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Re: Hidden Folders in Media Card !

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Hi all, I'm spending time here (and in other sites where I see posts of the same concern) posting how I resolved this issue in my BB9300 and hopefully it will help you with whatever BB unit you have:




1. I inserted my media card in a BB unit which had Encryption activated.


2. When I inserted the media card back to my BB unit, it no longer showed the folders and the files I had were no longer recognized by my BB media browswer.


3. In resolving this, I did not have time to re-insert my media card to that BB unit and de-activate the encryption, so I don't know if it would have solved the issue.


My solution:


1. I copied all my media card contents to my computer ( I created a folder in my desktop so it was eaasy to find)


2. After making sure all folders (including the hidden ones) were copied completely, I reformatted my media card (just to make sure it's clean but I could have just deleted all the contents without reformatting).


*I used the BB "Format" option under "Options" > "Memory" > [clicked blackberry button on the unit for Options] > "Format"


3. After reformat, the media card automatically had fresh Blackberry folders (default), I copied the non-hidden files first from the blackberry contents I copied to my Desktop)


4. For the hidden files, I opened each of them and found out the inside contents were not hidden (some were but they could be un-hid so no issue); I copied all manually to the "fresh" folders in my unit.


*I also tried copying the hidden folders directly to the media card but they were not un-hid and the Hidden option could still not be ticked (grayed out)


5. Voila! Everything was showing again.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Hidden Folders in Media Card !

My solution on page 2.
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Re: Hidden Folders in Media Card !

I  have the same problem too.. come on blackberry give us the steps on how to fix this. I know there is a fix..

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Re: Hidden Folders in Media Card !

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I did the same thing with benlogin, I copied my phone (Right click the removable disk, select copy) to a folder on the desktop.



Here's what I did:

1. Created a folder on the desktop named TELOS.
2. Copied the 'Removable disk G:\ " on to the folder TELOS.


*my phone's name is T (-) ELOS, so whenever I plug it in, It appears as T (-) ELOS. I copied the entire DISK. lol. 

**** I noticed that even with the "Show hidden folders" box is checked on the control panel, it STILL didn't show my files. Still unable to recover the files. And the picture I posted is what I saw. 


Blackberry problem


There were no 10000+files or at least 56 more folders. :/



3. Format Memory card on the Blackberry. On your phone, Go to home, select Options > Memory > press Menu button > format.


4. Plugged phone back to the pc.

5. Clicked Blackberry desktop manager. (File manager)

6. On desktop manager, clicked on files.

7. Copied TELOS from the desktop back to the phone. 




8. Copied all of the folders I want to recover back to the PC.

9. Unplugged BB and followed step 3.


By this time, your card will have a fresh "Blackberry" folder that is no longer hidden or greyed out.


10. Copied files (not folders) back to their respective folders.


As I type this, I am still copying my files, but seeing as it recovered most of my files. I'm still not sure if it copied EVERYTHING.


Update 4/15/13: Looks like there will be a problem with your memory card if you stopped at Step 10. I kept getting a message asking me to repair the card and I have been doing these steps over and over, and I even tried to recopy just the files and removes all those "configurations" and :"settings" that came in with the folders and pasted them back to BB, but the problem was still there. But I managed to figure it out. 


11. Unplugged BB and a prompt will ask you to repair your memory card. Choose NO.


12. Turn off cellphone and remove battery. Plug it back in and let it reset.


13. Message will appear, asking you to repair your memory card. Choose YES.


14. Another message will appear asking you if you would like to save missing local cluster or something. Choose no.


15. Wait for card to repair.




**** I had to remove ALL the configs and settings that Blackberry installed in the folders. Everything that is NOT a music file, voicenote, ringtone, or image is NOT copied


*** I had a folder within the Blackberry > music > (folder) and Blackberry > picures > (folder). What I did when I was transferring was to create a new folder instead of copying the entire folder.


Like for example:  Blackberry > music > Rock music I like

I did not copy the folder 'Rock music I like'. I copied the contents of that and pasted it to the new folder I made in the BB media card.


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Re: Hidden Folders in Media Card !

A colleague had a similar problem and we couldn't unhide the folder under the folder properties. The only way to view the contents was to browse via File Manager under Applications and then use 'Show Hidden' folders. I figured that this had to do with the attributes of the card since the BlackBerry folder was not visible in Windows Explorer when I connected the BB to a PC.


I plugged the BB onto a PC and opened a DOS window and typed ATTRIB BlackBerry.  It returned SH  F:\BlackBerry meaning that the folder was marked as a System File and was Hidden hence the reason we could not see the contents via the media interface on the BB.  I thus reset the attributes to not hidden and removed the system file setting and voila, everything worked fine without a hitch.


  1. Plug your BB to your PC and open a DOS Window. Start=>Run=>CMD and hit the Enter key.
  2. Depending on the drive letter mapped to the media card on your BB, navigate to the root of that drive by typing say F: on the DOS Window and hitting the Enter key.
  3. Type ATTRIB BlackBerry (or the name of the hidden folder). You will see the attributes of the folder. Say SH   F:\BlackBerry.
  4. Type ATTRIB (FloderName) -S -H if these are the attributes of the folder. In our case I typed ATTRIB BlackBerry -S -H.

You should now be able to see the contents of the hidden folder without having to use the file manager on the BB and the option of 'Show Hidden'.


Hope this helps as it applies to most BB models.