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Phone reboots automatically


I am using BB Strom 2  Smartphone.

For some reason the instrument goes to off mode several times

It does not happen reguraly but surely it happens 1 to 2 times every 2  - 3 days.

Sometimes it reboots on its own , but sometimes i press the power key

Once it re boots it works fine.

The battery is almost 70%.


Please help & Thanks in advance





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Re: Phone reboots automatically

What the OS version you're using?

I think there might be some error on the OS. You could try by updating or reinstalling device OS.

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Re: Phone reboots automatically

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I had this same problem and not that you need an updated operating system as this is what I did thinking as other told me that this would solve the problems and it DOESN'T! It's doing it again and again and again and again...  
I have an 8310. It seems has nothing to do with operating system, or maybe it is all of the operating systems are designed to fail/corrupt the same way, as I did the same thing and eventually it seems no matter what it starts acting up and also get slow, freezing up and restarting... It's what Blackberry Curves seem to just do which is making me want an IPhone badly!!  You click on something and it pauses everytime. I don't know if it's made to do this - restart and get slow, or what but this is what they seem to do.  Yes, you can reformat them, and what a hassle that is losing all the applications on it, all the wasted time DOING it.....! I take the battery out lately almost everyday as sometimes it just simply freezes, hour glass spinning and never ends. I like my Blackberry and I'm not an IPhone fan which seems to be the problem as IPhones don't have these problems I gather.  All I can say is to reformat it again and again and again and again as the operating system seems to be, pardon my French - junk.   That's about all I can say.  I've done it several times.  You can wipe it in the security section of your Options I believe it's located then reload the operating system. I feel that in this day and age why would we have to do this when most if not all other cell phones do not have this problem... Is like having an eccentric car like a Mercedes. Yeh, is a nice car, etc. but they have quirks from what I hear that are severe that most other cars don't have.  I guess you have to ask yourself if it's worth it to keep the eccentric item with it's huge flaws or trade it in for a model that's not a Mercedes that doesn't have huge use issues.  It's a major error which completely conflicts with the use of the phone.  I have the new operating system on it. You download it from Blackberry. Is not the operating system it's the phone apparantly or the operating systems are designed to corrupt and fail apparantly. I guess it's like everything else in this world or they wouldn't make any more money if the phones and operating systems lasted forever but this is a nightmare!!  You know you're going to have to end up reformatting it no matter how much you deny it or put it off and suffer dealing with the piece of junk operating system failing again and again...
Everyday I struggle with this cell phone dealing with the delays all the time when I click something and it pauses which is very aggravating seeing the hour glass all the time or when it simply just freezes up and the hour glass turns and turns with no results or it just turns off the ultimate screw over.. I really am tired of this phone but I don't have money for something else and I'm not a fan of the IPhones/Apple products but maybe I have to be to keep my aggravation/frustration level down over a phone where there is no reason for it's acting up like this all the time other than horrible operating systems designed to corrupt and fail on the consumer..... That is what I went and am going through and it doesn't get better only on and on and on.  Owning a Blackberry Curve is just simply an aggravation and will turn your hair white far sooner than need be! Get an IPhone is all I can say but then again, do THEY screw up all the time like this too??  I haven't heard anything about them screwing up at all... Time to change cell phone companies unfortunately I guess....

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Re: Phone reboots automatically

My Storm 2 does the same thing--many times a day.  It is unacceptable to me in the context of my business.  I can not be unavailable by phone for 5-10 minutes at a time, 10 times per day, as I am in the on-call fire business.  If I miss the call, I miss the major opportunity. 

My first call to Verizon regarding this matter, I was walked through the system wipe process.  I did that.  It did not solve my problems.  The cust serv rep mentioned that the problem might be an error in my data.  So when the replacement device arrived, I waited 24 hours before I synced or restored any of my data.  It was re-booting itself within a couple hours of activation.  So the problem is not with my data. 

Although I do not want to have to learn a new phone system right now, I may be forced to switch devices.  I will probably go with an Iphone if I have to switch. 

I don't understand why BB can't fix this.

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Re: Phone reboots automatically

I've been having the same problem with my Storm 2.  It happened when I upgraded the OS.  I've had 3 brand new phones since, and they all do the same thing.  I also waited before loading and restoring all of my data, and it still happened.  There must be something wrong with the OS, but it doesn't seem that BB wants to do anything about it.  This certainly does not seem like an issolated incident.