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Transfer Calendar, contacts, etc. from BB 9700 to iphone 5s using Macbook Pro

Hi there,

After four hours of trying what the subject displays I'm gonna give a try to this forum as a last resort. Please give me a hand, it'd be greatly appreciated!!


I want to transfer the Calendar appointments/reminders, Contacts, pictures and videos stored in my sim card and my memory device from my current BB 9700 to an iphone 5s that I just bought.




1. The iphone is not activated yet because for that I need to activate the nano sim card my mobile provider has given me and for this I need to make sure everything of my current standard sim card is safely backed up and ready to go to an iphone before I make the sim swap.


2. The BB is quite old and has recently stopped reading SDcards (hence why I'm only interested in transferring sim card and device memory stuff) among other things.


Strategies I have tried:


1. Google sync. It fails to syncronise my calendar and contacts as it seems this is not available for BB anymore.


2. BB Protect. It has part of the info I want to keep but it seems this will only work from a BB device toa BB device (and therefore not in my case).


3. BB DS. i) I have repeatedly clicked on syncronise in everything I could (and seemed to work while it was doing it), but I can't see where the calendars/contacts/etc. are. They aren't displayed on ical (I've tried to play with all settings, syncronising personal or work calendars and setting ical appropiately but nothing worked) or on the email.

ii) I have also made a back up and BB DS created a .bbb file of 27.2mb, but I'm worried the iphone won't be able to recognise this type of file.

iii) There's also an additional problem regarding BBDS: it doesn't seem to pick up the pictures from the device's memory as it says I need to have the version of ilife and iphoto '08 or newer (Does ilife exist?? I've never heard of it and it doesn't appear in appstore...also, I have iphoto '11, so way newer than '08!).


4. I've called my mobile provider, they've transferred me to the BB support team of them and they haven't been able to satisfactorily answer the questions below:




1. I suppose I can't sync Calendar and contacts with google sync, right? (This would ofc be the best option as I'll be able to sync them with many devices of any brand).


2. BB Protect is not going to help in this case, right?


3. i) Does BB DS syncronise with ical (calendar) and email (contacts)? If not, what does it syncronise them to or where does it store the info?

ii) Will the iphone5s recognise the .bbb back up? If so then the only thing I've left to back up is the photos from the device's memory:

iii) Any idea how to back up these photos given that the device doesn't read SDcards and that BB DS is showing me this apparently unjustified error? Or is there any way to get around this error?


4. If none of the above is going to work, how do I make it work?! I've looked at apps at the BB app world but those I downloaded are only trials and I'm not willing to pay for something I'm not sure will do the job I need.


Apologies for the long message, but I felt like I had to give all this info in order to sort out the problem.


Please give me a hand, I really am going crazy with this!! I'll appreciate it very much and hopefully you'll get many karma points..hehe