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Re: Problem with Lotus Notes 8 sync with DMv4.6

Well, My BB stopped syncing again the DM crashed. I took derekrjames suggestion and removed the attendee names from the sync to the BB and this is the first time that I have been able to recover after a DM crash without wiping the calander on the BB and starting over. I was able to sync by just restarting so I just might put that in as another possible resolution.


Should not be this difficult.   

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Re: Problem with Lotus Notes 8 sync with DMv4.6/DMv4.5

Update: the above setup worked for a couple of weeks, when the failures started to re-apear; further digging and experimentation confirmed what several other contributors have found, for Notes 8.02 and BB Desktop Manager 4.6:


sync failures can be triggered by:


  • the (Notes) Meeting Attendees List
  • the (Notes) Description field

After removing the fields listed above from the Sync setup, and continuing with a one-way sync from Notes to the BB, things have been working for almost a month, by now... 


To summarize


  • One-way sync from Notes to Blackberry
  • Remove Meeting Attendee and Description from sync.


Specific cases I have found that cause the failure include simple text in VERY LARGE font in the Description field, as well as very complex description fields (Twisties and/or attachments).
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Re: Problem with Lotus Notes 8 sync with DMv4.6



U R A Genieous!!! Thank you. Your posted approach got around the issue for me enabling me to rely on my BB Storm Again. This calendar related issue I am sorry to say continues with version 8.5 of Lotus Notes when running the latest copy of the BB desktop. Though not a work around that is realistic for perhaps more regular than once per day before it becomes a ball ache it is a successful work around none the less.


Thanks Again



C00lh4nd (also an IBM'er)

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Re: Problem with Lotus Notes 8 sync with DMv4.6/DMv4.5

I have done something entirely different for the last month and I thought it was time to share:


First, a caveat: I continue to run ONE WAY SYNC FROM Lotus Notes CALENDAR TO THE BB - the invitations I get are typically so full of Rich Text (links, attachments, font attributes, ...) or have huge invitee lists, that I found two-way sync causing loss of of info when things went to the BB and then come back from the BB to Lotus Notes - so, if you go two-way and experience loss of info in the BB or Lotus Notes and then it's gone forever!!!, don't complain here! ;-) 


Also, some of my findings reported below are very specific to the time when this append was composed and could change over time.


With that advice, I have found a third party application called CompanionLink to be far less prone to the kinds of problems we seem to see

with Intellisync,


I have experimented with sync'ing calendar, address book and memos with both CompanionLink and Intellisync. MY EXPERIENCE (your mileage may vary) suggests that this configuration works for me:


  • Address book: two-way sync using Intellisync
  • Memos: two way sync using Intellisync -  but note: I very rarely modify my memos on the BB, and most of my memos contain plain text only, anyway. If your memos are full of rich text and/or attachments, you may want to test and see what works for you.
  • Calendar: one-way sync from Lotus Notes to the BB using CompanionLink


I stayed with Intellisync for Address book and Memos, as Intellisync allows me to select Field mappings. CompanionLink shows on their Web site that it supports Field mapping, but I was never able to find that in my installation; I contacted their support staff stated and was told it's available only for the Address book. As Intellisync meets my needs for Address book sync, I didn't follow up on that any further..


I had some question on CompanionLink, and their support staff was only an e-mail away and responded quickly.


The product does cost a chunk of money. The decision on whether spending this money is worth it is entirely up to you.


The product comes in an Express and a Pro version. Both have a 14 day trial period. If you experiment with two-way sync, make sure you have a way to recover from any information changes you might not be happy with.


Check them out here:CompanionLink


Your mileage may vary from mine.


Truth in advertising disclosure: I am not associated with CompanionLink, except that I am, as of about a month ago, a customer of theirs using their CompanionLink for BBs product. I receive no compensation, rewards or recognition of any kind from them for mentioning their product here or anywhere else