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Multiple Calendar Sync

First I'll explain my setup and then what I'm trying to do:
BlackBerry Pearl 8130, BIS

Outlook 2007:
* Personal Calendar
* School Calendar
* Work Calendar

BlackBerry 8130:
* Personal e-mail account (BIS) [blue]
* School e-mail account (BIS) [green]
* Work e-mail account (BIS) [red]

Now, my understanding is that each e-mail account has an associated calendar. I confirmed this in the device and set different colors for each calendar.

What I would like to do is use the Desktop Manager USB Sync to sync my three calendars in Outlook with my three calendars on my BlackBerry. I don't care if they all show up together on the BlackBerry, but I want them to all sync separately--I don't want them merged in Outlook. I also want them to be synced so that the entries in my Work Calendar in Outlook sync with the Red Work calendar on my BlackBerry, and so forth for the other calendars.

Is this possible? How can I do this?

Much thanks in advance!
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Re: Multiple Calendar Sync

i would imagine it would have to do with mapping the calendars using the advanced feature in the sync setup. I havent done anything but map secondary calendars in outlook to the main BB calendar, so i am unsure if it is possible or not, just that is the method you would use.
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Re: Multiple Calendar Sync

Chapura Software has a product called Folder Mirror that will likely do what you want to do.
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Re: Multiple Calendar Sync

Chapura no longer sells FolderMirror for Blackberry.
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Re: Multiple Calendar Sync

GOT IT TO WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I accomplished this task on the BlackBerry Tour to sync with Yahoo. I will explain how to do it with Yahoo so you and others get the concept then make suggestions for Outlook even though I have not done it.  That’s my next goal.


 Here is what I did, not sure if your phone has the capability.  First set up multiple email accounts on the phone. Separate email addresses is how BlackBerry distinguishes different calendars within its self which is true in the case of Yahoo sync, fictitious in the case of Outlook sync. 


Then color code each calendar in blackberry.  Go to calendar view, menu, and options.  Each email address will appear already assigned a different color.  Click on the email address to modify.  One of these emails will be assigned the position of "DEFAULT SERVICES"  which is corner stone of calendar sync.  You need to know which address is the "default services" at all times!    From the home screen, choose BlackBerry menu, then options, advanced options, default services.  Whichever address appears is the current default services email.  THIS is the setting that will need to be changed between syncing each calendar.  Whichever calendar is your active default services on the device will be synchronized.


You will also need to make changes in BlackBerry desk top manager in between syncs also so software is on the same page as the device.  Go to synchronize, configure synchronization, synchronization.  This will take you to where you choose which calendar and data to synchronize.  (WARNING: The reminder/alert settings between device and Yahoo are usually lost or messed up when cross sync is chosen.  I suggest one way sync.)  Now select calendar, then setup, then your software option (outlook, yahoo, other), then choose next, sync direct, next.  NOW, you will see an options button.  For Yahoo syncs, here is where you will enter the user name and password of the calendar to sync.  To avoid accidental sync of the wrong calendar, I suggest not checking the remember password box.  If you must enter the password, you must verify the settings.  BE SURE that the Yahoo account entered here is also the ACTIVE DEFAULT SERVICES on the device.  Otherwise, calendars will merge.  I suggest assigning the default service setting before hooking device to PC. 


These steps only SET the parameters to be synchronized.  Now go back to the main menu of the BlackBerry desktop manager and actually do you sync.  It sounds unreasonably time consuming but isn’t that bad once you know how.  I sync 5 very full calendars in less than 10 minutes.


Now for Outlook:  I have Outlook 2007 running via XP.  Within the calendar view of Outlook there should be a navigation pane where you choose calendar, contacts, tasks,......Chose calendar and sub-option menu will appear.  Click on the bar that says "my calendars," then "file" at the very top menu, then "new calendar."  Title each calendar to match what is in the device.  Once multiple calendars appear they will also be color coded in Outlook.  Unfortunately, you an not set the colors and colors are not consistent with use.  Just as in the device, you can select and unselect calendars to be visible.  Outlook WILL show all selected calendars simultaneously on screen even though they are separate, just as on BlackBerry.  NOW YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.  My though is that if you only have one calendar at a time selected in Outlook, it will sync with the default services calendar selected in you device but do not trust your data to me.  GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: Multiple Calendar Sync

I've read this OLD post and notice my problem and this one are the same and still up to date.


Newer versions of Blackberry Desktop Manager are able to sync Multiple calendar (see this link KB17992) but still have the problem with this because it's merging all the emails calendars to ONE Outlook calendar.


Anyone have a solution?


Telus (Canada) reply me they're not supporting Outlook...


Thanks for your help!