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New Contributor
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎07-30-2011
My Device: blackberry curve 8530
My Carrier: sprint

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

thats only a fix for two weeks until it happenes again


New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎08-15-2011
My Device: Blackberry Torch
My Carrier: Orange

Re: My Torch won't turn on or charge..

Hey ,


So i got my my torch in June and its been fine , before that i had a curve and i lost the charger so used the USB and either plugged it into my laptop or plug to charge and it has always been fine with both phones , and today my phone flashed low power so i put it on charge and nothing happened and i turned it off and had it on charge but it didnt show it was charging , and i came home to use it and its now not turning on at all :/ ..... i cant take the phone to be repaired because i brought it new of ebay ... so i dont no what to do ?!?!




the UK

New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎08-16-2011
My Device: Curve 8520
My Carrier: 02

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

omg dis person is a ledgend isten to him it works 10000000000000000000000000% i was soooo relevied

DollyDayDream wrote:



Hi Everyone,


My BlackBerry Curve started having the same problem as everyone else last night. After reading through the forums I came across someone with a solution, so I tried it out, and it worked! Here's what to do:


1. Make sure your device is not connected to a charger and remove the battery, sim and memory card


2. Look into the port where you connect your charger and you'll see a hole with a short-side on top, a long-side on the bottom and a small plate inside near the bottom


3. Take a small, flat screwdriver, or something else that will fit into the gap, and place it between the short top side and the small plate and gently ease the plate towards the long bottom side


After this I left my battery out for 10-15 mins and then replaced the battery, connected to a charger and my phone turned on again!


I hope this is of some help to people! I don't really know much about phones so please don't message me with questions. I have just given you what somebody else had written and the technique worked for me Smiley Happy


New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎10-30-2011
My Device: Curve
My Carrier: Telecom Engineer

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

some curve phones has w a ground problem (discharging system) that impedes the charging process so you usually connects your phone to a charger and you are reassured that your phone is charging but infact the battery is discharging so here is a solution for this problem that i have try it and it works:

1- make sure that your mobile phone is turned off.
2- remove the battery & sim card without removing memory card.
3- wait wait for 5 minutes.

4- use a small conductive material or small wire (unisolated), and connect the 4 pins that supply the current to the battery together for two mitutes. (now the static charges was discharged).

5-now reconnect your battery (the same battery) and switch on your mobile and you will find that the mobile is still not works and thats normal for an empty battery!

6- now charge your mobile using a DC car charger and wait for two mitutes , now the monitor will show a battery  icon and after 5 minutes the blackberry sign will appear and start loading , now the your screen is on, check your battery status by looking to the top left of yor screen you will find it empty and the red indicator light is flashing , wait 10 minutes the red light will change to orange flashing light that means that the process of charging was started.

7- keep charging using the car charger till its fully charged , then switch off your phone and reput your sim card.

New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-26-2011
My Device: curve 8520
My Carrier: curve

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

Well. i just bought my Blackberry today i was using it and it turned off ? and then it had a red light but it wasn't flashing and i dont no why?
New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-26-2011
My Device: 9360 curve
My Carrier: Blackberry

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

I have the same problem my cureve does't want to turned on only loading and loading...please help me as soon as possible

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-27-2011
My Device: Curve 8520
My Carrier: TMobile

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

THANK YOU SO MUCH I COULD KISS YOU LOL no really thanks so much I expected more from £100 worth of blackberry. Why didn't I listen to People when they said blackberrys weren't worth it. I've only had it a few days I'm dissapointed. But hey it's fine now. Guys this really does work but I didn't have to remove my sim and memory card just battery and I only left it for a few minutes after but it might be different for you x it works Smiley Happy
New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎05-11-2012
My Device: Curve 9300
My Carrier: Vodafone

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

please somebody help...

just happened to me phone went off suddenly

and completely dead...battery was working fine...

no red light when usb plugged in...nothing at all

it wasnt dropped or anything...bought off friend 4months ago and had no problems

need help desperately...never had problems carging before...

New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎06-09-2012
My Device: blackberry curve 8520
My Carrier: vodafone

Re: My Curve won't turn on and no sign of flashing red light

my blackberry curve 8520 was left at home when i went on holidays and when i got home it turned on then it turned off nd i tryed to takin out the battery nd didnt work will someone pls reply as quick as possible i miss my blackberry!Smiley Sad

New Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎09-21-2012
My Device: BlackBerry Curve 8520
My Carrier: 447922770356

My BlackBerry Curve 8520 won't turn on. It won't reboot and there's no sign of a red light.

This has happened to me twice, once about a month ago and again today. The first time this happened I was actually using it and it just went off, so I took the battery out hoping it would reboot. Nothing. I took the battery out, sim card and memory card out then put it back in and still nothing happened, not even a red light. I put the phone on charge, still nothing happened, plugged it into the USB lead and still nothing happened. I tried different chargers, different USB leads but it was dead. The phone isn't insured because everytime I've insured my phone and something happens that isn't my fault, they don't do anything about it or it gets sent off and still comes back in the same condition. I've had this phone for just over year, but that's still not the point, you buy an expensive phone expecting it to last a reasonable time before having to replace it. It wasn't second hand, it was bought brand new. The next day I took the phone to a place that fixes broken phones, it cost me £25, and the woman said it wouldn't turn on because of a software crash and because I'd got too many apps, but I didn't think I had that many apps because my phone froze everytime I downloaded one, but that's a different story! I was just happy that I'd got my phone back and that I could carry on using it as normal, but I was wrong. Two days ago, my phone was normal and I'd set an alarm to wake me up for college, the alarm didn't go off because the phone was off, dead, no red light or anything, and the night before it was almost fully charged. I was back to square 1 again. I put it on charge and just left it, I wasn't going to bother taking it in for repair I was just going to buy a new phone that isn't a BlackBerry, well, I still am. About an hour ago, I heard my phone make the message noise and It'd turned back on and rebooted itself, and It's been working fine ever since, but I'm still getting a new phone because I don't know when its next going to do it again, is it so hard to ask for a phone that works properly???????????!!