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JVM Error 545 - with details - Curve 9360

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I've been having JVM Error 545 on my Curve 9360.

It was running on OS 7.0 and never tried to update it.

It's an openline unit, not locked with any local carrier.

I was using a SIM from Smart Communications Inc. on my bb, so I'm  really mad with this carrier as it corrupted my bb two days before my sub would expire.

I used SIM cards from Globe and Sun Cellular but this never happened before. It would reboot when it's starting to become hot but that's all, no jvm error of any kind.

I'm from Philippines, btw.

Before the error appeared, my bb rebooted on its own, twice, I think with 4-6 hours gap.

I was also multitasking before the error appeared. Apps running were JOBSTREET.com app (which was unresposnsive on some occasions and was lagging frequently, and the one which I think was another root cause of this error), BBM, my emails, bb browser with few windows and music player.

The device was hot already.

It was also in a case that's like this one but mine is made of carbon fiber: swiss tech leather case "bank" style


Actually, it's been a week already. I tried most of the suggested fixes from various blackberry forums but nothing worked. The  following are the things I've tried so far:


- Battery pulling doesn't fix this error.

- I read the three KB's regarding this error but I couldn't really go on because, just read on please..

- Force detection and updating with AppLoader but updating is taking so long + unstable net/crappy connection so I always have to cancel it.

- I downloaded and tried BBSAK but it doesn't  recognize my device even with AppLoader. Even with battery pulled.

- I also tried this: post from blackberryempire but the laptop always shows USB-PIN: 289811e6 which is my bbpin, instead of USB-PIN:UNKNOWN, so I can't really go on.

- I also read somewhere in this forum  (I'm sorry I forgot which one) that I have to download my carrier's  software driver from bb  software downloads page. I've been trying that this whole past week but when it comes to about 30% it stops and prompts an unknown  error. I always use the latest firefox for my attempts. The one I've been trying to download is that of SMART Communications Inc.

- I tried to download the software for Globe but I got an unknown error immediately.

- I tried all these with and without my SMART SIM card and sd card, on a laptop which doesn't have the latest bb desktop software (i tried updating it but it won't coz of the crappy connection of Sun Cellular), and is used for two other blackberry devices.


I may be doing something wrong, Idk. Please, someone help me out. I need my blackberry. If there's any other detail I should provide, please just tell me.


Now I'm gonna try it again on another laptop which doesn't have blackberry desktop software and is never used (not even via usb/bluetooth, as in total virgin) for any bb device before. If that will ever make any difference, please guide me on how to do it right. Thank you in advance..


The photo here is just the JVM error 545:

JVM error 545 on my  9360


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My Device: Curve 9360

Re: JVM Error 545 - with details - Curve 9360

Hello BB02221987

Excellent research on your part, first of it would be wise to remove your pin from your post unless you want hundreds of invites later.

Secondly the "pin unknown" that's true some recommend this procedure however some indicate that if the pin is correctly picked and displayed one should continue with the procedure because there is very good chance the device will be recovered. So please retry.

The jvm error indicates an error in your file system. Once you have recovered your device please do not install any 3rd party apps for 1 month to gauge the stability. This is major error and could be hardware, although software glitch can cause same error. After a month goes with no error then install one app at a time and monitor for two weeks this should revea the offending app.
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My Device: Curve 9360
My Carrier: Globe

Re: JVM Error 545 - with details - Curve 9360

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Hi foxx386, thanks for replying! I appreciate your tips but I don't see any 'edit' option among the choices to edit my first post. Now, it will always be there.


Alright, anyway I don't wanna rely on the guides anymore. I feel like I need more comprehensive details, step by step guide on how to install and update my blackberry 9360. Like for example, when I need to connect my mobile to the laptop, with battery, SIM card and micro SD card which came with it in the box while downloading the update or is it not necessary anymore whether the SIM and SD cards are in my phone or not? If a SIM card is necessary, which one should I put in, my Smart SIM which was in my bb before the auto-rebooting and error appeared or my Globe SIM which has nothing to do with the error? Do I have to wait for more than 4 hours for an update to finish downloading or just cancel it and restart? Things I like these. I still have many questions but I need one detailed answer from any bb gurus out there.. Please hep me.




It's solved now.

-Downloaded the latest BB desktop software.

-Updated my bb device software through the web.

 It errored at one time during installation but I just reconnected my bb and it went through.


It wiped all the datas on my bb, which is sad, but hey it's running smoothly now and it's like it's new again.


I realized, it only needed a fast, uninterrupted and stable internet connection.