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Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

Product Overview

The Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones introduces an advanced level of email service integration for BlackBerry smartphones. It supports additional Google Mail™ features that provide BlackBerry® Internet Service subscribers with broader access to their Google Mail accounts while on the go.  The Enhanced Google Mail plug-in is optional. Existing and new Google Mail integrations will continue to function without it.


Note: The Enhanced Google Mail plug-in requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or later and Google Mail integration within the BlackBerry Internet Service. The Google Mail integration must use IMAP, not POP, to function correctly. Google Mail accounts integrated after March 2009 use IMAP. Deleting an existing account and re-integrating it will ensure that the account is using IMAP.
BlackBerry smartphone users with existing integrated Google Mail accounts must re-associate their email accounts to receive the link to download the Enhanced Google Mail plug-in.



  • Add and remove labels and stars on email messages
  • Report spam email messages
  • Perform local and remote searches
  • Archive email messages
  • View related email messages as a single conversation (threaded view)

Note: Synchronization happens in one direction, from the BlackBerry smartphone to the Google Mail account. This means that some changes that take place in the webmail UI are not reflected on the BlackBerry smartphone. These include:

  • Applying labels and stars to email messages in Google Mail after they are retrieved by the BlackBerry Internet Service.
  • Labels that are renamed in Google Mail are not applied to the corresponding labels on the BlackBerry smartphone. The new label is synchronized to the BlackBerry smartphone, but does not replace the existing label.
  • Email messages that are marked as read, archived, or spam in Google Mail are not marked as spam on the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Labels cannot be created, renamed, or deleted using the BlackBerry smartphone.

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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

As a BIS user at T-Mobile Austria, I only have their WAP Browser but not the BlackBerry Browser, so I cannot download the plug-in, as the link is only available with the BlackBerry Browser. Is there any way to load the plug-in with the DM?


Best regards,


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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

In addition to the limitations posted about the new Gmail Plug-in, here are a few that I've noticed.  Not sure if RIM will address these:



  • Messages that are auto-archived via Gmail, do not show up on the BlackBerry.  You get a new message icon, but thats it.
  • Label list (Via Filter), does not contain unread count.  You have to go into each label to find your unread, unless you go to All Messages
  • No way to disable the plug-in 
There may be more, but this is what I've found so far.


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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

Problem is solved, after deleting and reintegrating the account in BIS, I received a PIN with a link which opened with the existing browser.
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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

I'm having similar show-stopper issues.  I should point out that I'm not actually using an @gmail.com address; I'm using a Google Apps account for my own domain name.   Perhaps that accounts for some of my issues.  I'm using an AT&T Bold with OS (Platform, and I have a BES plan to get mail from my employer (the phone and the AT&T account are mine).  I did not upgrade from an old Gmail plugin; I installed the Gmail plugin for the first time.


1)  Having messages appear in both the main Messages inbox and the Gmail inbox is not a convenience. It would be nice to be able to segregate these, as with the option to keep SMS/MMS messages out of the main inbox with Messages Options > General Options > SMS and Email Inboxes > Separate.


2)  I have a lot of Gmail filter rules that apply labels to incoming messages and "skip the inbox."  When I receive one of these messages on my Blackberry, I get a new message notification (asterisk) on both my main Messages inbox and my Gmail inbox.  The "skip the inbox" messages are visible in the main Messages inbox, but not in the Gmail inbox (unless I Filter on "All Mail" in the Gmail inbox).  To get rid of the new message asterisks, I need to open both inboxes.  

The whole reason I choose the "skip the inbox" option is that I don't want to see these messages unless I explicitly filter on that label.  It's bad enough that I get them in my Messages inbox, but to have Messages behave one way and Gmail another is nutty.


3)  I'm not seeing all of my new Google Apps mail on my Blackberry, even when I choose Filter > All Mail from the Gmail inbox.  In the standard Gmail client I see everything; but only selected messages appear on the Blackberry.  I haven't been able to pin down what the pattern is.  At first it seemed that incoming mail had to have a label applied to it by a filter to appear on the Blackberry, because all the messages I have been able to receive on the Blackberry have had a label.  I haven't yet seen any unlabeled message.  What what makes it tough to pin down is that I have never received a test message I have sent to myself, and I have tried using my work e-mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL Webmail.  0% success rate sending myself a test message (even when a filter applies a label to these messages); 0% success rate receiving mail that Gmail filters don't apply a label to.


I guess the issue could be with Google's IMAP implementation.  I haven't yet looked at my inbox with another IMAP client to see how that looks.  I'll try that next.


4)  On the topic of IMAP:  If that's the interface to Gmail, it seems strange that I can't view my whole inbox.  I can only view new mail since the date/time I first set up the Blackberry Gmail plugin.  That would make sense for POPmail, but not for IMAP should be able to show me my whole inbox.


Google's Blackberry Gmail app (from m.google.com/mail) has none of these issues, but it has other limitations (no push mail; no HMTL in messages), so I'd use Blackberry's plugin if it worked better.  For now I expect to abadon after another couple of days of noodling.


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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

It took about five years of heavy complaining from the Gmail user community to get RIM to develop this plugin, so I have my doubts that any of it's current problems will be addressed anytime soon.  I may love my BlackBerry, but I'm not a hug RIM fan because they are so enterprise oriented.  There is little you can't do with an Exchange server and BES server, so for a few thousand upfront dollars and several hundred dollars a month we can have what we want with Gmail for a single account :-)


I'd almost be happy with this plugin if the IMAP features worked like normal IMAP.  Most everything is one-way only, and as one poster noted, you can't have your entire inbox or other folders populate when you setup your Gmail account.  When I do this with Apple Mail and Gmail IMAP in less than two minutes every folder and my inbox are exactly the same as on the web-based Gmail app.


But worst of all for me is the fact if you delete a message on your BB it's instantly deleted in web-based Gmail, but if if you delete a message in web-based Gmail, it takes anywhere from 4-8 hours to automatically be removed from your BB.  That's just not right and RIM could do better.


All this said, though, we're at their mercy.  The only OS that does Gmail perfectly is Google's Android OS...and if they had a phone that was even half as solid as  a BB I'd be switching in a heartbeat.

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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

Do you guys have Gmail Plugin working ok? Since i upgraded to OS5 i could not see it in my menu, therefore i decided to re-download it. However, I was prompted to replace the already installed version with an older one. As far as i remember, OS5 already had version and the one downloading from BB site was Since i wanted to re-enable the features i chose to overwrite, was prompted to restart device, however the GMAIL features have not appeared in the menu.

Have you got any suggestions?

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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

did you figure out how to fix this? it´s very annoying indeed

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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

Do you found the way or does some one told you how to disable the plug-in? 

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Re: Introducing Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones

I have BB9650 via Sprint and I received alot of emails that I would rather read later, but I keep the most important ones in the inbox. So far, I am pretty dissapointed with the Google Mail plug-in since it also downloads all other emails and keep it in Messages Inbox, thus killing the performance of the unit (notification and battery indicators are not accurate) and draining the battery faster (once in a while I would find my self looking at full battery indicator but the battery is actually drained).


Any chance of implementing downloading only the inbox, not the whole messages from gmail?