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For RIM Team: (Crash bugs too) Listing of App World Bugs For Bug Tracking Purposes

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Just wanted to let the RIM team know, so they can add to their bug ticket tracking system...

(RIM developers, please forward to the QA or QC people who add tickets to the bug system, to make sure these bugs are documented)


List of App World Bugs Encountered


  1. BlackBerry App World freezes after 3 simultaneous downloads complete (MSN, Google Talk, and AIM).   Clock kept spinning for 30 minutes before I decided to do a reboot. 
    Priority: CRITICAL

    - Do MSN download, hit back button, start GoogleTalk download, hit back button, start AIM download.  
    Observe that App World allows you to do 3 downloads simultaneously.
    - As soon as the download completes almost simultaneously, the "waiting clock" icon endlessly spins.
    - It appears that the BlackBerry is 'thrashing' trying to update its flash memory simultaneously with 3 large new applications.
    - My BlackBerry Bold (recently upgraded OS last month) has 9 to 12 megabytes free (Options->System screen) because it is already so loaded with applications that has already been loaded.  this may have a factor, since the "waiting clock" icon shows more in this situation.

    NOTE: Test this on a real BlackBerry, rather than BlackBerry Simulator, to accurately test clock spinning, as BlackBerry Simulator does not accurately simulate memory-install delays.  It is my experience that memory-installs can take a couple orders of magnitude longer on actual BlackBerry devices, as compared to BlackBerry Simulator, due to this real-world performance bottleneck.  Note that the several second freeze for one application install, appears to become an over-30-minute continuous frozen BlackBerry if 3 applications installing simultaneously at the same time, while the BlackBerry has less than 10 megabytes free. 
    RECOMMENDED FIX: Improve memory management of App World to execute only one installation of the application at a time (while still allowing simultaneous downloads), and to watch available memory.
    LONG TERM FIX: In addition, replacing or installing an application should be done in the background rather than freezing the whole handheld for several seconds.  Also, for developers, add support of 'flash memory slowness emulation' to BlackBerry Simulator, so that slow performance can more easily be debugged in Simulator, which uses system RAM (over 100 times faster) than flash memory, which is also used as application memory on the BlackBerry.
  2. BlackBerry App World may not be aggressive enough in checking available memory before downloading and installing applications (CRITICAL)
    Priority: CRITICAL

    - Pretend you're an Average Joe Customer going crazy in a candy store
    - Download all the free applications, one by one.
    - Keep repeating until you run out of memory.
    - Eventually, you need to reboot your BlackBerry because the clock keeps spinning because a specific application does not install well in a low-memory situation.

    NOTE: This assumes about 5 or 6 common applications are running in the background (4 instant messaging programs, and a couple other common 'background' programs), which causes background memory to fluctuate a little.
    RECOMMENDED FIX: Make BlackBerry App World a little more proactive in warning users about low memory condition, before letting user download application.  Be aware whether other applications are also being downloaded at the same time.
    LONG TERM FIX: Please allow applications to be saved to memory card instead (even if has to temporarily be in a 'frozen' state)
    CASE STUDY AREAS: iPhone has intelligent memory management.  Observe the iPhone behaviour when a User goes 'crazy' downloading everything in sight, and automatically warning user about low-memory conditions and automatically recommending remedies for low-memory conditions for "kid-in-candy-store" situations.

  3. BlackBerry App World 'Flick flipping' does not have momentum (like iPhone) so unnecessarily artificially throttles speed of browsing. 
    Priority: MEDIUM

    - Go to the main screen of App World, with the featured applications.
    - Flick the track ball very fast to the left or right, and let go of the track ball.
    - It spins to the next application but does not keep scrolling past.
    - This makes it hard to go to Featured Application #1 to Featured Application #14 *quickly*
    While trivial to you, this is very annoying to people like me, and to iPhone "converts" to BlackBerry, this the priority of this fix should be slightly 'biased' higher to "medium" instead of "low" based on this.

    CASE STUDY AREAS: Study iPhone behaviour.  Also study BlackBerry GMAIL app, which has more proper "momentum" based flick-scrolling behaviour on the BlackBerry than App World's 'flick scrolling'
    RECOMMENDED FIX: Make the scrolling animation go faster the faster you spin the track ball, and/or make the scrolling animation have 'momentum' going past several applications in a decelerating manner.  Allow allow reverse-trackball-spin to abruptly slow the momentum down, like on a real iPhone or in BlackBerry GMAIL Mobile (which copies the iPhone flick-scroll behaviour much more accurately)


There are other bugs, but they've all been reported before in this forum.  At the present moment, I have limited myself to bugs/issues that don't seem to be clearly explained or mentioned in this forum, or does not have clear reproduction scenarios.



Mark Rejhon is also available immediately for software development.  Many years of experience in Java / C# / .NET development, including 4 years on BlackBerry and PocketPC's.  Forward me to your managers if RIM would like to hire me.   Use this posting as an example of the high-quality of testing that I do to my own applications, as well as my usability testing and user interface experience.   (I also worked on the E*TRADE MOBILE PRO project as one of the team of developers.)

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