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Re: Hotmail, Google,Yahoo,Aol etc - which is best

Im having issues right now with Gmail syncing and sending mail to my BlackBerry over BIS. The emails show on my phone but i get no notification and the emails appear read without me doing anything. i only see them if i happen to notice a new email under an address that indicated a new message. So at this time till thats fixed i donno if Gmail is the way to go. I have heard of others with this issue. It happened after the BIS update recently.
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Re: Hotmail, Google,Yahoo,Aol etc - which is best

Hello JesseAnger,


By the sounds of it, you are not having a very good time with your Gmail account. Do you happen to have the Gmail application or any other google applications installed on your BlackBerry?


It also sounds like you may have a few issues with the service book or individual database for your Gmail account on the BlackBerry itself.


Here is a couple of things you can try:


!!!! Make sure to do a full backup of your BlackBerry through Desktop Manager before attempting any steps. Cannot stress this enough!!!


1) This will replace and correct and service books issues

-->Goto options>advanced options>service books

--> Delete both service books labeled email@gmail.com [cical] and email@gmail.com [cmime]

--> Go back one screen to advanced options > Host routing table

--> Highlight the bolded entry > Press menu key (one with bb logo on left of trackball) and do a register now

--> Test


2) This will clear the Gmail messages from the BlackBerry

--> Open the messages icon labeled with your Gmail address

--> Highlight the current date at the top 

--> Press the menu key and select delete prior

--> Test 


3) This will clear the entire messages database and will erase all messages from the BlackBerry

--> Connect to the Desktop Manager Software

--> Go to backup and restore

--> Click Advanced

--> On the right side, scroll through until you find the messages 

--> Click Messages so that it is highlighted and then click the Clear button

--> once complete, just unplug the BlackBerry and test once again 



Hope one of these helps.



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Re: Hotmail, Google,Yahoo,Aol etc - which is best

Hey there friends.

Ok....so I've been searching the forums for an answer to my question for hours now, and this one seemed to really fit, so I tried it.

Let me back up some.


I have the google gmail application on my blackberry curve, and it is set to receive email from 3 different accounts (we'll call them a@gmail, b@gmail and c@gmail).

Works fine, no problems, loves it.

I use google sync to sync the calendar of b@gmail because the nature of that calendar requiring that I be able to check it at all times is one of the primary reasons I wanted a blackberry in the first place. 

I also receive email through blackberry internet service for two other (@privatedomain.com) email addresses. I don't really want calendars for these because I have no way of syncing them with anything else (I don't use outlook...I use thunderbird, and I've spent days on forums trying to figure out how to sync that, and have come up with nothing, and I've found nothing but "that's not possible" forum responses on how to delete those two calendars). 


Now.... here's my problem: I want b@gmail to be my default calendar and email address. 

Searching through all the how-tos and forum posts, I found that that could be done by doing Options - Advanced Options - Default Services.

But....none of my three gmail accounts or 1 gcal were showing up in either list.  My messaging list had the two @privatedomain email address, and the calendar list had those two @privatedomain calendars (stupid, pointless things) and my Facebook calendar.


So, after reading your post, I followed the steps of option #1. Before we all spaz out, yes....I did back up my blackberry (ha, learned that one the hard way already, wasn't going through that again...) I did the steps exactly as you said (although, I didn't scroll down to Facebook to remove it as a CICAL - I forgot). After doing the "register now" on the bolded host routing table, I went back to my default services....and now only Facebook is listed as an option for calendar, and nothing is listed as an option for messaging. I'll admit, I panicked..... and then I turned my bb off, and removed the battery (for good measure?). I spent 3-4 minutes convincing myself that this would fix it....but it didn't. I still don't have anything listed in messaging, and only Facebook listed in calendars.


I'm not freaking out because I've already wiped my blackberry clean on accident with no recourse for retrieving the data....and I've got a back up to restore to this time around, which I'm going to go do right now....


But here's my question: after I restore, I'm going to be right back to where I was before: no google options for default services....


any thoughts?


Thanks a ton in advance,



P.S. thanks for being someone that replies to forum posts....it's very rare.

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Re: Hotmail, Google,Yahoo,Aol etc - which is best

on an unrelated topic:






I can't stop laughing.

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Re: Hotmail, Google,Yahoo,Aol etc - which is best

@MaggieMayhem : if I were you, I would :
  1. delete facebook & the CICAL & everything related
  2. delete all bis account
  3. recreate the BIS account for your primary gmail address b@gmail.com
  4. confirm that the calendar is available, do the Google Calendar Sync thing, and confirm it works exactly as you want it to
  5. add the other BIS accounts

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