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My Device: Storm 9500
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Storm 9500 Screen not responding sometimes.

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Greetings BB Forums! ^


I have a Blackberry Storm 9500 (Ancient i know , but it works very well besides 1 thing)

(Well 2 things,the camera didnt use to work but it works now,had to change smth in it cause of humidity)


Oki my problem is :


My Phone is set to wake me up at 07:36 in the morning(GMT+1 - Spain)

The phone rings up perfectly and wakes me up but there is a problem


At that time(And about until 10:00 or smth) The screen wouldnt respond to my actions :

Whenever i touch the screen it doesnt select where i touch,but it does select the upper part of the screen(Clock) ,seems like it missunderstands my touch, it does recieve it but doesnt process it in a good way.


Aditional info : Also it seems that the upper part of the screen works , as in :


Whenever at those times i try to touch the screen it reacts selecting the clock and stuff on the upper side...but if i touch the upper part of the screen it works : There is a zone on the upper part (About 1cm) that the screen works perfectly , for exemple if i enter the Menu of it,i can perfectly scroll up and down using the upper part of the screen(When the phone is turned on landscape ofc) , also i can select with perfect precision and use everything.


But the other lower parts of the screen doesnt register my touch and sends it on the top of the screen Smiley Frustrated

Sorry for beeing a bit confusing ><


Could anyone tell me what can be wrong?


PS : A Battery pull fixes it but only temporarely (Until the late night or next morning)

PS2 : Its not the OS , tried that

PS3 : Only happens when i get to put a SIM and personalise the phone.

PS4 : This problem sometimes also happens after about 21:00.

PS5:I dont think its the temperature , im from spain Smiley Frustrated Temps here atm are 24ºmax to 3ºMin


Thanks in advance , if you need more info , just tell me


Regards , Alejandro

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My Device: Blackberry Storm 9530
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Re: Storm 9500 Screen not responding sometimes.

it happens to me as well . Probably a temperature change makes it happen . I would leave the phone in the bathroom while im taking a shower , come out , and the phone wouldnt work . I do a battery pull and it works fine . The only thing i could think of is keep the phone at the same temperature , dramatic temp changes can make that happen .

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My Device: Storm 9500
My Carrier: Movistar ES

Re: Storm 9500 Screen not responding sometimes.

Yeah forgot to say that about the shower,happens to me aswell. 

Guess ur right about the temps or humidity ,strange phone ><


And yeah the Battery pull does the job but i cant wake up everyday when the alarm goes on and go "Oh yeah i gotta do a batterypull" >_< thats just ...wrong.


Im a very good fan of Blackberry but i must say...the Storm 1 is rubbish in some things...


So RIM...think you got a solution for this? (That doesnt say "You gotta change the screen")

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My Device: Storm-9500

Re: Storm 9500 World's worst phone .

i have storm 9500. i have purchased from croma store surat ,gujarat, india.

its worst phone of my life and not proper service from blackberry.

   i got lotz probs overthere. just as touch screen not working means u cant do anything with handheld. i had given it back to croma store coz it was in warranty period.Unfortunately they dont know wher to send it back. they send it to ahmedabad. after 15 days they returned saying that send it to banglore service centre. then after 30 days i got new Man Sad piece .

  my problems start now. it has vast problems than old one. it was muted during call and i was not aware of that and then it become more and more mute.

touch screen had stop to work

again i send to croma store. but there were very poor respose from them. i got my phone back after 2 months back after very excercise.

Before 4 days i got it back. but it was not replaced or nor repaired .

So i suggest to everyone please please please  ....................do not purchase ever Blackberry phones eventhough it comes with free of cost.