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New Contributor
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎12-24-2011
My Device: Bold 9700
My Carrier: sfr

Re: OS 6 Browser - No COLUMN VIEW - what if I upgrade to OS 7 ?

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Well, first of all, merry Christmas to you Smiley Happy


I'm the same.

I commute a lot in and out of Paris everyday and I use this time to run my forum and communicate and others, which is the main reason why I chose BBr with an unlimited 3G access


I was all excited when my access provider sent me a message "upgrade to OS6" about 10 days ago; it seemed like it was "brand new" and of course better than the previous OS

Then I went absolutely crazy looking on the French BBForum for the column view setting and the members were mostly saying "install opera mini or Bolt" (which has discontinued)


For some reason, I though "hey, if RIM was a French company, that's what I would do, as the usually have a very poor customer service, but it is Canadian, so they'll listen to their customers"

Well, dream on...


Before downgrading to O5, I'll investigate whether or not 07 can provide column view AND can be used on my Bold . Anf of course, I will send a complain letter... What bothers me most is the "how, zooming is better", well, ... obvioulsy not!

Posts: 48
Registered: ‎02-02-2011
My Device: Z10 STL100-3 S/W Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16618
My Carrier: T-Mobile

Does OS 7 allow RIM BlackBerry to add back COLUMN VIEW ?

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Welcome to the support forums.  I have helped many others on this forum with answers to their questions.  I am a power user of RIM BlackBerry from the beginning.


Sorry to hear that you upgraded your BlackBerry to OS 6.


Remove the update forthwith.


I am not sure if my BlackBerry Bold 9780 even supports OS 5.  I had it on the last BlackBerry I had, or the one before that anyway, before I ran into your issue exactly.


If someone told you that ZOOM is supposed to be the ANSWER to COLUMN VIEW, they (1) LIED in some veiled attempt to protect the good name of BlackBerry RIM when these forums are for us users trying to use their bloody devices and are run by us users trying to use their devices for the purpose for which they are intended - which is to be able to READ the bloody INTERNET.  And, (2) supposedly the reason RIM BlackBerry came out with this stupid Browser in OS 6, which no doubt is what OS 7 is too, or someone would have replied.  There are those  - sitting back like there is some Super BlackBerry RIM whiz who is going to come in here as a tech support person and answer.  There are only you and I Pooky.  And, others like you and I.   What has gone on in these supportforums here now for a YEAR and a HALF, supposedly the reason for OS 6 Browser was someone somewhere said that they could not "RENDER" some WebPage somewhere on their device.  Thanks a lot is all I can say to that  1 USER, when every WebPages I ever visited and I visit them all, all worked perfectly with COLUMN VIEW in OS 5.


RIM BlackBerry, therefore then came out with this stupid Browser, parts of which are copyrighted by a company now OUT OF BUSINESS.


So, the party line is : OS 6 Browser RENDERS all pages.


BS it does.  It renders NONE. 


RIM BlackBerry has to address this.


A possible solution would be to WRITE a Operating System Browser that DOES SUPPORT COLUMN VIEW.


Hitting the crazy ZOOM button is WORTHLESS.  You end up with more sent to your BlackBerry RIM device than can be SEEN on the itty-bitty teeny-weenie BlackBerry RIM device screens - all of them.  So, you are to then, not just scroll down with the tractorball to see the WebPages any longer, but also scroll left and right.  So, you read 3 words on a line in ZOOM mode, then since the rest of that line on that page is off the crummy screen, scroll to the right and read 3 more words.


Then, scroll down and to the left to read 3 more words, then scroll to the right to read 3 more words.


Then, scroll down and to the left to read 3 more words...

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Posts: 48
Registered: ‎02-02-2011
My Device: Z10 STL100-3 S/W Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16618
My Carrier: T-Mobile

Re: OS 6 Browser - No COLUMN VIEW - what if I upgrade to OS 7 ?

Opera mini and Bolt, by the way, I tried both of.  Junk Browsers.  They do everything totally different.  Cannot even use it and no support. 


Nice reply by BlackBerry RIM users trying to answer.  They don't use it themselves and those who do, own that company.


What type of a forum do you run ?  What does it deal with Pooky ?


Merry Christmas !

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Posts: 10
Registered: ‎09-23-2012
My Device: paperweight

Re: OS 6 Browser - No column view?!?

I have a BB 9900. Does anyone know if the Browser's Column View will be reintroduced with OS updates anytime soon? On the BB 9900, too many webpages are rendered in absolutely tiny fonts and are entirely unreadable even after zooming. The text reflow feature of Column View overcame this problem perfectyly - why would they get rid of it??? Or have the BB designers already switched to iPhones and don't realize how unusable their new phones are. How is the new Galaxy phones from Samsung? I don't need BES or anything so I maybe it is time to move up to a real internet capable phone that the designers actually thought out how it is used. Thank you for the feedback!