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Media Player Bookmark/User Feedback from Device

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I like to listen to audio books.  We all realise that the mobile devices experience some severe slow down when multiple applications are running, especially the memory intensive multimedia apps.  Anyway, I think that it would be cool if there were some kind of "digital bookmark/restore point".  Right now, if i want to save where i've left off, I either have to leave the application running or make a note with the track/time that i've stopped listening.  If there were a prompt when you are exitting audio or video playing apps that asked if you would like to create a restore point that you can start back from or reference later, I think that would be great!  Just a request from an audio bookworm nerd.


User Feedback from Device


I think that the lack of ability to send immediate feedback or suggestions when they occur to users will ultimately make a huge difference between the BB product and its competition.  It took me about an hour before I gave up, about two months ago, when I was experiencing a perceived software issue, of trying to find a way to either directly access a forum from my device or go online with the device to BB forums only to find that they weren't very compatible with mobile device users.  Doesn't make much sense to me that you'd have a hard time accessing a companies web site that's in the mobile communication business from their own device.  Today, I spent about another hour signing up to every BB feedback panel, survey this, forum that to try and make a suggestion.  It's too hard!  I am dedicated to using the BB service until there is something more effective... user feedback is what will make the difference.

It seems like there should be a way to install a direct feed app, preloaded on every device with a little 180/240 character box.  Not too much to be had to manage, not too little to where people can't get their point across.

I'm sure it's been thought about before, but I'm left wondering why it's not there.?.


Thank you to anyone with ideas or suggestions...especially if it helps me with my books!



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Re: Media Player Bookmark/User Feedback from Device

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I agree. It's not just audio books this applies to. I listen to podcasts, downloaded BBC radio programs and audio books. The opportunity to bookmark these is, i think, essential and the one thing missing from media player. 


May i suggest an alternative option? I use Podtrapper. It's not free (costs $10.00) but there is a long free trial period so that you can try it out properly and see if it works for you. Although it's main purpose is to download and play podcasts, it works for any audio media. All you need to do is store it on your SD card as an MP3 files and pod trapper allows you to access it and play it. When you close the app or change the audio you are listening to it automatically bookmarks it. You can create playlists, so, for example all the files in an audio book can be added to a single play list for continuous play (very usefull if you ripped from a CD and have lots of short 3-4 minute files) . If you choose to you can delete them from the device directly from the app. It seamlessly handles all these audio files (and you can create trees for files within files) and also works with videio too.


Don't be fooled by the name. Yes it traps podcasts but it's an great all round media player for all spoken word type content


I should point out that i am not in anyway connected with the app or it's developer, just a very happy user who loves the app.






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Re: Media Player Bookmark/User Feedback from Device

Why are audio bookmarks such a problem on the Storm? I listen to 4 or 5 audiobooks a month and can't find a program that can reliably set a simple bookmark. The most promising is PodTrapper. The developer is working on almost daily updates, but I just can't get the bookmarks to set. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. I also tried Mobiola, Simple Book Player, MajiPlayer, and Ultra Podcast Player. Is this a RIM and/or Storm problem? How hard can it be to add a simple bookmark feature to the BB's native audio player? The video player can pause videos and let you come back to where you left off.  Even Audible.com's book player doesn't work on the Storm 2. Am I doomed to carrying two devices? Had I known this was going to be such a problem, I likely would not have gotten the Storm, which is sad because I like almost everything else about it.

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Re: Media Player Bookmark/User Feedback from Device

Regarding long mp3 bookmarks. (my experience with 9780).


I had the requirement that when playing long MP3s (audiobook/podcast) I don't loose my place within the MP3. I am able to update the list of MP3s without loosing my place in the currently playing one. I don't loose my place when connecting the BB to a PC with the USB cable and using USB synch to copy files to the SDCard.


All of these are accomplished by playing MP3s via File Manager/Play Folder feature.


If you use play lists or other methods directly through the BB media player, you will loose your place as soon as you switch off the BB, escape the player, or connect the USB cable.


If instead you use the file browser to go to the folder with the MP3s you wish to play (I have all my podcasts in one folder that I update manually) and select "Play Folder" from the context menu, the media player will open.


If you escape the media player that is opened as per above, the last point in the played MP3 is remembered. This even survives any synchronization I do to the folder via USB or a soft power reset (ALT CAPS DEL). It remembers the spot in multiple MP3s to boot.


This is a great handy feature. I'm glad it works with the 9780/OS6.