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Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

I have a Bold 9700 and I am using Google Sync.  The contacts syncs properly, but the calendar does not. When I input an entry on Google Calendar on the computer and perform a sync, it syncs to my Blackberry Calendar.  However, when I input an entry on my Blackberry Calendar and perform a sync, I get duplicate Calendar entries.  I constantly have to remove the duplicates through Blackberry Desktop Manager. Is there a fix for this? 



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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

Hello aarcelo and welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


Goggle Sync is a 3rd party application and support is best supported by them.


On a site note, with BlackBerry Internet Service 3.1, Google Contact and Calendar sync is now offered. If you want to learn more, you can consult KB19270 (for Contacts) and KB24204 (for Calendar).





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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries



im not a huge fan of the BIS Google Calendar sync so i stick with the 3rd party application. i had the same problem as you did. here is what i did to fix it:


  1. Back up your calendar data via google calendar just in case. (Settings > Calendars > Export)
  2. Back up your bb calendar data via Desktop Manager just in case (Device > Back Up > Back up selected databases)
  3. Go to your blackberry calendar application and go to Menu > Settings and then type in the word 'WIPE'. this will wipe out all calendar data on your blackberry. You wont see the text as you type it on screen but after you type it will ask you to confirm the wipe.
  4. Then open up your google sync application and go to Menu > Sync and from there hit Menu again and choose the option to Reset Calendar Sync.
  5. After you do that it will ask you if you want to perform a Sync on your device. Hit yes and allow it to sync your calendar

After the sync is complete all your calendar events should be back on your device and every time you update there should no longer be any duplicates. what happened was you were inputing your calendar events via two accounts (bb calendar accounts, eg. diff colors) and both were being added (one by you and another by google sync.)


let me know if that works. good luck!

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

Hey, I don't want to jack anyone's thread, but I have a similar problem with Google sync and was wondeirng if someone could help me.


jrab's solution might've worked for me, but I have an additional complication (I think).  I have shared calendars on my google calendars.  Here's my sitch:


On my phone's (native) calendar app, I have several calendars: "Default" (which I can't input a new entry in, is that a problem? I don't use it anyway); "Facebook" (whch syncs to my facebook account); "Groups" (which syncs with my bbry groups); "work email" (which syncs to one of the emails I linked to my phone); "network email" (which syncs to the one email I don't use, but was forced to make when I first used my bbry with Rogers); and "google email" (which syncs with my google account).


On the desktop/web browser Google Calendar, I also have several calendars: "google email" (the default, basically); "shared" (a calendar I share with friends); "other" (several others, but not really important).


So here's the problem: when I use Google Sync, all my google calendar events (from all calendars) are sync'd to my phone but inputted into my "google email" calendar.  This wouldn't be a problem except G-Sync then thinks I just inputted a lot of new events into my "google email" calendar and re-uploads them onto my "google email" calendar in my desktop's Google Calendar.  G-Sync then re-downloads them onto my phone again because it's not the same events it just downloaded.  The result is, I get duplicate entries for all my Google Calendar calendars (google email, shared, and others).  It's worse for my friends with whom I share the Shared calendar since they get triplicates (sometimes).


What I want to happen is when G-Sync does its thing, I want "google email desktop" to sync with "google email phone" and "shared desktop" to sync with "shared phone", or at least enough calendar I already have on my phone.  I don't see an option to do so.


Extra info that might be relevent:


  • When I input an entry onto my phone under the "google email" calendar, it doesn't duplicate.
  • When I input an entry onto my desktop under the "google email" calendar, it doesn't duplicate.
  • When I input an entry into my other desktop calendars (e.g., shared), it duplicates.


Thanks for anyone's help before hand!

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

Thank you thank you thank you!  I have been trying to figure this out all night & am tired and just want to go to sleep knowing that my calendar is correct on my phone.  The WIPE was so helpful!  Now my phone's calendar and Google Calendar are perfect.  Thank you!

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

This is not a very good fix but I think it's the best that can be done.  


Delete the google sync app from your BB

Go into Set Up and then Email settings on your BB

Select your Googlemail account and click 'Edit'

In synchronisation options check calendar sync.


