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New Tour Contact Sync Problem, Multiple contacts have the same picture

I just activated a new Tour.  I sync'ed it to my Address Book in Outlook Express.  When I look at the contacts afterward in the phone, I see that the first contact looks fine, it has the correct picture associated with it.  The second contact also looks fine; it has it's own picture assocated with it.  The third contact is not fine, though.  The picture associated with the second contact is also associated with the third.  This is true until the 15th or so contact, which is the next one to actually have a picture associated with it.  Then, every other contact in my Contacts list has # 15's picture associated with it. 


We activated several Tours, this is the only one with this problem.  I've gone so far as to wipe the phone, delete the Intellisync data and resync, same results.  I've looked through the Outlook Express address book to see if it's corrupted, but cannot even find where a photo is associated with any of the contacts.  At this point in time I'd be happy just to delete the three pictures out of the address book and add them back in later.  Any help would be appreciated. 




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Re: New Tour Contact Sync Problem, Multiple contacts have the same picture

I am having the same problem.  My contacts were transferred from my LG Voyager at Verizon to my new Tour.  I then exported my contacts from GMail to the Windows Mail program with Vista and sync'd it to my BB.  I only had about 6 pics in my contacts and they are now spread among all 300 of my contacts.  When I look at the contacts in Windows Mail....all seems fine...pics are right where they ought to be so I sync'd from Windows mail to BB deleting from the BB and I still have the photo problem.  Please tell me I don't need to edit all 300 contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: New Tour Contact Sync Problem, Multiple contacts have the same picture

I am having a similar problem.  There was a HUGE upgrade that was pushed down to my Tour Thanksgiving.  I had major sync problems after that (using windows contacts - Vista) which wre resolved with cust service (VZ transferred me over to RIM).  Now, it syncs except my windows contact look just fine, but my contacts on my Tour have the photos repeated.  They follow the same pattern referred to in the original post ... a photo appears by the correct address, then is repeated for all addresses that follow until it hits an address that has a photo.  That photo is then repeated for all that follow .. etc etc.  When I sync, the incorrectly assigned photos are not recognized by the BB desktop mgr as a change and it does not attempt to overwrite them.


Did either of you get a resolution to this?  Thanks.

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Re: New Tour Contact Sync Problem, Multiple contacts have the same picture

No, I never found a good solution for this problem.  I think I ended up taking the Tour and old Pearl in to the local Verizon office, having the contacts synced up there, wiping the Microsoft Outlook database, and then deleting the pictures out before resyncing. 

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Blackberry Contact Sync Problem, Multiple contacts have the same picture

[ Edited ]

I have been able to replicate and work around this problem. 


The Scope

I'm using:

Blackberry Desktop Manager to sync between

Windows Contacts on Windows Vista 32-bit and

Address Book (Contacts) on Blackberry multiple OS & models:

- OS v5.0.0.330 (platform on a Blackberry Bold 9700

- OS v4.5.0.124 (Platform on a Blackberry 8700


Some of the records for Windows Contacts have photos that were copied from an uncorrupted Blackberry Address Book, that had been updated by Facebook.  Most of the records in Windows Contacts do not have photos.


The Problem

First I sync the Windows Contacts to an empty Address Book on a wiped & reset Blackberry.  Then I examine the address book.  The records from Windows Contacts with no picture are incorrectly saved to the Blackberry Address Book with a picture from the prior record in Windows Contacts that does have a picture.


When I perform a two-way sync again, I still see corrupted records in Blackberry Address Book yet I see no corruption in Windows Contacts.


The Work Around

1. I erased the Blackberry Address Book database.

2. I configured the synchronization (advanced menu, map fields) to remove the mapping between Device "Picture" and Windows Address Book / Email "Contact Photo".



Removing the mapping for pictures between Windows Contacts and the Blackberry device eliminated the corruption of records during synchronization.  Even after I re-enabled Facebook and allow Facebook to update the pictures in the Blackberry Address Book, there is no corruption.  Once I have saved the modified settings for Address Book Advanced Field Mapping, I am unable to turn the mapping back on unless I select Reset, as the option for Windows Address Book / Email "Contact Photo" disappears.  There is clearly a bug in the Intelligences application included in the Blackberry Desktop Manager software.


Follow Up

I tried to report this bug to the Blackberry Support desk, but the representative seemed to not understand what the term "software bug" means.  I think there was a language barrier.