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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

Overall I really like the Blackberry Storm (former Palm user) and I feel like I know my way through the system.  I do wish making calls were a little easier and that I could expand my speed dial list beyond 9.  I like the ease in which I can locate contacts (I have over 3,800), but I find inputting calendar events to be tenous, and the copy and paste function could be a little easier.


Overall, for using primarily for business I think it accomplishes what I am looking for in a PDA phone combo.  I also like the IM capability for Google.  I would give it a four out of five.

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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

I like it a lot. Especially after doing the beta download of 83. Laying the phone down no longer sends it into portrait mode. Hit the answer key on a call and wow, it answers..lol...No more dark blank screen after taking a picture. Touch screen doesn't activate screen message when it is locked. Probably a bunch of other stuff to, just getting started. Try the Beta download, no problems here....Yet....




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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

where did you find .83
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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

i'm very disappointed. tho then again, after having it for almost a week now, i also kind of like it. also, before u read this "review"...i've had various chances to play around with the iphone as well (just about all of my friends & several colleagues have the iphone).


in regards to the storm... i think what it is...is that you really have to get used to all the glitches & the crappy virtual keyboard. to use & LIKE this phone, a person has to downgrade their own views, habits & likes.


However, there's a lot of good points:


- awesome for accessing up to 10 emails & multiple instant msging programs @ the same time & having them either come up in individual windows or just 1 long list of msgs/emails (this has to be the best feature). alerts come up whenever you receive a new msg/email, but then again, if you get a lot of either, i can understand why some ppl call it the crackberry (u'll be on it 24/7 constantly responding to the msgs/emails & ur life will no longer be your own)

- the memory is great. 9gb?! better than the iphone @ the same price.

-surfing the web is great. fast browsing speeds. ok, so, some pics can't be loaded, but the txt, colors & etc comes up so quickly.

-applications like google maps (for a cell phone, its very fast!), gmail, flicker, youtube and others can be accessed very quickly.  no buffering times/lag on videos/music on media related sites.

- you can edit word, excel & powerpoint files on the fly

- speakerphone is awesome. ppl can hear me loud and clear & the built in speaker is great. ironically, for me, speakerphone is even better than the handset speaker/mic.

- also related to the previous one, music sounds great on the speaker. 

- comes with about 40 ringtones/alerts already on the phone

- contacts can be synched w/ apps like google sync & blackberry sync (if you happen to have used another smartphone previously or kept all of ur contacts on a gmail acct)

- you can also have individual pics & other options for each contact (mutiple emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc)

- physically, the phone itself is heavier than most of its competitors (iphone, curve, bold, pearl, etc)

- battery life has been great. i used this phone about 5-7 hours a day. so, for me, its already a crackberry.


& there's a LOT of bad points too:


- even after the most recent "update", switching from landscape mode to portrait mode is still slow. glitches exist when holding the phone @ certain angles & it doesn't know which way to display the images on the screen. i sometimes get view upside down or sideways & OS takes 10 seconds to adjust it. (this takes some getting used to)

- crappy media player....the scanning feature for each track (say you want fast-forward to the middle of the track) is the worst! u have to tap (not click) the screen to get it to pop up. it takes forever to get the hang of it (i still haven't)

-the camera is GRAINY! hell, the cameras on two previous/cheaper phones (the ENV & VX6000) are better than this phone!! its 3.2 megapixels, but who gives a d%mn when it doesn't even take clear pictures???

- & besides the bad image quality, it takes FOREVER to take a picture. about a full 2-3 seconds from the time you click the option to physically take the pic.

-GLITCHES, GLITCHES, GLITCHES...did i mention GLITCHES?? what do i mean? well, my phone has frozen up 4 times now since i've gotten it. when starting a game call word breaker, attempting to open up a link in my browser, using the media player & also, when using Blackberry Maps. not only freezing, but also basic things:

- not being able to charge my phone when its on or in use. how seriously lame.

- volume jumping to the max when using headphones

- basic blackberry software (to install on ur pc) not working (not sure if its computer related glitch or BB related)

- you click something on the home screen...nothing happens. you click again. still nothing. you think its frozen...but then 2 seconds later, when u change ur mind to select something else, the phone goes into the screen that u originally selected. *sigh* cld this get any worse?(yes, it could)

- its definitely not for speed texting or "sure-clicking" long emails. so many typos its unbelievable!! typing on this virtual keyboard is much worse than the iphone. it feels as if the keys/letters on the iphone are more spaced out so that you or the OS knows which letter u're pressing. on the storm, the letters are so close together that you can end up hitting backspace 5-7 consecutive times before getting the correct letter on the screen. 


in conclusion, why is it that it seems that two previous phones (also with mulitple features for browsing, taking pics & etc, but also much crappier & cheaper) seem to be better than the storm? honestly, when i UPGRADE, i expect to UPGRADE to a better, faster and more efficient phone. not downgrade!! However,  again, the storm takes some serious getting used to. it is a new technology & i honestly believe it was released way too early. the phone has a lot of catching up to do.


so, why you may ask, am i sticking w/ it? well, verizon wireless...GREAT coverage/service. CRAPPY hardware. ATT on the other hand (the only other real competitor w/in the USA) has GREAT hardware & CRAPPY coverage/service. i've been with verizon for almost 8 years now & so, why give up on a good thing? also, i travel alot & the storm is currently the only GSM capable & touchscreen phone on the verizon network. hopefully, the updates will improve the phone in the long run.