Advantages of this approach:   The calendar will sync to your BB almost instantly provided your BB has a good internet connection and there will be no duplicate entries without the need to do anything.


Disadvantage - Very big one.   Your entries in the calendar enterred on your PC will not be synchronised to your BB.   In other words even when you're sitting at your PC you have to enter calendar entries on your BB


This is the only solution I could find after hours of trying.   Hope someone finds a better one some time soon!

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

Yes! The whole duplicate calendar entries whenever you sync using BlackBerry Desktop Manager thing & how to fix it IS like a big huge stunningly annoying secret but I recently discovered an incredibly simple remedy!


Apparently BlackBerry Desktop Manager only syncs w/ the default calendar, however, when you set up your e-mail account on your blackberry, it creates a calendar for each e-mail account. The problem is that even though I only had one e-mail account there were two calendars: a default one & the one attached to the e-mail account with no way to change it.


***Why when you set up your e-mail account, the calendar attached to it is not the automatic default is beyond me. Also beyond me is why there is no information in any help file anywhere on the **bleep** phone about how to fix that! But I digress...To fix it:


  1. Go into your calendar, press the menu key & select options.
  2. Now you should see a list of calendars that are on your phone (the one you work with & the secret one you didn't know you had).
  3. Type "move" (nothing will happen until you are done typing).
  4. Next you'll get a prompt that says something to the effect of 'move all calendar entries to emailacctnamehere@yadayada.com?" Answer yes, and then you're done.
  5. Exit the calendar & when you go back in, it will recognize the calendar you want as the default & the "select calendar" option that used to be on the menu will disappear. Now when you sync your calendar using BlackBerry Desktop Manager instead of syncing w/ some invisible calendar causing you to have duplicates of everything, it will sync correctly.


Hope this works for you too!

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

Sounds like you have a lot of calendar things going on...I'm not sure if the solution I posted will work for you but at this point, what have you to lose?


Important note: the solution I posted earlier deals w/ duplicate calendar entries for one calendar, however, I suspect when you get to step 4, you'll also be given a choice as to which calendar you want to make the default one. After you do that, go to your desktop manager, backup your phone first, then:


  1. In the desktop mgr select organizer, go into the sync settings & choose configure settings.
  2. Making sure the calendar option is highlighted, click advanced.
  3. In the advanced options window, click conflict resolution. Since you have several calendars, you should definitely visit this area to make sure it doesn't happen again (or w/ the other calendars).
  4. If you regularly make changes to your calendars from a variety of places (going through FB, Google, your computer, etc.), what I would do if I were you is choose "notify me when conflicts occur" for each calendar you have. That way, regardless of where you make your change, whenever you sync it will always ask you which one/appointment to keep & which one ignore/overwrite.

**For example, I make almost all of my calendar changes through my phone but when I go to sync w/ my PC I don't want to have to tell it what to do for each conflict, so instead of telling it to "notify me when conflicts occur", I chose "device wins". Basically telling it, overwrite (my PC) conflicts because my device is correct. Saves a boatload of time!


Important note part 2: again, the solution I posted deals w/ duplications problems of one calendar, however, when you get to step 2 of this post, I think you'll either see all of your different calendars listed there separately in which case you repeat steps 2-4 for each calendar OR when you click advanced on whatever calendar shows there, in the advanced options window is where you will be able to tell it how to resolve conflicts for each calendar.



Hope this helps!!

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

[ Edited ]

In actual fact my fix is better than I thought it was.   When I enter or change calendar events on my BB they appear on the google calendar within seconds.   When I enter or change calendar events via my PC they do eventually appear on the calendar on my BB.   Sometimes it happens within a few minutes, more often an hour and sometimes several hours - but they do always appear eventually.   So in fact this is a really good fix - not a mediocre one.


By the way this is a completely different issue to the one for which Tischelle has identified a solution.

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Re: Google Sync Duplicate Calendar Entries

I have multiple calendars in my google.  Some are internet subscribed.


Also, I have outlook 2003 and the desktop sync.


My desktop sync to one way push to my google through google sync.


My BB has google sync and will bring all my google calendar items over, but then the 2nd time it duplicated them.


If I delete google sync from my BB and go with the wireless calendar sync on the BIS for the gmail account, will it pick up the multiple calendars?