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Re: Trackwheel on the 8700

The thumbwheel assembly is soldered directly onto the PCB (primary circuit board) on the 8700, so it seems as though you have three options:


The first (it's what I did to fix the clickwheel problem on mine) is to open up your BlackBerry and once you have the housing completely off the circuit board, press the wheel onto the clickwheel assembly. Be very careful NOT TO PRESS ON THE SCREEN in the process, as you could ruin some of the pixels. I found my wheel had worked it's way up off the assembly a touch, just enough to make it not click (which occurs on the underside of the wheel), and you couldn't push it in to select because there is a small metal tab that touches the side of the wheel (when in the proper position) that gets pushed in and makes contact with the circuit board in order to actually select the option on the screen. Well, when the wheel is above the assembly, it's too high to make contact with the tab to push it in, which in turn doesn't allow you to select anything. So you might want to give that a try.


Second option is to to buy an OEM replacement clickwheel assembly and remove the faulty clickwheel using a soldering iron and station, and resolder on the assembly yourself. Which I don't advise unless you are quite confident in your soldering skills (if you don't know how to properly solder circuit boards, it is almost 100% likely that you will do more damage than you're attempting to fix) or have access to lab techies in your company which could do it for you.


Third option really would just be to get a new BlackBerry if the first option doesn't work and you don't wish to try/don't know how to solder properly :/


Let me know if any of that makes sense lol 

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Re: Trackwheel on the 8700

Thank you for responding, and helpfully so. I'm not capable of doing anything you suggest other than buying the new one, I'm afraid, which I don't want to do. I'm really just looking for a simple shortcut to send messages I create or reply or forward messages I receive. It seems there are shortcut keys to most everything, but not that, which doesn't make much sense to me.
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Re: Trackwheel on the 8700

Thanks for those tips.

I'm trying to work with a hand-me-down 8700g that also has a defective wheel.

I'd taken it apart fdown to the board, but not sure what I want to do next.

Replacement parts have not been readily available, so I'm wondering what I can do to modify the existing device.


in the meantime, here's a photo of the beast, after wrangling with the not-quite WYSIWYG editor here...

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Re: Trackwheel on the 8700

Back again... and wondering if anyone knows how to take apart the trackwheel without desoldering the base first.


There's also a bit of plastic under the wheel that I wondering about. Anyone know what it does?


In this photo it's the whitish bit between the wheel and the amber nonconductive plastic. 


slightly wider view:


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Re: Trackwheel on the 8700 - I N F O U R G E N T L Y N E E D E D !

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Dear Rick,

I have the same problem. Namely, I tried via many addresses first to find where to buy the track wheel for my BB 8700C but I failed all the time. So would you be so kind and e-mail to me the exact/full address of your supply source for the track wheel. For the time being I can only scroll but not really clicking : I have to press the wheel very hard to have successful click. Inside spring is dead !

This why I am sending you this SOS message !

Please answer via e-mail to:

[removed personal information]

Many thanks in advance.Yours,

Andreja (Andrew)