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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

How did you downgrade back from the phone itself? I hate the new 5.0.0 whatever it is. Lord, please get me BACK.

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

 I am unable to set any of the ring tones for my contacts. I only use the ring tones that are already on the Blackberry I have not or have not attempted to use any other ring tones except the original ones on the blackberry phone. The new update has been a disaster.               

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

Hi i have just up graded to the 5.0 version for my storm 9500, and i HATE it.


All i want to know is actually how to downgrade back to 4.7...

please if you know how to downgrade it back to the orginal settings i would be ever so grateful if you could help.


Everywhere i have looked there is so much palava about supposidly downgrading and they dont tell you how to do it.



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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

In addition, I cannot synchronize with my Golf Software, Intelligolf!

Would someone look into this?

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

I've read through all the posts and I'm still not sure what to do.  I am having problems with my Tour OS v5.0.0.624   I bought this phone just a day or so before I got the upgrade notice from Sprint, so I'm not sure what issues are just the new phone (previous was a Curve) or what is from the new OS. 


Here are my issues:


1) All the browser issues mentioned so far - can't zoom, can't click links, can't select text.  It's random how the pages load, sometimes they are in page view and sometimes in column view.  I have to switch back and forth sometimes to click a link.  Hands down the most frustrating part of the upgrade as I use my browser a lot.


2) I used to have memory issues with my old Curve (mainly because I get a lot of facebook SMS updates and also the FB app notifications), so I got used to purging every few days.  The memory seems to be increased on this phone, but when it seems to be running slower I still purge - maybe once a week now.  I do this by using the search function, and then deleting what the search returns.  Here are the problems I am having with that:

2.1) Now when I delete what the search returns I can't get back to my original inbox.  I have to do a battery pull almost every time.

2.2) Almost every time, my phone will start randomly separating the SMS and MMS messages into their folders.  I have those hidden, since I have everything set to come into my main message list.  I can still see the notifications on my home screen, then I have to unhide and go into the SMS folder.  Pain in the butt for someone who gets as many texts as I do.  And the only way to "merge" the folders again is to do a battery pull.  Every time I check the settings just to make sure, and every time it shows that I still have my settings set to send SMS to my main message list.


3) Everything seems slower.  The browser, the apps (I only have a couple), rebooting (although it could be that rebooting was always slow and I'm just noticing it more now that I do a battery pull at least once a day)


4) My calendar is randomly duplicating events.  Mainly recurring events, especially the ones I've had to change for a single occurrence.  I use Google calendar and thought this was an issue with google, but after reading this thread and thinking about when it started, I suspect it's related to the upgrade.


5) Images won't automatically download in email.  I had this issue on my Curve, but was told that it was not a problem on the Tour.  I'm not sure if I checked this in the day or so that I got the Tour before doing the upgrade.


6) Threaded FB text messages are very hard to read.  Line breaks in strange places.  Is there a way to disable threading?


That's all I can think of for now.  I know the solution to most of these seems to be to downgrade to the previous version, but I am clueless how to do that without spending hours of my time setting everything back up.  I have wasted literally more than 20 hours over the past few months on my phone issues.  I don't mean that to sound bitchy but I have had a frustrating couple months.


A few months ago I had a Curve, not sure which model but it had the trackball.  When my husband's phone broke, we upgraded to the newer Curve.  Huge change to the look and feel and it took some getting used to.  My main issue with it was the track pad.  I have clumsy fingers and it seemed a lot harder to navigate with it.  I guess I'm one of the few people out there who likes the track ball, as the only I issue I ever had was it sticking when it got dirty a couple times. 


So after having the new Curve for a month, and going through the pain of configuring it and getting used to it, we upgraded one more time to the Tour.  And that is when the real fun began.  I know these phone upgrades were my choice, so I can live with the time I spent setting the new phones up.  But on top of it this OS upgrade has given me fits, and I've spent hours on the phone and on message boards trying to figure out how to fix the problems.  I have had blackberries for years - at home and at work - and have always loved them until now.  I truly miss my sad, ancient Curve.  It was so easy to use!


So before I downgrade, I want to make sure I know the quickest and most painless way to do it.  First question: how do I make a backup?  Second question: How do I use the desktop manager?  I've never used it before and honestly I'm not sure it is even installed on my laptop.  Is there anything else I should know about downgrading?  Anything to make it go faster?  The upgrade took several hours, and wasn't something I could do overnight as there were prompts for me before it would go on to the next step. 


I appreciate any help anyone can give me.  But please, please, please don't ask me to call Sprint.  Ever again.  They are almost as bad as Time Warner with their customer service!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

My first bb (4.7 OS) lost the OS and couldn't be recovered so Verizon replaced it with of course a new bb (5.0 OS). I noticed that the battery life seemed to be shorter but thought it was me until I started reading here. Also my desktop manager now doesn't recognize my phone to manage my media, no way...no how!!


I hope they have a fix soon..Woman Sad

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

I hated the 5.0 upgrade so much that on my bold 9000 I downgraded and now refuse to allow it to upgrade. The new SMS is fecal.


I'll stay with 4.7 until they make an upgrade with the same sms that everyone enjoyed. Perhaps then. Of course, like everyone else, I also had to reprogram all my ringtones for all my contacts.


No RIM, No AT&T, I won't upgrade. Not until we have a choice.

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

Then you will likely never upgrade. SMS is the same with OS6 and no changes are coming that I'm aware of. Nobody seems to complain about sms on the iPhone and its the same format.

It would be nice to have the choice but I've heard/seen nothing.

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Re: Join this post all who are upset about the new update.

I am not happy with the new upgrade either!  I was able to check my personal Hotmail through the web browser (i.e., I did NOT integrate my Hotmail account) immediately prior to the upgrade push but now when I try to do so I get a message saying that either my email address or password is incorrect.  I KNOW they're both right so this is very frustrating to me.  Can anyone help me with this??