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Network Outtages and Sprint?

Hello...not sure where to ask this or if I'm even about to make any sense but I'll give it a try anyways....


Uhm, things to know:  Wife and I bought 2 8330's about 2 weeks ago through Sprint, we have a family plan that's just about the best there is with unlimited data and all that pizzaz, we upgraded our phones OS from 4.3 to 4.5 as soon as update became available a few days ago...and everything has been working just perfectly since day one....until last night (tonight).


Both of us are on nights, both of us are in seperate areas in the same city but we both have outstanding signal strengths and have never had any connection issues...until sometime around 2am this morning both of us lost connection to ?the network?.  By that I mean, we use BB MSNGR and Yahoo MSNGR throughout the night and browse the net from time to time, check emails...etc etc...and around 2 there was no joy.  We got disconnected from the ineternet as if it wasn't there, stillhad full signal strength at my location.


Now, I know that the internet has it's moments...so I decided to "call" my wife as I hadn't heard form her in some time...and with recent weather being ugly in our area I thought to check up on her....and much to my surprise...I didn't have any phone service either...not even a phone number.


I went to "mobile network options" where is showed data services was on, mobile network was sprintPCS...everything as normal as could be...so I performed a soft-reboot via alt-shift-del, pwrd off and prwrd back on after that...still no joy, then I went back to network options and ran a diag. test....where during the test it showed that my phone was no longer "registered", had no "ip addy"....the whole nine yards, as if i just pulled it out of the box for the first time.


I attempted to "provision" my phone and got an error message..either "error 1021" or "error 1012"....lol, not sure which one....  anywho...still not having a phone number or being able to call, I used a land line to call Sprint.


This is the part why I'mmaking this post:  I called Sprint, talked with a Tech Suppt. person and they said that the "Blackberry Data Network was down..."!  I'm sorry...the what?  I wasn't aware that Blackberry had it's own network, I assumed I was on Sprints data network...  the CSR told me that Blackberry was aware of the outtage and it should hopefully be back up soon.  I then asked her why my "phone service" was out...she said that it shouldn't be...and nothing productive became of the rest of the conversation.


Eventually, even though several more tries at rebooting and powering off and on did nothing....the phone finally started working again.  I noticed this when all the sudden my inbox started getting flooded with incomming text mssgs, voice mail alerts, and emails.  Still, no phone number so I re-provisioned my phone yet again, voila...phone "registered"..all is finally well.


So my question for those who like to skip to the end...what's the deal with the networks?  Does my carrier...'Sprint' provide my "data network" or does Blackberry?  Or...is it one of those things where Sprint runs my "airwaves" but sends the signal frommy phone over "a" network to some "blackberry" server that then translates everything and acts as a liason between my phone and the actual WWW?  Like...a middle man or an "emulator" of sorts?  That last one would make some sense to me...everything has to be translated at some point right?  Like, who is responsible for assigning our phones their "IP Addresses" / data comm. and who is responsible for the phone service?


Im sorry this was such a long post with many detours in train of though...it's early yet for me. Smiley Tongue  Thank you to whomever may be able to shed some light on this..and kudos to anyone who can decipher my ramblings!  Smiley Happy



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Re: Network Outtages and Sprint?

Yes, Sprint as the carrier provides the network from your BB to their servers, from which the BB data portion is moved to the RIM Blackberry network. SMS, voice and other non-BlackBerry data remains on the Sprint network.


In your case it was most likely a Sprint outage if you lost voice as well. RIM has not had a wide spread outage in some time, and when they do, it involves large geographic areas, and usually more than one carrier.

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Re: Network Outtages and Sprint?

Thank you for the reply, I figured there was more to our services than what meets the eye.  Sounds like Sprint was copping out then.  One good thing though...if what you say is true.....then I shouldn't have to worry about downtime!!!  Little to no downtime is always a good thing!!


Thank you


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Re: Network Outtages and Sprint?

Not to poke a dead fire....but guess what happened again and was said to be a result of a "Blackberry outtage"?  Yup, We lost all data services yet again last night, just came back online a few mintues ago....and Sprint again says it's Blackberry specific.


This has happened approximately 8 times now in almost 3 weeks time...always in the middle of the night, between 2am and 5am EST...which is super nice considering that both my wife and I are both....on night shift. Sprint Sprint Sprint....oh why the lies?  Hehe.  



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