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Storm Issues (Verizon)

There are many issues with the new 9350 Blackberry Storm and I have looked for blogs to see if users are having the same issues I am and I have found that most postings are in 2008. With a million shipped, so it’s claimed (Verizion), you would think issues would have been posted by now. Either they haven’t shipped a million or they are banning blogs.  I am a professional BB user and have been for many years. My most recent BB was and is the 8830 World phone. I completely love the phone. It was lighter and I never had any coverage or rebooting issues. I guess the only major issue with the 8830 was the web browser.  But if you are long time BB user, you know that web browsing has been a problem anyway. Even though they did a much better job with 4.7 web browser, it’s not the Iphone.

My company got a deal with Verizon as there were with AT&T. Being travelers, BB are a standard issue and most staff had the AT&T 8830, which has WiFi. But when the Storm came, everyone wanted to change, which is how I got mine. Trust me, I still got my own personal 8830 and I am glad I do.

Current OS level v4.7.0.75 (Platform
No additional software has been loaded only software from initial install: no games, movies or music loaded.
Storm Issues:
Rebooting 3 to 5 times a day for no reason.
Response time for flip doesn’t happen instantly, hangs and you have to wiggle it for landscape
When dialing, call connects before numbers are displayed
I have tried both configurations, “On Conflicts-(Handheld Wins/Mailbox Wins)", and 9350 hangs or messages do not arrive until call is completed and sometimes reboots.


No software for displaying HTML emails.
VERY BAD COVERAGE. With all the Verizon Hype about "Can you here me now and your network following you" is Bull with this phone. I have a 8830 and I can talk in the basement, the Storm can’t get 1 bar.
Missing WiFi. Very bad and i think once people understand this is a need, the storm will have an issue in the market. In my previous comment I talked about coverage, if I can’t make a call or search the internet in a deadzone, why have this phone?


A little heavy.


If you have big fingers, not the phone for you.


No EVDO. The 8830 has it.



Finally, if you are waiting on a OS release to fix some of the issues, hold your breath. I contacted Verizon and they are putting it on RIM. But I have been reading and I know RIM has released beta and are working on it. Now we all know that Verizon (M)ucks, change the M to a F, up phones so they can add their own hooks to charge you for something the phone already gives you. So don’t buy this phone if you are using it for business. But if you want to deal with issues above, good luck. Verizon is giving RIM a bad name with this one.


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Re: Storm Issues (Verizon)

You're right!!


RIM is working with the OS and some users reported that updated OD (.99) os more stable and user friendly then the .75 version. Many of us waiting for the release of new version.

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Re: Storm Issues (Verizon)

By far the worst Verizon Wireless telephone I have ever owned in the past 10 years...I have never dropped so many calls in the last two months as I have had during the past ten years. The signal is weak and frankly Storm is horrible. The only reason I keep it is for the e-mails.
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Re: Storm Issues (Verizon)

Well the Storm is my first BB and I have found two main things that are very frustrating.. 1) for no reason my Storm will just turn off, not rebooting, just turning right off when im not even anywhere near it.  When the battery is below half power it turns off more frequently then when over half power.. 2) im finding it hard when web browsing to click on many links, some i will click and nothing will happen others i dont even know if my finger is in the right place to click and cant find where to click (plus often the slightest move of my finger and ill miss a link or click a different link).  One of the main sites I have problems with is on Facebook where I cant do half of what I can on the computer.