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My Device: Pearl 8220
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Guidance using a new Pearl 8220

Hello All,


I'm writing in hopes to get some guidence to get around a few issues I'm having with my new 8220. I bought this phone new a few months ago off of Amazon (what can I say, I like the form factor). But, I'm having a few issues which I need to know how to fix (or if they are just operator error). And yes, I've tried searching, but it seems either my Google foo is failing me, or I'm very unlucky.


First a few preliminaries:

Phone: Pearl 8220

OS: v4.6.0.293 (Platform


The first few issues I discovered within the first week of using the phone, before even installing any apps:


1. UMA / WiFi calling: I bought this phone with hopes that I could use WiFi calling. The BlackBerry docs make reference to UMA, though they are somewhat vague. My carrier does support UMA / WiFi calling, as far as the usual associates are able to explain. Since the BB docs were a touch vague, I went to Wikipedia for the phone, which lists the 8220 as being UMA capable ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry_Pearl ).


Obviously as I am writing this, I'm not able to get UMA working, nor able to even determine if the phone really supports UMA. The BB documentation on the matter suggests going to Options -> Network, BUT the "Options" mention does not even have a "Network" section (closest are "Mobile Network" & "WiFi Connections", neither of which appear to have settings related to UMA). I'm not able to get any UMA indicators to show in the status of the phone, so I'm hoping to get a little more definitive information of whether or not this phone really supports UMA, and if so, how do I enable it?


2. Call filtering / External notifications: When a call comes in, the phone does not show anything on the external screen (such as who is calling). The external screen does light-up however, as if it knows it should show something. If I answer the call, hang-up, and then close the phone, the phone will finally show the "incoming" call on the external screen (and will continue to show this until the next call comes in). If I power-off the phone (software), and power it back on again, and then close the phone, the outside screen will show a message like "Phone shutting down. Press Abort to Cancel".


I've been able to correct this behavior by doing a battery pull, after which the phone will actually show where an incoming call is coming from before I have to answer it. However, the battery pull only works for about half a day or so, afterwards the phone switches back to it's previous behavior.


How do I make the phone reliably show me what call is incoming before the call is completed? Am I missing something here?


3. Call Log: When I go to the phone app to look at my call history, the history only shows "missed" calls. I don't see any way to easily get the phone to show me received or dialed numbers. The closest I could find an option in the Call Logging section to put "All Calls" into the Message List. I tried that, but I really don't want to have to click around in the message list all the time to clear out "new" notifications about calls I've received, missed, and dialed. Also, when I tried to show all calls to the message list, the conversion process is very slow - I waited over 25 minutes at the progress bar last time, and the phone had only processed a handfull of calls from a month ago.


Is there an easy way to get the phone to show my dialed & received calls, without having to dump everything into the Message List?


I'll note here this is my first BlackBerry. It's got a few features I like, but I just never would have expected to run into these seemingly basic issues on this kind of phone.


I wanted to post these questions together, and ask if a firmware change might address the issues? As noted above, the phone has v4.6.0.293, but the BlackBerry Desktop "recommended" version is v4.6.0.259 (Platform Should I downgrade the phone to the version "recommended" by the BlackBerry Desktop app? If I downgrade, it's not clear that the backup includes the firmware - how will I be able to get back to my current version if the downgrade does not correct the issues?


Thanks for reading all this, and I'll be very grateful for any assistance!