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Is it just me?....

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If I live to be 1000, I will probably never understand why the associated brain damage with simple aspects of syncing a Blackberry and a Mac appears to be by design...


After upgrading to Snow Leopard and running BDM for Mac for the first time after the upgrade, I was prompted with the inane option of either overwriting the device data with the desktop data, or merging, which would duplicate most of the data on the device.


Well... what about those of us who do 98% of our updating on the Blackberry, not the desktop? Is it truly that difficult to add a third option... Overwrite the desktop? That simple option has been available in Windows since Columbus used his Blackberry to update the Queen in the late 1400s... I mean really!


I guess they presume most of us have loads of time on our hands to f___ around with these problems a opposed to working.


Is it just me?

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Re: Is it just me?....

Well what you could do is remove all of the data from your mac address book and then do a merge...not that hard (address book>select all>delete cards)...or you could rant some more...that always seems to fix things...LOL hybrid
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Re: Is it just me?....

LOL... thanks for the suggestion. I can see where my post may sound like a rant... it was actually written with a curious smile. Will do should the occasion arise again.

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Re: Is it just me?....

Jackoat isn't ranting.  I, too,have posted a similar sound-off about how ridiculous it is

for Mac users to SIMPLY sync their Blackberry's with the data on their Macs and sync

their Macs with their Blackberry.  A two way sync like the pretty picture shows.


The fact that there are sooooooo  many posts about just trying to get the software provided

by RIM to work is very telling.


It isn't due to Snow Leopard.  I run Leopard and it's not working. 10.5.8


Would someone post a success please?  Tell me how you downloaded the

Blackberry for Mac Desktop and connected your phone via usb to your computer

and sat through the "syncing now do not disconnect" window and then went to your iCal calendar and

your Blackberry and saw all appointments on both devices.


I love fairytales.

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Re: Is it just me?....

No it is a rant as is yours...FYI, downloaded the leaked DM, and the released version...everyone has worked from the start...no issues at all.  Even loaded hybrid OS with it. hybrid
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Re: Is it just me?....

Would you mind helping me/us then?  I'd really like to  see my organizational

data on both my mac and my bb as RIM promotes as possible.


Here's what I've done:


Installed Blackberry Desktop Manager (for Mac) v. 1.0.2

Uninstalled it and reinstalled it.


Uninstalled Pocket Mac.  (I read on this forum that was necessary.)


Resolved Conflicts


Read the  PDF manual and followed

the instructions.


HOWEVER, I did not clear the device.  That felt way too scary

given the problems I was having and all the posts I've read

throughout the day from people saying they no longer had

their calendar information on iCal or all their contacts were

now gone.


Is this an essential step?  It only tells you to do this in the

manual, but not when you launch the application.  I never

came across this instruction while clicking through the 

windows once the desktop manager opened. Why would

I have to erase my BB anyway?  This seems strange.


The instructions tell us to check sync services.  iSync is

no longer in my system preferences.  Only MobileMe.

Does this mean I can't sync without MobileMe?


If you can spell out all the steps from installing to doing

an actual sync with just iCal that would be a tremendous

service to many of us here who are not having the success

you have had.


How do you download a leaked DM? Not sure what you mean.


If you're willing to lend a hand here's my stuff if that

helps you guide me to the success you're enjoying:


BB Curve 8310 AT&T



MacBook OSX 10.5.8


Thanks so much.







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Re: Is it just me?....

I'm happy to try to help...the first part is the correct installation.  I started a thread on how to do this.  You must remove all third party sync software completely BEFORE installing DMFM. See here:




You will need to clear the system and user cache as well (get OnyX for this).  You say you don't have iSync...that is unusual, you should have it regardless.


Now as far as the device goes...I did not clear mine (was previously syncing with pocket mac) and had no problems.  You will need to check to see how many calendars you have (in iCal and on the device).  You cannot sync the multiple calendars from iCal as multiple calendars on the device although all events will sync as one calendar.  I suggest you follow the advice I gave in the link to setup address book and ical.  I would first backup address book and ical (for ical file/export/ical archive), then try reseting sync services. You could also try deleting everything in iCal and then restore from your backup...this will ensure the files are where they are supposed to be).  Clear the cache, empty the trash and restart the mac...run repair permissions and then install DMFM.  Remember if you are using unusual characters or unusually long entries this could cause problems.  The sync field maps are NOT identical, so not everything will sync.


