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Twenty items about the Storm. And one is Postive...

I bought the Storm Saturday.

I went to return it today. I have had a 7100t about three years ago, and if it was a touch screen I would still be using it today if it had flash.


Problems in order:


1) Serious lag between portrait and landscape -  sometimes greater than 10 seconds.
2) Editing text in a field is impossible unless your fingers are heated stylus points and see-through. If you try to edit in a text field, like in the crappy browser, if you follow directions, the highlight turns into a box. Now you are supposed to swipe left to move it. Instead, the entire field goes left.
3) Click on a page or interaction button on a page to accept or do somthing and it regularly zooms in instead.
4) It can take up to 15 presses on the screen before the snooze button even thinks that it is being pressed.
5) The least intuitive phone I have ever tried, and I though that Windows Mobile was bad. Try finding bluetooth if you are new to the Blackberry's. In setup, there is a bluetooth routine, but instead of guiding you to the way to turn it on, it just tells you that it is disabled. It took me a bit before I finally pressed one of the real buttons on the phone to get the menu that had the "turn bluetooth on" portion.
6) Entering text is absolutely difficult. The accuracy of the screen is about where a BETA test unit would be. I press on one key and get something else, only having to start the whole dang routine over to get what I need. How wasteful is that?
7) Try finding the "-" in portrait and then in landscape modes. In one mode it is on the Numeric and the other it is on Symbol. this kind of inconsistencies tells me that they have not really field tested the unit. This applies to many of the other common symbols.
8) There are no direction keys where you need it most: editing text. They do show up in going up and down the list of emails.
9) No flash.
10) No pdf viewer.
11) Random duplicates after using the wizard to move data from my Mogul.
12) Fatal Error when using the website (RIM's) to update and check for new software. Without Fail. XP SP3 with AV disabled or enabled.
13) Bluetooth stack is poor when connected to a Jawbone that works perfectly fine with three other phones. Lots of static.
14) Even when the power is off, the phone will beep if accidentally pressed. I tried keeping the settings on for the beep so I would have audible confirmation when pressing the whacko screen.
15) Phone is unusable when connected to the computer.
16) Total inconsistencies with software. In one application, the accept key is buried in the menu key versus having to scroll 10 times to get to the bottom where the accept key usually is.
17) POSITIVE: The Blackberry syncing is far superior to Activesync, which never fails to produce error messages that only someone in another parallel dimension could figure out how to solve.
18) It was a great education on what happens when you rush something out the door.
19) Some of this stuff will be natural to regular users of the Blackberrys. But how would you market this to a non-initated market share to compete with an iPhone?
20) Even with the poor backbone of Sprint, my mogul is easier and more intuitive to use.



Windows "Mobile" describes the physical velocity of the handset just prior to rapid deceleration trauma against hard object.