[on a side note, the two phones i wish Verizon had are the Apple IPhone & Nokia E90 Communicator, an expensive ($500-700) gsm capable workhorse & "brick" of a phone that had all of the features that the so called "latest" phones have, but was released in March 2007 (i found it funny how Nokia came out with this phone last year & now other companies are just catching up to their technology)...only thing lacking was a touchscreen. :~/]

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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VERDICT?

I agree with Laureus.

Great Idea, 2 Great companies

Bad execution and released WAY to early!

WHen you read the likes and dislikes you can see the newbies that came from other phones and love the Storm

When you have had multiple BB's you come to expect a higher quality product from RIM.

Thats why BB's are so good, because they just plain work! They are known to be rock solid devices!

I have higher expectations from RIM

Verizon is clearly the best provider in North America and they have been known to have the worst devices or late adopters because (according to VERIZON) they TEST TEST AND RE-TEST!!
This theory went out the window.


I actually started to consider ATT and an IPHONE!


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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VERDICT?

I've had the phone for a week now. 


Overall, I enjoy this phone a great deal. I won't go  into a lot of detail about what I like so much, other than to say that the versatility is extraordinary.


But there are a couple of things which stand out as needing serious improvement. I understand some of these things are addressed in the upcoming OS release as expressed by those who downloaded the leaked .83 update.


My four biggest issues are these:


1) Lag in answering incoming calls. Hitting the on-screen answer button is almost worthless. It's also a crap-shoot as to whether the phone will answer when hitting the hard-wired phone button as well. There's also a lag between when a call starts coming in and when the phone actually responds with vibration or a ring-tone. It makes it dicey as to whether you will actually be able to grab the call.


2) Terrible interface for the Mac. I downloaded my contact info to the phone through PocketMac. However, when I want to re-sync the phone at any time in the future, it doubles my contacts. I don't know if there's a way around this glitch yet. I really don't feel like spending another $40 for another program either. 


3) An overall lag in response whether it is switching between landscape/portrait, launching an application, taking a photo, or rendering web pages. I hear that .83 greatly increases the web page rendering speed as well as the picture-taking speed. I don't expect so much picture taking quality from a cell phone though.


4) Keyboard accuracy is also funky. I'm much faster and more accurate on my iPod Touch. I'm getting increasingly used to the keyboard response, but there's still something which makes me have to go more slowly, be more deliberate, and even still, I type incorrectly -- sometimes hitting the wrong key over and over again a few times, though I think my finger is positioned correctly.


One other small niggle is the space around the screen. I'm not so confident that it won't allow a lot of dust into the phone. 


Again, I am super-happy with the phone over all, and am anticipating that I will be happier once the OS comes up to speed. I understand that Blackberry saw fit to release the phone, apparently before it was ready for prime-time -- if anything to stop the attrition rate to other manufacturers. If I see a great improvement in the next OS release, it will definitely build my confidence that Blackberry sees fit to support this product and that the hardware build is solid.

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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

Except for the screen not know which way is up or down, then freezing, and rebooting on its owe which takes like 5 mintues of white screen and really sucks when you are driving with the nav. running and then you lost your direction cause your phone decided to stop working. Also not saving videos and freezing when switching between menu and camera, not the  easy phone to answer a call on either.


Other than that I love it...lol


I will say screen is brilliant and pics are really nice(when it works and doesnt freeze)


This is my first BlackBerry and fairly disappointed. Especially without WiFi but I knew that going into it. But now to hear that a WiFi one is going to be released in Canada soon kinda makes me made.


I have a few days on my return policy and I think I'm gonna return it and wait for 2nd Gen. with WiFI.


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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?



I've struggled with Storm's video recorder from day one.  The above error message usually displays after one hits "Play" to play the video just recorded without hitting "Stop" first.  I have also learned that if I keep the recordings below 30 seconds, hit "Stop" and then "Save/Rename" the video, it plays with no problems.  Occasionally, if I go above 30 seconds orif the device just feels like it, it crashes and reboots.  Obviously, the video is lost.


People, this is a major issue with the Storm.  The capability of recording video was the reason I chose this phone over the iPhone.  I'm starting to regret my decision.  RIM/BB engineering needs to get on this ASAP of they are looking to lose a lot of customers for releasing the phone before it was completed.


It's easy to see that Verizon Wireless was kicking themselves for the decision to refuse the IPhone when apple offered it to them before AT&T.  So VW didn't care about their customers one bit when taking this peice of crap that Blackberry KNEW PERFECTLY WELL did not work as they advertised.

We have been screwed by both companies and they did it while knowing full well that we were spending good money on these devices.  But they don't care.

After 8 years with Verizon Wireless, I'm leaving because of their ripoff actions.  And as far as blackberry...You've proven yourself a company that doesn't care about its customers.
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Re: Storm is almost one Month old Now, YOUR VEREDICT?

[ Edited ]

I'm so dissapointed with myself for signing up to 18 months with this phone!


When I was younger my parents would always tell me to wait before I buy something,

don't just rush out and buy it unless i'm really sure.

Obviously they had both had Blackberry Storms!  Smiley Very Happy

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