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Issue with address book

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Blackberry Torch 9800

Version 6.0 Bundle 2949

EE network (formerly Orange)


I have an ongoing issue with my address book. I've had my BB for a while now, in fact it is my 3rd one due to theft and damage, so I've made use of the backup/restore feature a few times.

Since my contract started I've added numerous email accounts on the setup page (a number of hotmail/live accounts at the same time, a gmail account, and a college email which used the gmail platform). I've also removed a few of them.


I currently have 4 email addresses, 1 gmail, 1 hotmail and 2 live. I think (I cannot be sure!) that an issue was made a while back where any new contacts I added to my address book was assigned the last email address account that I setup on my BB.

This last email address was the college email which has now been removed but I have these contacts which are still assigned to this email address contact book and I'm not able to change them.


I was wondering is there some way that I'm able to move all of my contacts onto my default address book list (which is my gmail account)? AND is there a way to fully remove all traces of the old email setup?


I know I can use the "Show All Contact Lists" in the options menu of the contacts app but I'm facing the following issues:


  • The contact sync for Blackberry Desktop Software only syncs contacts from the College email (the last email added which has now been removed from my BB), and that's only a handful
  • Apps like WhatsApp, which relies on the address book, seem to make the last email account added the default address book. So if I want to save a contact it generally means I have to save it to 2 address books which means I have duplicates everywhere
  • When I add a new contact, the contact list has (only) the gmail email (which is the default I want it to use!), 1 of my live email addresses (even though 2 are setup on my BB), and the college email which isn't even setup on my phone anymore


Because of all this I'm looking to find the easiest solution to get all my contacts on one contact list (the gmail account), and remove all traces of the college email that's been removed from my phone.



Sorry if this post isn't in-depth enough, and thank you in advance for any help your able to offer.



[update 1]

After some more searching I've figured out how to delete the contact list whose email address has been removed. In the contacts menu, press options then type RSET. A message then comes stating "Wireless synchronisation, for <college email>, is not enabled. Erase contact list anyway?" .... My issue with this is I have 21 contacts in the college address book which I cant transfer to a properly configured address book! 

Any ideas?


[update 2]

I've just found this: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-bold-9780-f219/merging-multiple-contact-lists-same-id-but-di...

Its exactly what I'm looking for, but after I restored the backup I had a lot of numbers missing :/


[update 3]

Okay, well right now I have most of my contacts back. I restored my phone from a back-up but that didn't solve the issue, so I removed all of my associated email addresses from the phone, then used rset on the contact lists which removed all contacts, then I used a blackberry protect back-up that was done a week ago to restore my contacts.

This now leaves me with a few issues, the biggest being that I have 3 contact lists - default (0 contacts), unknown (467contacts) and unknown (18contacts). I'd like to remove all of them to just 1 main contact list, if anyone knows how to do this?

Also I haven't yet re-added my email addresses, I'm about to do that. I assume if I click to sync contacts with my gmail account (which is what I want to do), it will duplicate contacts all over again? Is there a method to stop this from happening??


I don't get why this seems so god-**bleep** confusing! All I'd like is 1 contact list which has the ability to sync to my gmail account both ways.

I've found BES has a tool to do what I want, but not option for BIS - http://btsc.webapps.blackberry.com/btsc/viewdocument.do?externalId=KB22962&sliceId=2&cmd=displayKC&d...



[update 4]


I've managed to get all of my contacts on 1 contact list (default) by following the steps here -



That's the main issue out of the way. I now have 1 issue and 1 concern.


Firstly the concern, as it relates to native BB functions. Now I have 1 contact list I'm very happy. if I add my email address(es) and click to sync contacts, will that add a new contact list to my contacts? And will this cause duplicates? ... Ideally I'd like to just have 1 contact list (default) that is synced with my gmail contacts, not have 2 seperate contact lists (as having 2 or more contact lists causes problems with backing up contacts and issues with whatsapp as already mentioned).


Secondly the issue, relating to whatsapp. I don't know if its a new feature since the updates but from the whatsapp chat screen I'm unable to save any numbers.

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Re: Issue with address book

Hey nickyh,

Welcome to the BlackBerry® Support Community Forums.


Thank you for the updates on the post we are glad to see you resolved the issue. To address your question regarding adding another email account to the BlackBerry smartphone and contact lists, if you add an email account it will create a contact list for that account but will not synchronize wireless unless you enable this option. If you add a new email account be sure to check your default services to make sure you have the right account set as default.


And last your question regarding Whats App, here at BlackBerry we do not offer support for this application but I would suggest creating a new post or reaching out to Whats App regarding saving numbers from the chat screen.


If you have any other questions let us know.






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My Device: Blackberry Torch 9800
My Carrier: EE

Re: Issue with address book

Thank you for the information. As I only want 1 contact list I decided not to allow contact sync even though I'd like to have an up-to-date version through google contacts. That's because I hardly ever backup up my phone through the blackberry software...I've just come to accept that I will have to, and actually probably should, use the software more regular.

As for whatsapp, I gathered as much but thankfully the issue was fixed after a update/re-install Smiley Happy


Thanks again