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Re: My list of reasons why the Storm sucks... check back for updates

The iphone is with ATT and ATT has very poor reception in SoCal, otherwise I would have an iphone since the usability of the interface is so incredible.  It's just that the iphone was the first phone apple ever created, the storm is not the first phone RIM has ever created.  The fact that it's a touch screen is the only major difference from other phones.  Well there are some things to consider when putting out a touch screen and if the dev team at RIM played with an iphone they would have understood some of the important features that what makes the iphone a big seller.  Is the "finger only" touch reaction of the iphone screen a patented thing? If not, that would have been a major plus for the Storm to have.  


The Storm reception, sound quality and battery life is much better than the iphone, so it does have the most basic and important features that all phone users must have.  So I will deal with the other annoyances of the Storm one way or another.   So it's not all bad, the most important things are there including RIMs unmatched email system.  

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Re: My list of reasons why the Storm sucks... check back for updates

download TalkLock... it will solve your problem with headset and in the pocket issue. There is a thread here somewhere for the link. Search it and it'll come up. Solved all issues I had with the phone hanging up during calls. Holster also helps but thats a personal decision.
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Re: My list of reasons why the Storm sucks... check back for updates

Awful. The keyboard is definately the worst aspect of this device. It combines the worst of both worlds to acheive a laughable result. After trying for two weeks to not hate it, I exchanged it for an 8830.

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Re: My list of reasons why the Storm sucks... check back for updates

Worst aspect of the device for me was that I had 4 of them develop loose parts within a month! Two of them had loose screens and two of them had loose call buttons.


Loved the phone otherwise, but I can't keep a phone that I don't trust to stay in one non-clattering piece. 

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Problems from the Storm Front

45 Yr old male, MBA from major university, business owner operator, user of PDA phones of all types for over the last ten years.   
I can't use an iphone or the new pre when it comes out since only verizon works in my area. Otherwise this phone would be on craiglist at a great price, or maybe I could pay someone to take it off my hands since I can't imagine anyone wanting the frustration.  
I have a Macbook Pro, the best computer by far on the market. The Sync for the BB doesnt' work with a mac so my phone is practically useless for many things. And not there is no 3rd party sync that works either.  Mark Sync will load contacts and that's it.  So I'm screwed there.  
No matter what I do I can't get the address bar search to pop back up at the bottom of the browser once it has disapeard. There is nothing in the menue to bring it back.  I have to get out of the browser and reopen it to get the option to bring up the address search bar.  Talk about madening.  This needs to be fixed yesterday!  And if there happens to be a way to do this, it should be easy to find and right at my fingertips.  
This is the slowest charging phone i have ever encountered.  The iphone will charge in less than half the time of this phone.  So who gives a darn about the battary lasting longer since when it's out, you have to wait for ever for it to charge back up again. The iphone is fully charged in a matter of just a two to three hours.  The Storm, more like six to eight hours I think. Maybe longer?  Whatever it is, it's really poor.  
Email?  I have it set to download html automatically but it doesn't.   Whatever?
The quality of the pictures it takes for the megapixal amount is terrible.  No matter what settings I try the color and the lighting is pretty poor. 
The music screen when your playing a song.  There is a glitch.  Occationaly I can get the bar that shows the butttons for loop, mix, little speaker icon and the little moving slider where you can forward the song on the slider.  I havn't found a consistant way to bring this thing up.  Very annoying. Also, there is no visual indicator of the volume on the music screen. I think that might be something people might want?  Hello?  
Changing the date or time on a calender event is very touchy and tedious to say the least. Makes making any changes a big darn chore.   Beyond annoying.   Maybe with a trackball this wouldn't be an issue, but with a touch screen you just want to throw the dang storm on the ground and stomp on it after a few of these changes.  The iphone is actually fun to change the date and time of an event on your calendar.  
The Video it shoots in the large format wont play back. Says wrong file type.  NICE!  Once again, pathetic.  Even the lower quaitly viedo only shoots for about a minute before always crashing.  
Backlight at night is up, and then down, then up then down then up!   What is going on with that.  I'm talking in the dark where there is no change in ambient lighting what so ever and it does this?  
Pressing the Speaker icon on the home screen is annoying.  Too small or something.  It takes many presses to get it to open up.  Very annoying!  
I have yet to find a way to track myself on the BB maps with the GPS.  Still working on that if it's at all possible.  Maps app is not user friendly at all.  Can't even find a place for the phone to find where I'm at using the GPS. I would think there is a way to do this. The iphone's button for this is the right there on the main screen easy to find for even a two year old kid. 
Out of 20 albums I had to drag onto my SD card, since my storm wont sync with a mac, only two will show the album art.  You call this digital music and entertinment device.  
By the way!  The dang headset comes out of the side of the phone.  Just try to pull this phone in and out of a pair of workout short when your at the gym trying to listen to music off this thing.  You can't get it in and out of your pocket. It hangs.  The apple people have a brain. They put the headset plug at the top of the phone where it wont hang on your pocket.  ANNOYING! By the way guys, if you didn't notice, people now listen to music off their phones while at the gym and doing other activities.  Think things out a little better on the next model and put the headset plug at the top where it should be.  Most guys I know keep their phone in their pocket and  hate holsters.   Not everyone is a CEO of a fortune 500 company, or what's to look like one!  
The scrolling is a joke. It jumps and flickers. The iphone scrolling looks smooth where you can actually read the material as it scrolls.  Not on the Storm, you can't read it since it is flickering and jumping.  Sucks.  Real modern and up to date guys.   
Very few of my word docs will open. Maybe one out of fifteen.  I had to drag them into the SD card since this piece wont sync with a mac.  Very non-useful for document viewing.  
May I Say THE HEADPHONES ARE GARBAGE!  For crying out loud guys.  These are the exact same identical headsets I got over six years ago with a portable cheap CD player called the Rio.  They really are the same ones!!  Other than they added a microphone.  The microphone picks up wind worse than any I have ever used.  The cord isn't the new tangle fee material so it's always one big knot.  The plastic clip on the cord broke within one week.  The silicone covers that fit into your ear slip right off and get lost. They are too loose and slippery!  Lost both in one week.  Found one again on the floor of my car and lost it again within two hours since the things slips right off.  What the heck are you guys thinking?   Tried to use another brand 3.5 plug headset and it wont work. The plug on these wont work with other headsets that work on other BlackBerrys.  They are proprietary for the Storm.  Very nice guys!    
There is many more things but I'm getting tired here.   This is not a leap forward in technology, but instead a step back or to the side or something, but not forward!  
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Re: Problems from the Storm Front

