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My Device: Bold 9790
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Re: Serious issue with Bold 9790

Hi again,


Thank you so much for your detailed post, much appreciated.


I have good news and bad news.


Good news?

I have followed the first 2 steps (wipe and reset factory) and after doing these steps twice each, I have found what is the cause of this so weird issue.


Bad news?

My Phone is even worse now because I had to call Etisalat (the worset on earth) - I will explain in details


What happened?


Part 1


1- I have followed your steps 1 and then 2

2- Did that twice to make sure my finding was correct

3- Simply, everything is FINE without Whatsapp. Once Whatsapp is installed, it will cause this issue - How? - [Connect to Wifi - Go to Blackberry World - Install Whatsapp - Login to Whatsapp - Exit Whatsapp - Turn Wifi Off] and the same old story.

4- I have checked before I install Whatsapp and everything was fine when I turn the Wifi Off




Part 2


5- I decided not to report back and wait some time to double check and try to understand what is going on.

6- While Wifi was OFF and Whatsapp was CLOSED, I was doing something on my PC and suddenly, I got a message on Whatsapp O_o
7- Wifi was OFF and Whatsapp worked without connecting to any Wifi - YES, I am 110% sure.

8- After few mins, it stopped working so I had to connect to the Wifi to stop the heating, draning the battery so quicky and slow mobile.

9- Because I do need Whatsapp, I can't get rid of it yet.

10-  MY BAD, I had to contact the Service Provider O_o



Part 3


11- I explained everything to them and they confirmed that my package has NO Whatsapp Service whatsoever but the agent said that is NOT the first time he hears something like that. That was like Music to my ears. I thought HE IS THE ONE who can fix my issue ... finally BUT ...

12- He asked me to check something called APN and I did.

13- I confirmed to him that I have never heard about this nor used it in my entire life

14- He said some cusotmers are using APN to connect to Whatsapp without Wifi

15- I told him that I never do that because I don't know this feature does exist to beging with

16- He logged me a Job Card (Technical Request)



Part 4

17- After less than 12 hours, to my surprise, instead of getting a PHONE CALL as that agent confirmed, I got a TEXT message O_o

18- "Dear Customer, the issue related to ticket #xxxxxxxxx been rectified. Please restart your device and try using the service. For any further assistance, please call us."

19- And yet again, I thought that message will change my life and draw a smile on my face, finally

20 - OH WELL, SIGH Smiley Sad ... the time I rebooted/restarted until few mins ago (two hours) and my phone is even worse no matter how many times I took the battery out, disconnected from the 3G Network, etc ... until I arrived home (I was out) and connected to my Wifi so then it became fine Smiley Sad



This is the story of my sad life!!!




I have not yet done the 3rd step because I wanted to report to you what happened and ask you what do you think? and if you think the 3rd step will solve this, I will go for it but if you have another opinion, please tell me because I am about to lose my mind and most likely I will smash this crazy device ... I have some health issues and I can't be angry.


Thank you so much for your help. You are helping me much more than my Local Service Provider who cares about nothing but charging, charging and charging and NO, I have no other choice but to deal with them Smiley Sad



Thanks a lot Smiley Happy

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Re: Serious issue with Bold 9790

I can say with complete confidence that I cannot predict if the steps I recommended will help or not.

I can say that, if you conduct the Bare Bones iterative process, you should be able to either narrow down a specific cause, and perhaps even find a useful solution. Indeed, if you are convinced that it's the WhatsApp app that is the cause, then you could perhaps do a variation on the Bare Bones process, where you load an OS Bare Bones and then load WhatsApp alone...if it has problems, repeat with a different OS package. Maybe there is an OS package that will be stable with WhatsApp in your situation. But, again, I cannot know...this is all guesswork.

I can also say that it is very odd that they claim you cannot have WhatsApp yet it sometimes works anyway. Very odd...but I have no information from which to validate anything they have told you...only they know their system and the services your plan provides.

Good luck!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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