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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

I have exactly the same problem except that it repeated my one contact at least 40 times. The fix is to wipe the phone, Tell your service provider to send you the email accounts so you don't have to set it up all over again. Bell was helpful in doing this for me. I'm afraid the only fix is to start over at square one. I also got a software error after wiping the phone so I have to remove the battery and restart it. My BB OS was also damaged by the crapware desktop manager when I sync it.

There is no fix from RIM as yet and the desktop manager apparently writes over whatever it wants to write over. The only cure is not to use the desktop manager and type every contact in by hand. You also will probably find that contacts in your address book on the mac have been removed, especially if you have recently added or change them.

From now on I'm not using this crappy dangerous and destructive desktop manager. I'm typing changes in by hand and disabling sync completely.

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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems



Hi, I'm having the same issue with my BB Storm. I was able to sync prior to the new software update that RIM put out for the Storm. The update wiped my BB & left it with the no operating system icon. Then after waiing several minutes it freshly installed the new software & I had to restore from a backup. All my applivations were then wiped out and I had to hunt them all down and reinstall them. Since then I've been receiveing the same error. Does anyone know if we can revert back to a previous operating system on the BB Storm? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

I can't thank you enough for this.  I was literally ready to throw my Blackberry against the wall. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing the info!Smiley Very Happy

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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

I have to agree with the posters on here; I've been trying for days to work out the numerous bugs and get my Bberry to sync properly with my iMac, and not add 4 copies of every contact, etc.


To my count, I've spent close to 9 hours trying to solve issues that should have been resolved by the manufacturer, so I can go make money at what I'm good at and enjoy.


I don't particularly like the iPhones, but if anyone from RIM reads this, you've just lost another customer (and I've been using a Bberries for 7 years now).  


I've been prolonging buying a mac laptop (I use Sony machines) because I've always thought the macs were overpriced.


But hey, the software on my iMac actually works, and everyone I've spoken to with an iPhone says they've been easy to sync and next to no issues.


So I'll bite the bullet, leave my carrier, and buy an iPhone and another iMac.  At least I won't spend hours searching help sites.

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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

Hello wendell,

Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.


I wanted to check in and see if I could assist with your sync issues that you are having with your BlackBerry smartphone.


Can you please provide your carier information and the version of the handheld software on the BlackBerry smartphone. You can find this under Options>About (3rd line).


Also can you describe the issue in more details as well as provide information about the applications you synchronizing with.


Thank you





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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

This worked perfectly for my Bold 9700.

I was set to Facebook, and I changed it to another email address and VIOLA  Perfect Sync.


Thank You Thank You Thank YOU!!

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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems


skim wrote:

I couldnt figure it out either but I did find that if your facebook is set as your calender status it wont sync.

I changed my calender "default services" from my facebook to my gmail account and it synced perfectly.

go to : options (on your bb) then advanced options

then select default services there you will see what they are change the one under CICAL from facebook to an email account and it should work fine let me know if anyone else had found that that had worked it worked for me so i just wanted to share the news 



Worked perfectly on mine all these months later after your post skim!! Thanks so much!! 


Loving my Storm2 and these fSmiley Happyrums are a great place to find the answers!!! 



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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

I loath the iphone and I use a Mac Laptop. Yes, the iphone syncs seamlessly and I basically have given up attempting to properly sync the berry, although I may by the third party sync software, The Missing Sync or another one, which probably will work with some initial frustration, but the iphone is counter intuitive, does tons of useless stuff well and really important stuff not at all and frankly, I resent a company selling me hardware that they deliberately disabled to make you buy an identical phone all over again but isn't crippled in software. To make an iphone do what it can do, you have to 'jailbreak' it.


This means you hack the software to give you access to the hardware in it. It also means you cannot visit the proper app store anymore or your phone is useless or thejoailbreak hack is disabled.


The blackberry was a huge relief to me. It took no reading or swearing to get it to work. I figured out all the things I needed to do with no effort. The video camera works! unlike my model of iphone which has a video camera but Apple won't let me use it cause it wants me to spend $700.00 on the iphone 3gs.


This is criminal. Even the apps they allowed which made the iphone vid cam work got disabled after a few weeks. I could no longer transfer the files to my laptop. And i PAID for the app.


Apple doesn't care.


So Im way happy with the blackberry in lots of ways, not the least of which is to be away from Rogers as well.


However I would like to be able to sync it properly and get rid of the numerous duplicates on the phone. Maybe I will try missing Sync


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My DM 1.0.3 for mac says it cannot locate my notes or tasks?

Any ideas?


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Re: STORM-BDTM for MAC problems

It worked for me also. Only one thing: I have facebook but this wasn't my calendar CICAL already.

My Gmail was. So I just tried another email I had there and change from GMail to this second email.

It worked fine!!!

So I believe every time it happens, just make the change... keep changing...