russelmessick wrote:
Tried to use another brand 3.5 plug headset and it wont work. The plug on these wont work with other headsets that work on other BlackBerrys.  They are proprietary for the Storm.

I posted this in another thread, but I'll say it again here.  My iPod was stolen last March, but I still had my headphones/ear buds - I use them now with my Storm no problems.  I also got an FM trasmitter for the car and the 3.5 mm jack that came with that works very well.  

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My Phone is bricked when even on a power source / battery low.

Has anyone had the problem of not being able to get the phone to even turn on when it's plugged into a power supply after it has shut down after the battery has run too low?  I can't get it to go on?  I have to wait a half hour or so on a charger until it will turn on.  This means my phone is a brick even if I have a power source.  I have had all brands, even in the early 90s, and they all worked even if they didn't have a battery in the phone as long it was plugged into a power source.  If this is how it just is with the storm and the phone is that much of a piece, then it means I'm totally handicapped if need to make a call.  What if I have an emergency?  I don't have a land line since i got ride of it years ago.  Anyone know what's going on with this?  Maybe it's just my phone since I can't imagine any company letting a phone out that would have this problem.   


Also, anyone have the problem of not being able to stream audio into your headsets from a website. Like a link to an mp3 audio?  It plays through the speaker phone, but not my headset???   Anyone experience this?  


Also, no matter how I configure my alerts, even though the settings available it doesn't work right.  It wakes me up at night when I get an email even though the setting for my email alert is on silent.  Verizon tech support kept thinking they could configure it to work, but to no avail.  The only way I can get it to not alert me when I get an email is to silence the text alerts.  But then I don't know when I get a text.  I don't care about emails since i get all types of emails every hour that I don't need to read or be altered to them, but I need to be altered to any text that comes in. Anyone?  


I have numerous other problems too, but the phone being a brick I've found is a deal breaker unless someone can let me know what to do.  Also, the emails waking me up all night is getting really old, it's ruining my sleep.  I have to keep the audio on at night for text incase my kids need to get hold of me.   I'm not about to spend over $100 on a battery and a charger either, so if anyone thinks that's a solution, it isn't.  I shouldn't have to pay that much for a flaw, if it really is a flaw with the phone???   I'm thinking of selling it on ebay if I can't find out what to do about these problems. Anyone have a solution?  Thanks Russ 

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New upgrade and the phone is still worthless.

Just got the new upgrade for the Storm a few weeks ago.  Today, all I can use the phone for is to stare at a clock with the hand moving around it over and over.  Can't take any calls, can't make any calls.  This is the basic functionality of a phone.  Take that away and what's the point.  I'm definitely switching to an iPhone when my contract's up.  It doesn't seem to matter how many upgrades the Storm dishes out.  It's still pretty aweful.

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Re: New upgrade and the phone is still worthless.

I hate that you are having such a hard time with your storm.  I love mine and the upgrade is the coolest. 

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Re: New upgrade and the phone is still worthless.

I am very happy with mine too. Aside for some temporary screen freezing and lag with the accelerometer that I had before the upgrade, my phone is great, works great and delivers everytime.