Also describe exactly what settings you are using for the sync...I always use faster sync and delete device data. hybrid
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Re: Is it just me?....



Thanks.  I look forward to following your instructions

tomorrow.  It's late now and I've spent the better part of the

day and the night on this, but you're response gives

me hope.


You've got to admit though--this is a lot more complicated

than it ought to be.  You're right.  Mac users are accustomed

to software being effortless to install and use. Smiley Wink


If I attempted to start over now, I'd just screw it up, so

to give your advice and instructions the best shot  they

deserve I'll give it a good go tomorrow. Just to let you

know though, I have only attempted to sync one of

my iCal calendars.  And yes, you are right, I do have

iSync.  It says "iSync cannot connect to this device."

So that's another story.


Until tomorrow then.  And thanks again.




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Re: Is it just me?....

Hi Statman,


Finally was able to return to the quest for a successful sync and

to follow your instructions.


No luck though.


Please put me in the pile of aggravated and frustrated BB to Mac users.


I read all your notes and instructions several times.  Checking and cross



Here's what I did, along with some comments

and questions I hope you can address:


1. Uninstalled DM and gathered up other  third party "sync" apps, threw them

in the trash and deleted the trash.


2 .Checked on that CICAL setting and it is set to my default email.

Checked in the calendar on BB to see if that radio button was highlighted.

"All calendars" were highlighted so I changed it to the default

email address calendar. (Not sure this took, because when I go back to

check on it, it shows "All calendars" highlighted.)


3. Did not run OnyX because I don't know what it is.  Also

I am a bit tepid about getting into the bowels of my Macbook

in order to get software to run.  As you said we Mac users are

not used to having to do this. Same thing goes for "clearing cache,

running permissions."  Might need a little hand holding here.

Same is true with your suggestion to delete everything in iCal even

though I did archive and backed it up, which I did also for Address Book.


4. You were right about iSync. I do have it.  (However, when I attempt

to add my BB Curve as a device, I get the message that it cannot be

connected.) When you say "reset sync services" that appears to be

something that goes with Mobileme (found this in System Preferences)

and since I don't use Mobileme at the moment, it doesn't let me do


What do you mean then by saying to, "reset sync services"?


5. So I downloaded Desktop Manager 1.0.2 again.


6. Installed the program and restarted the computer.


7. Connected BB to Mac.  Got message on device that both

are connected.


I select "faster sync."


8. Chose "Replace device data" as highlighted.


9. I sync ONLY ONE calendar.  The home calendar.


10. Syncing Calendar Events window drops down.  Nothing happens

for a minute or so.  Then message comes up that Sync completed. Note:

the blue bar never filled up.  It never even changed from gray to blue.


11. Checked BB.  All calendar entries are gone--everywhere.


12. Checked iCal.  Everything is there.  Nothing from BB is there though.


13. Restored BB--Calendar appointments and events appear again.


So, yes, I didn't do a couple of the steps and I'm willing to, but

need a bit of reassurance about going into permissions and cache

and deleting a perfectly fine iCal calendar.

Perhaps these steps are part of the solution, but as I've bemoaned all along--it shouldn't

be this difficult should it? I'm a Mac user because I'm not a computer geek and

don't want to spend my time digging through my hard drive for weird files with

weird extensions.


I'd like to share a post from someone on a mac forum that answered

my plea for help.  This person said their syncing with DM "worked

like a dream" and they sent me their magic steps, which I've followed

inch by inch:


"Download/install BB Desktop.
Connect BB to computer.
Apply any available software updates.
Sync contacts Mac<->BB.
Resolve any conflicts when they pop up.
Add one calendar to syncing, sync Mac<->BB.
Add the rest of your calendars one by one, sycning Mac<->BB between them.


So I've attempted syncing contacts and still nothing. 


I know I'm not alone in this aggravating quest and I appreciate your time

and interest in solving the issue.  It's just the most bizarre thing that some

of us Mac users CAN NOT get a simple sync to happen and others find

it works like a dream.


I'm still willing to pursue it though.


Thanks again.









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Re: Is it just me?....

It is very hard to diagnose since I don't know what you have or what you have done.  OnyX is however an excellent program for cleaning up the mac.  The problem may be in the cache...cache is a way of storing certain information (for quicker access).  If you didn't delete it then I'm afraid you didn't delete the previous syncing software completely...until you accomplish this, re-installinmg the DM is worthless...so as I have posted in multiple links, you need to completely delete previous sync software before proceeding.... hybrid
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