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Safety of phones?


I was just wondering about how safe the phones are i.e the safety on EMR and RF, who should and should not have phones for example age range, ect...


please help! Smiley Happy

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Re: Safety of phones?

kjono1 wrote:


I was just wondering about how safe the phones are i.e the safety on EMR and RF, who should and should not have phones for example age range, ect...


please help! Smiley Happy

Such questions are explained in the manual. 


Source BB docs. Page 25 : http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartphone_users/deliverables/20508/BlackBerry_Curve_9300-9330_Smartph...


Hope this is what you were looking for.


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Re: Safety of phones?

I have been working in the communications field for over 40 years. I worked on low to medium power Radio Frequency devices in the broadcast industry that are much stronger than any mobile phone.

I also worked in service and support for TV broadcast cameras, and TV broadcast monitors over many years. I did all types of service on these including the changing and doing the alignment procedures of picture tubes (CRT's), I was working right at the rear of the CRT near to the high voltage connection, the electron gun, and drive circuitry to perform the CRT beam landing and convergence alignments.

As part of the process I had to check the high voltage drive, scans, and X-Ray radiation levels emitted from the CRT walls. The high voltage at the anode cap on these monitors ranged from 25kv to 37kv depending on the CRT type and size. 


I must admit I was exposed to low levels of radiation almost everyday on my job, but they were within the safety guidelines. I had the instruments to measure the radiation levels in both the RF and X-Ray regions. Every unit serviced had to be certified for to meet approved standards. 

I can tell you that for any end user when using a computer CRT monitor or watching a CRT type TV set (these are very rare since the last ten years), the viewer is exposed to a lot more RF radiation than from even a number of cell phones within a few feet of them. From a CRT there is also some X-Ray and Ultra Violet emission.

The X-Rays come from the high voltage intense electron beam hitting the face of the CRT. The glass of the CRT contains lead to block most of the X-Rays. The UV is is generated by the affect of the electron beam characteristics with the argon gas and zinc and mercury vapors. The UV property is what illuminates the phosphors on the screen surface. 

When we are in our homes or out in the streets we are exposed to terrestrial radio and TV broadcasts from many high power transmission sites. If not, your radios and TV sets would not be able to function. When we go outside we are bombarded by thousands of signals over hundreds of frequency channels from satellites. We are also exposed to some solar radiation coming from the sun and deep space. 

Use your phone and enjoy it. The average power is maybe in the range of 70 to 140 mw.  1 mw is 1/1000 of a watt. Your cell phone is of very low power and when compared to everything else out there I would never believe it to be harmful. The early analog cell phones back in the late 1980's through to when the digital phones came out were emitting about 3 watts of power. People were using them with no problems. I used to spend a lot of time on the early phones. 


The world is full of many conspiracy theorists. These types get a high on bad and frightening news. (I personally have a friend like this). A fair number of them write books and publications for big profits to entice fear in to people so they will purchase their books. Many people thrive on fear. It's their nature. There are some doctors and scientists who are paid off with very big bucks to go along with them, and take in a handsome profits from all these theories they come up with.  Then there are some others who don't know much better and agree with them. 

I have been doing systems support for many years. I also work with people who work on high power transmission systems. They take proper precaution because with very high power systems at close range there are issues. These systems have many millions of times more power than any cell phone or standard communications device. I don't know of anyone that got cancer or had health effects from working in these systems. If anyone should have had any problem I should have had problems. 

Enjoy you phone whatever type it is. These are great devices and they can be a lot of fun to use. 



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Re: Safety of phones?

@jerryg50, that's a great reply. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

Cheers. Smiley Happy

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