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Re: Fail to connect to email accounts after software upgrade/downgrade

well when the server was busy and i was told to try again, i took that to mean, exit the browser and come back at another time and try again and this would cause the same error over and over.


what im suggesting is, rather then close the browser, request a refresh and the process will do what i told it to do. 


Your instuctions should be explicit for the new user coming in here and doing what u suggest.


go to mobile.blackberry.com

go to communications

go to email

enter in specifics

if u get any type of error from the server, do a refresh browser (do not exit the browser) and the process will work for you.


last nite i didnt do a simple refresh. i exited the browser and tried again this am with the same results. it was only after reading another users post that suggested refreshing the browser window and then everything started to work for me.


make sense now?

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Re: Fail to connect to email accounts after software upgrade/downgrade

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Yup...that makes sense now. So you only saw the one error message, but you saw it multiple times, each time being when you made what would, from a "session" standpoint, be an "original attempt" (as opposed to a refresh).

But, where we differ is that your interpretation is that the error message was not accurate at all; I'm just not as convinced that such a linkage is 100% certain. Server loads shift moment to moment. Thus, while your explanation (which would indicate something improperly programmed at the server) is entirely plausible, it's also possible that it was simply a matter of timing...with the refresh you did being at a moment when the server load just happened to drop below the threshold, allowing your transaction to complete; whereas all of your "original session" attempts just happened to occur at moments when the server was overloaded.

In truth, my own initial response to such an error message would actually be exactly as you eventually did -- rather than waiting to some later time for another attempt, I'd do an immediate browser refresh, since server loads do constantly fluctuate. If I did several failed refreshes in a row, I then might start to suspect a different rationale, but initially I'd personally stick with taking the error message at it's word.

Nevertheless, your advice remains sound -- and we do agree on that point. If someone attempts this workaround, they should immediately attempt a browser refresh (perhaps several times) in an attempt to "break through" to a moment when the server load is below the thresholds.

Unfortunately, not being "insiders", there's no way to know one way or the other with 100% certainty. We "outsiders" can only guess. And, being humans, we will often differ on our guesses, especially with so limited a set of data from which to draw conclusions.


Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Registered: ‎02-09-2012
My Device: blsckberry curve 9330
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Fail to connect to email accounts after software upgrade/downgrade

I agree with what you have said and im willing to let it go at that. However, everytime i go to that address, i get that error  - comm error, try again when i do a command.  As an experiment, i entered the wrong password, and instead of getting a incorrect password, i get the comm error that the server is busy and only thru a refresh of the page, do i get the correct response, password was invalid.  If the server was overloaded, then at least once, my refresh should have given me the "too busy, try again" message.  Most users dont have a computer background and would let it go as - oh well the server is busy, i guess i have to come back - but in reality all they had to do was a refresh.  Even with my extensive background in computers - i was, in my opinion,  tricked by the server into thinking it was overloaded when i should have known better.  I guess i can agree to disagree - but in the end, everything worked and im a happy camper again.


Blackberry and rim better get their act together or they may find their business caput in about another year. This whole problem was their fault and it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth having gone thru it and i wil never upgrade my operating system again without having a good desktop backup in case of things like this.


Cheers to you my friend.


Backgorund - computer specialist (univac, honeywell, blackberry trainer and support (all models up to 6510) i've done computer support for 38 years (currently retired) and blackberry support the last 5 years.  We had a bes server tho controlling all the mail and we never allowed our users to have external mail isp's.  I enjoyed helping people with their problems tho and will have to visit this site more often when i become bored with my facebook games to pass time...lol