specific guidelines for setting up email on BB9700.


Any help would be great as I am stumped...



Cheers for having a look....




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My Device: blackberry 9700 OS6 .418
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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

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Hi James,


This is EXACTLY what you want it to do.


Go back again through your steps where you mention waiting 3 minutes when this goes back to the user name and password screen it will add a new link below the password box asking if you want to MANUALLY enter your email details.


Thus allowing you to enter Url based webmail link OR pop/imap settings.









P.S - please example i took a screen shot for you - this shows AFTER a failed attempt.




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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

If you don't get the "enter data manually" option like I wasn't, try entering a bad password.  That was the only way it would give me the manual setup option.

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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

I am a complete newbie with Blackberry and was on the verge of trying to back out of my contract because I could not get e-mail of type "Other" setup because of the "Update Failed" blockage. However by combining a bit of trial and error with some tech support from O2 I managed to get it setup and successfully repeated the process when my wife wanted a blackberry too. O2 now have this workaround. Apologies for the long winded description that follows but hopefully it is enlightening and the sequence offered if for a Blackberry  Bold 9780 straight out of the box.

Firstly for O2 users you do not need to go anywhere near http//O2mailuk.blackberry.com on your device . That approach  from O2 tech support is a complete red herring. Secondly in setting up an e-mail of type other where you want to enter the details of your e-mail server manually you have to misspell the email domain name initially to trick it into giving you the option to enter the details manually  and during which you can correct that domain name (misspelling the email account password does not work for me).

My resolution sequence is:

1. Open the Options app 

2. Select the Device option

3. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced System Settings

4.Scroll down to the Host Routing Table option and select it to display the table entries

5. press the Blackberry icon button to reveal the popup menu

6.Select and initiate the Register Now option.

7.Wait until it completes the transmission which should be no more than about a 30 seconds

8. Without pressing any other keypad buttons remove the battery and keep it removed for 90 seconds.

9.Replace the battery and power on the device. It will take several minutes before being operational whilst it refreshes itself.

10. You are now in a position to setup the e-mail of type other.

11. Open the Setup app

12. Select Email Accounts

13. Scroll down and select the option "Other"

14. Misspell the domain name but enter the correct password and when the attempt fails instead of giving you the Update Failed message it gives you the choice of entering the details manually.

15. Make sure you correct the domain name on your email address




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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

Sam - you are a genius! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

Sam....you are a bloody genius! I have no hair left and my sanity was just about gone until I stumbled on your post! It works! I don't know how or why but it does and its awesome!

Few! Thats a load off my mind! 2 mths its taken me to sort this out!


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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

I want to say thanks as well.  After trying a newer BB and then switching back, I could no longer get my Bold 9000 to work with Mail.com..not until I used this trick, that is (the menu arrangement is slightly different on AT&T devices but that's the only difference).  It makes NO sense that we have to do this, either, because the server names are pop.mail.com and imap.mail.com - which are exactly what the phone should try first!  But perhaps the bigger question is why does RIM hide all of the really important settings, which require either secret codes or tricks like Sam described to gain access to??  Even something as fundamental as deleting an address book requires using the Blackberry desktop software.  And why do the BBOS7 devices not even have Gmail as a default account type??  Is Google not playing nice because they have Android now, or is it just more RIM incompetence?  A sad state of affairs any way you look at it.


- Bold 9000 user on AT&T

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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

sam, i followed all the steps you listed above, but mine still didnt prompt/give the option for the manual entry?? any more ideas
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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

This was happening to me.  Turns out it was 2 factor authentication setting in gmail that were killing me.  Logged into my gmail account and turned off 2 factor authentication and was able to add my gmail account without any issue in my BB.


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Re: Email Account Setup Failed: "Update Failed"

Ok, so after all Trials and Errors, I came up with the solution...


Follow These Steps and you'll be able to setup/change your password of your e-mail on your Phone again...


Firstly, leave your phone alone for a second and focus to your web browser:


(Recently GMaiL Upgraded their Security Log-In methods by Unknowingly activating their users "2-Step Activation" Log-In System. Whether you have accepted it or not, or use it or not, this is preventing you to setup/change your password on your CellPhone...)


1. Log into your GMaiL Account and go to the "Gear" Icon. Click on the Settings Option

2. Search and Select the "Accounts" Tab

3. Next to "Change Account Settings" you'll find a "Other Google Account Settings" Link, select that to find a separate window opened.

4. On the separate "Account Settings" Page, scroll down to find a Link that says "Manage Security"

5. Scroll Down on the "Security Settings" Page and Note that the 2-step Activation is "Active/On", make this "Off"


You will now be able to Create your e-mail on your BlackBerry Device.

I have read all the above replies and could not find any solutions to the suggestions, so I went back to GMaiL self and figured this out.


I hope that I could have been off help to anyone else struggling...


Good luck.