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Serious problem with blackberry 9300 Curve handset and denial from BB to replace the same, under warranty.

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Dear Blackberry Authorities,


It is really a horrible experience with the handset of blackberry for me. I have purchased blackberry Curve handset 9300 on 22nd April from a "Phone Store”, Shop No.78,79,community centre, New friends colony, New Delhi, The Invoice No. is 319,The details of the handset are as follows:


Handset: Blackberry Curve 9300 1256-India Qwerty-Pink

Name: Blackberry 9300: ETA-716/2010/WRLO

Model: RDA71UW


It has been more than just three months ,when i purchased this handset ,It worked fine for about only fifty days from the date of purchase and from the second month ,to my shock, serious problem started in the handset and some time it was getting hanged ,sometime some keys in the keypad did not work ,some time it was getting hanged the moment I receive incoming call., sometime sms sending problem, some time some other problem ..Every time I used to switch off the phone and start again, then it used to work but after some days again there were some other problem occurring in the handset.


The phone was not getting connected to PC from the starting, and i have tried so many times but i fail to get success.


Many a times when I used t send sms the entire alphabet typed on sms has gone separately as a single alphabet in a particular sms to the recipient, causing embarrassment for me in my organization. I would blame the black berry for this embarrassment as this has caused due to faulty phone they have sold me,


I am service class person and i get occupied with my work at office in the day hours and doesn’t have time to go to the service centre of blackberry every time the problem occurs, as there are only one service centre available in Delhi at Lajpat Nagar.The service centre is about 20 Kilometers away from the area my office is situated, I managed to keep the phone running by switching off and switching on after one or two minutes, every time the problem occurs but in the first week of last month ,when the problem started continuing  after  switching off and switching on also ,I was bound to go to service centre at noida since it is close to my place (about 14 Km) in comparison of Lajpat nagar at new delhi,the service engineer at blackberry service centre saw my phone and said there is some software problem which can be rectified by reinstalling the software, and there are some hardware problem also (some keys on the keypad is not et. all working) ,for which i have to surrender my phone to them and they will send it to the Blackberry Office (they did not give address) and it would take 15 days  at least ,thus since I had no back up phone and my each and every contact no. was there in phone it was difficult for me to give them handset at that time ,so I requested them to rectify the software problem by re installing the same.


I asked the service manager to get the backup of all the data and contact no saved into the phone, but they refused to do so and they asked me to go to some other shop nearby to get the data backup, I went to that shop and they asked 250 Rupees for data backup of my phone. I was bound to say yes to them for the amount the charge for backup .I gave them my handset and after 20-30 minutes they came back to me by saying, we cannot store your data backup as it is not connecting to PC. It was a highly disappointing reply for me.


Then i again went to your service centre and written down some important contact no.(the number which was stored on phone book) on piece of paper  and taken out my SD card ,and gave them handset for re installing the same.


They gave me my handset after one and half hour and said" now it would work fine except hardware problem.".I came back and to my utter shock again after two three days handset was into its old condition ,then also I tried to manage with handset and when i could spare sometime I went to your service centre again on 24th July at Noida,


they took the phone and said it would take 12-15 days to return the handset after rectifying the problem,when i requested them to change the handset with a new handset which is at least in good working condition , they clarified that if the hardware problem is not manageable or repairable ,i would get new handset had no option except to give them handset for rectifying the problem.


Now,It is the time for a biggest shock from blackberry people-Today on 3rd August ,i have received a call from noida blackberry service centre to inform me that my handset cannot get repaired under standard warranty conditions of blackberry as there are some moisture into the phone and there is no warranty if there is a moisture inside the phone.


Thus now i wish to inform all the concerned ,Blackberry/Research in Motion ,managers/authorities ,that i have explained above ,all the things ,happened to me in last three months of my purchase of handset, in detail ,so i would again request to Blackberry/Research in Motion ,managers/authorities, to rectify the problem of my handset or change the entire handset so that I can use the same peacefully and should not roam around the service center of blackberry.


Giving this lame excuse that "there is a moisture inside the handset and thus it can’t get repaired or changed under warranty " is a clear case of cheating and harassing the customer, I have bought the handset to use it for my communication purpose not to roam around the blackberry service center nor to put water or moisture inside the handset and play with the handset and fight with all of you.


If there were some moisture inside the handset then that should have been seen by the noida service centre people also during my First visit itself by them and they would have refused taking the handset for repair. They did not refuse but accepted handset and reinstalled software also, If there was some moisture that would have been seen by them that time only.


In my second visit also the took my phone and seen the inside condition also of handset in front of me ,they did not see any moisture, that time also ,and now after 10 odd days ,there are some moisture inside the phone??????.


I have no idea how blackberry keeps its handset ,which has come to them for repairing ,but if there is any trace of moisture into my handset ,that would have come into the handset ,during these 10 days only when phone was with blackberry authorized service engineers for repair purpose. What I know is that My Blackberry handset is under warranty and it is not working properly thus it should be replaced by Blackberry.


On the keypad if some key are not working that is a hardware problem which was there in the handset and it has no connection with the moisture.


If this is the way blackberry is treating its customer, i would say it is harassing its customer, and does not want to rectify the problem .in this case, I would have no option left except to go to the consumer court in Indian judiciary system. And moreover i would inform my and other friends, organizational employee also not to use services/or buy blackberry handset if this is the way BB is treating its customer.




I would request all the concerned persons/managers/authorities of Blackberry/Research in Motion, take action into my case urgently and rectify the core problem into my handset instead of giving lame excuses, and change the faulty handset of mine with a new properly working handset under warranty condition.


Best Regards




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Re: Serious problem with blackberry 9300 Curve handset and denial from BB to replace the same, under warranty.

i m having the same problem...last month i visited to care center...they update the s/w change the track pad n give it back...was working fine but from yesterday the same problm started..system is hanging n except cancel button nothing is working..what to do ..i dont understand....i m posted in a remote area from which care center is 200 kms away.... exactly what is the problem ..can u say?
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Re: Serious problem with blackberry 9300 Curve handset and denial from BB to replace the same, under warranty.

It looks like your phone has a some virus, use your computer to scan and remove it.

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Re: Serious problem with blackberry 9300 Curve handset and denial from BB to replace the same, under warranty.

dubem747 wrote:
It looks like your phone has a some virus, use your computer to scan and remove it.

not possible for it to have a virus and a PC would not know how to scan the OS as its protected


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