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Torch vs G2 vs iPhone 4

    I was happy to get rid of my iPhone 3GS because of Apple's policy of proprietary everything. I also wanted Flash support which Apple will never have. I really wanted to like the Torch, but have had so many problems I am considering returning it for another phone even though I have bought over $100 in non-returnable accessories and apps. The Torch is the first phone I have had where I need an app that duplicates a battery pull just to keep the phone working without having to dismantle the phone 3x a day. 

    Also I am annoyed by the fact that the Torch has a 600 mhz processor compared to the 1 ghz processors in every other new smart phone, that's far too weak for applications now let alone in the future. 

    The App World has maybe 5 decent apps compared to thousands that Apple and Android users have available. The AT&T apps are overpriced and ridiculous. $9.99 For an app that turns the screen white so you can use it as a flashlight?

    Please somebody tell me why I should keep my Torch?

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Re: Torch vs G2 vs iPhone 4


Well first, you can use keys to reboot the device, and second if you spent that much on apps and there is only a couple of good ones, clean up the devices memory and find the apps that are not working together. Any phone is as good as it's owner's knowledge of the phone. If it was proprietary like the iphone you would not need to know much about it and it would not let you run multiple apps that may slow the phone down. I am an IT admin so I do make sure the matches the ability of the owner. Get knowledge it will serve you well.


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Re: Torch vs G2 vs iPhone 4

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You are asking why your car does not start and give no info, please list OS version and the apps you have installed and their version.



For a start

On device go to Options, Device, Application Management is a great way to see what your apps are doing with your CPU usage on #Torch. Just slide top bar to CPU and see what is going on. Also touch the CPU menu to see other time variables. I found out that an app was eating away CPU cycles on mine this way.


Flash light? um why not hit video recorder and press space bar? That will give you a nice flash light thats bright.


Why should you keep it? well for me it is the best BlackBerry device ever! I do so much with it and I am in constant real time access to all of my friends. BBM and groups is just plain awsome. Push email is DA BOMB!. I have a 32 gig card and have so many vids to keep the kids happy in traffic. MP3 player is now the Torch, I connect to my truck all the time with it. Pandora rawks on it. WiFi is nice for most places have it and the web browser is great.


there is so much more I can do with it, but you can get the gist of it.


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Re: Torch vs G2 vs iPhone 4

well, if you go to the iPhone 4


you get to deal with Apples stranglehold, personally I prefer a phone that I dont need to Jailbreak (and void my warranty) to gain access to all its features.


Heard of the "Death-Grip"? still an issue even with the Bumper, (unless you listen to Jobs' "Your holding it wrong")


Proximity sensor issue is still a very real issue.



Just pointing out that EVERY phone has its ups and downs Smiley Wink

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