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Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock



Is there anyway to remove the emergency call option when phone is locked. Twice now, while my phone was in the case, has myphone called the emergency number when it was locked.


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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately that is not an option!

Try making a habit to lock phone and press mute before putting it in the case.

Let me know what you think!

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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

There are countless threads about this topic but the problem is, everyone is looking to remove the feature. Since RIM (or any cellphone company) must have that emergency option why don't we just leave it but find a way to change the emergency number that is programmed into the phone? I'm tired of this nanny state stuff... If I want to lock my blackberry and put it in my pocket without accidentally calling and taking up the time of the police, I should be able to do so. So, how do we change the programming so that instead of the phone's emergency number being 911, have it be * or # or whatever sequence of numbers. This way, RIM has done what they needed to do (which is providing the phone with an emergency option) and since we are not required to have this option on our phones once we own it, lets change it. Any ideas?
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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

Aren't able to change the programming either. Don't think we'll ever have the ability to either.



Unable to remove or modify the emergency call number - http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB12406


Prompted to make an emergency call while unlocking the BlackBerry smartphone - http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB13769

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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

The emergency number is built into the Phone for the specific carrier by RIM.

In Australia we have the same issue but the Emergency Number is 000.

RIM build it into the OS for Australian BB phones...


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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

Good news, I have found a way to prevent accidental emergency call, either by pocket it or children. It is still in beta development, I've tested it on different models and it is working. I'm intending to distribute it on BlackBerry App Store. Anyone interested? I'll keep you guys updated on this thread.... Smiley Happy

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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

Nice to know someone is working on this! I'm now used to just locking the device and then putting it in standby.


In fact I had to call 911 a couple of weeks ago. My phone was locked and I didn't even think to use the emergency option (I typed in my password and dialed it in). I've trained my self to stay from that stupid emergency thing and now I don't even think about it when there's an emergency. And don't get me wrong, it's a good idea to have that sort of option but not the way they have it set up. Oh and lastly, something that I have never seen before is that after calling 911, the emergency services blocked all other in-coming calls to my phone for a short period of time in case they needed to get ahold of me again. I can't remember what the message was on my BB but it said something like "Emergency Standby" or something like that.

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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

This is a pretty major issue, lots of people talking about it on various forums.  I have called the police no less than 8 times, and twice in the past two weeks...every time, my perl is locked and the track ball scrolls down and highlights "emergency call" and makes the call.


I think the solution is very simple.  There needs to be some sort of captua that comes up to verify that the user is trying to make a call.  Having the user enter 1753 or some random string of numbers would prevent 99.9 percent of all these calls but would still allow an emergency call from a locked phone.  The message would tell the person the string to call, so if the owner was in an accident and someone else was using their phone, they would be told what to press to be able to make the call.

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Re: Remove Emergency Call Option on Autolock

I just register the account to express my Disappointment about the 911 call on lock screen


I will change to another band without this stupid idiotic design.


I believe this is one of the major reasons which are causing RIM downsizing,


In the name of god, this poor company will go bankrupt finally.