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Please give me some Blackberry Curve 101!!

Hello everyone,


First off, let me say that I just got my blackberry a few days ago so everything is still pretty new to me right now. I'm having A LOT of trouble. I'm going to list all my problems and hopefully someone can help me. I've tried calling T-Mobile abd being sent to the Blackberry unit, or whatever it is they call themselves, however it hasn't helped. So HELP!!


1) When I try to set up an e-mail account, it only prompts me to set up one from work. No personal ones like my yahoo or hotmail. How do I do that?


2) When I'm txt'ing I have to type in every single letter of every single word. On my old phone, all I had to do was begin a word and the phone would complete it for me. 


3) When I try to log on to my instant messengers (Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, etc.), I'm told to go to blackberry.com to activate for my phone for it. I went to the website, however there is nothing to download!


4) My map or gps thingy doesn't work. I put in an address when prompted, however nothing comes up.


5) Where are the settings, so that I can change the sounds for notifications and whatnot?


6) What the heck is my blackberry messenger and how do I get a screename?


7) What is my "pin"?



I have more, but I guess this is enough for now. I've called t-mobile, read the manuel front to back, back to front, and sideways, as well as google'd the hell out of my computer. I really love the phone but don't need it if I can't use the half the things on it!!!!



Thanx in advance for the help!! Smiley Happy 

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Re: Please give me some Blackberry Curve 101!!

Ok. Here goes!! 1. When you are setting up the personal email you have to select BIS unless your phone is work issued. Let me know if you don't figure it out from there. 2. No the blackberry doesn't have predictive text. You have to type out everything the hard way, thus the full qwerty keyboard. 3. What exactly is the message you are getting when trying to use IM. Also did you already have the icon on your screen or did you download it? 4. If you are using Telenav, this has to be activated through your service provider for a monthly fee. 5. If you click on your profile icon then scroll down and click on advanced. Then click the profile you want to change usually "loud". Then just click on whatever you want to change the tone for. Just be sure you change it for in holster and out of holster. 6. Blackberry messenger is an IM service that can only be used BB to BB. To get a name all you have to do is make something up when it asks you to enter a name. It can be anything you want. 7. I'm pretty sure you PIN is the number someone else with a BB uses to first contact you on BB messenger but I'm not sure. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. If you need anymore help please do not hesitate to ask.
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Re: Please give me some Blackberry Curve 101!!

First, does your Curve display "EDGE" in the upper right corner?  If not contact your carrier to have them resend your BlackBerry activation to BlackBerry.


Second, to activate your email, web browser, IM services and GPS maps you first need to create your BIS account.  Find the envelope icon with a grey cog wheel and red arrow pointing to the right, "Email Settings".  Press the trackball.  This will launch the web browser and open the BIS website.


Next, it will have an option for New Users and Existing Users.  Scroll to ‘Create New Account’ and press the trackball.  After you are finished and if you want to make changes to your BIS account you can press the same icon but use the Existing User option.


Now it will prompt you to read the Legal Terms and Conditions by scrolling to click here and pressing the trackball.

Now scroll down to accept the legal terms and conditions by scrolling to  ‘Yes’ , pressing the trackball, scrolling to ‘I Agree’ and pressing the trackball.


Next you are going to create your BIS website login name and password.  Please write this down somewhere for safekeeping.  Type your login name and password and scroll to ‘Next’ and press the trackball. 


Now you can also setup a BlackBerry email address, this is optional.  Scroll the trackball to ‘Create a BlackBerry e-mail address’ and press the trackball.


You can setup additional email accounts, (Yahoo, GMail, AOL, Hotmail Premium, etc) for use on the device by clicking on the ‘Add an e-mail account’ link..


You can make changes to existing email accounts you have added to your BIS account as well as change devices, languages, and your login password by clicking on the Services and Settings link.


This should activate your email and web access which in turn will allow your IM and GPS maps to function.


As for the predictive text like on your old device, only the Pearl has that, called SureType.  The full keyboard Curve has not predictive like you were used to having.


BlackBerry Messenger is an IM program for BlackBerry's.  Click on the Messenger icon, press the Option key (left of the trackball) and scroll to Edit My Info and press the trackball.  Type your Display Name and press OK.


The PIN can be found in the Options, scroll to Status and press the trackball and the PIN is at the bottom.  It is used to identify your BlackBerry from another.  Like phones have IMEIs or ESN's, BlackBerrys also have a PIN.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Please give me some Blackberry Curve 101!!

hello, for question 2) the predictive typing, here is an explanation :


You can use very nice things with autotext.



the PIN is a unique identifier for a Blackberry. It allows you to send a PIN message to another Blackberry. Basically, it's like a SMS but no limit and only cost the data (so if you have unlimited data plan, it's free).


Blackberry then encapsulated it into a screen called Blackberry Messenger that allow to see PIN messages you send and receive ; it becomes yet another instant messenger like Google Talk or Yahoo! Messenger or ICQ, but dedicated to Blackberry users.

The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too: