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Registered: ‎09-19-2008
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How to recover data from BB damaged by water

I droped my BB in water. I did not do any backup in the last weeks. I am not able to syncronize the BB with my PC as the BB is dead. Is it possible to recover all the data in the memory card? Is it possible to recover the memory card using another BB and sincronize it?
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My Device: Pearl 8100 (

Re: How to recover data from BB damaged by water

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Honestly, any ability to recover data will depend on the damage done by the water. Try sticking it in a bowl of rice over night. See if that helps draw moisture out, I wouldn't have high expectations though if it was in too much contact, or was submerged totally in water.
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Re: How to recover data from BB damaged by water

here is an emergency procedure if the water damage is recent :


The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:
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Re: How to recover data from BB damaged by water

OMG!!!... RICE WORKS!!!... Ok so heres the deal for all ppl who have gotten their BB completely watered out. My BB is the curve 8320. Alright so basically it ended up in the toilet with piss on it. Ok now I did not go in for it right away so the BB was in there for at least a minute. Eventually after I took it out, it was completely dead. I had no idea what to do so I just dried it with some towel paper. I dried the battery,sim card, and memory card using the towel paper. After putting all back in, it was simply just dead. So for the first day I was just in the denial phase and didnt know what to do. I put in my closet for whatever placement. Next day I did a little research, found out that I should use blow dryer. So I used it on all 4 things (phone,sim,memory,and battery). I hooked it up to PC and just a solid red light and nothing connected. Then I put it into freezer so water could possibly solidfy so i can dry it out better (something stupid like that). Dryed again, same result though it did flash red light in a 4x pattern, wierd. Then I did some more research and heard about the rice bowl idea. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I got empty bowl, put a bit of rice in...then put phone on top and sim and memory and battery. Then put rice over all that. Waited 1 day. Next day (today) It worked!!! I plugged it in and first thing I made sure I did was back it up. The SIM card got damaged pretty bad however. I think its done but i dont care about that all I care about is the data. So to sum it all up.


My BB was completely water wrecked. (To check for water damage look at wall next to sim card area. Mine was full red).

I tried different methods. Left it out regularly-->Blow Dry-->Freeze-->Blow Dry-->RICE BOWL

Maybe it was the sum of those methods that got it to work, maybe it was battery getting some power, but either way it works now.


New Contributor
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My Device: Blackberry Bold 9700
My Carrier: Optus

Re: How to recover data from BB damaged by water

You're spot-on Zain3!! I also dropped my Bold 9700 in the toilet (luckily it only fell into water), and after fishing it out it was completely dead.


Before doing any research I tried what most would do, and opened it up, dried the battery, SIM, micro SD card and handset. Also held the handset tightly in my hand and swung my arm around to try and fling out any excess water left inside the device. Needless to say, when I put it all back together, no success (a red power light for about 10 seconds, and then dead again).


I then read about the rice idea, and submerged my handset (with the backing in place, but partially open) into a lunchbox full of raw/uncooked rice - left it there for 2 days. Unbelievably after this, put it all back together and it powered back up!


Unfortunately this wasn't the end of my drama, as I had the "Uncaught exception : java.lang.NullPointerException" display on my phone after it restarted. My screen only showed a list of my applications on a white screen (no wallpaper), which I couldn't get past.


To remedy this, I tried the suggestions such as a battery pull, and the Alt/Shift/Delete to perform a phone reset, but none of these were successful.


The only way that I've been able to move past this problem was to resort to:

1. Connect the phone by USB cable to my laptop using Blackberry Desktop for Mac (using Version 2.0.0)

2. Blackberry Desktop recognised that the phone was connected to my laptop, but provided me with a prompt indicating that it could not connect with the phone, and suggested that a full reinstall of device software was recommended - which I accepted.

3. After waiting for about 15 minutes for the new software to install, and my device to restart, the standard wallpaper display came up - SUCCESS!!

4. After the restore, I found that not all applications were available (including Password Keeper - my main concern). From 'Device' menu, selected 'ApplIcations', and reinstalled software for specific applications that were missing. 

5. Thankfully, I have been doing regular backups of my 9700, so was able to then restore all data from a previous backup - worked a charm!


Now I just notice that my handset keyboard is playing up, so will have to take myself down to a phone shop and see if this can be repaired or replaced.


Just happy to know that my phone at least works! After dropping it in the toilet I had thought that it was lost!!!