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Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

Anybody any ideas what the best website is to use to unlock my BlackBerry Storm??





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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

The cheapest I've seen is $29.99.  They have a good turnaround time too....was less than 4 hours for my code.


unlock blackberry storm

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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

Verizon will do it for free.  Just tell them your getting ready to go out of the country and you need your phone unlocked.  (If this is the unlock you are talking about)
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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

In my experience most cell companies will unlock for others SIM if you ask and you are a regular customer.  Verizon did it, call Global services (not the usual support number).  ATT did it for me on a couple of other devices.   I think it is helpful if you have a story.   The one I used was that I was making an extended stay in another country and wanted to have the option of buying a local SIM.


Just ask, it's free.


If you got the thing on eBay and its not unlocked, I'd want to know more about the history of it.  Either the person selling does not know that it's easy to get unlocked, they are not the original or legitimate owner or the thing isn't working right.


Getting the storm internet access and SMS working right with an alien SIM is another story, but it's covered elsewhere on this forum.



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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

I unlock my STORM in Unlock all cellular at lowest prices US$19.99. Great services we only wait 2 hour before they send me the code.
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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

I got my Blackberry Storm unlock code from expressunlockcode.com in 5 minutes.Smiley Happy
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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

How to unlock your mobile phone for free -- very easy, even for me a self-confessed technophobe:

All mobile phones you get from att, verizon, etc are configured to work only on their own network. This is just one of many ways the companies protect their existing revenue streams by making it difficult for you to switch carriers (in spite of the reality that mobile service is really an undifferentiable commodity like gasoline or 2% milk). You might remember that you used to be unable to keep your mobile number when switching carriers - another old tactic in the dirty unseemly playbook.

If you're off your mobile contract and shopping for a cheap 3rd party carrier, or planning to be overseas and want to be able to use your phone for local calls w/ the local phone rates <much cheaper than att international service as an example> then unlocking your phone could be for you.

This is a VERY easy process if you are under age 50. Simply take the following steps:

STEP 1. pop open your phone and remove the battery to find the IEMI number printed on the label <on most phones you could also access the IEMI number in 'options'>
STEP 2. email your carrier < here is the email I sent to ATT 2 days ago at http://www.att.com/wireless/contact-us/index.jsp >

Contact and Verification Information
First Name: XX
Last Name: XX
Wireless Number: XXXXXXX
E-mail Address: XXXXXX@GMAIL.COM
Topic: I have another question about my phone
Subtopic: No subtopic 2 available

Q1:Enter the wireless number associated with the account you're
inquiring about

Q2:What is the make and model of the phone you're asking about?
A2:blackberry 8310

Q3Smiley Tonguelease enter your phone question below:
A3:I'm travelling around the world for the next 2 months and want to use
my old blackberry for local calls using local SIM cards (much less
expensive)... what is the MEPD code for my 8310? here is my IEMI code
from my old phone:


STEP 3: wait 24 to 48 hours for a response from your carrier (in my case ATT)


STEP 4: follow the instructions they email to you <here is the response i got from my email request above w/ xxx for privacy>:


Thank you for taking the time to e-mail AT&T regarding your request for
the MEPD code for your BlackBerry 8310 for use overseas. My
name is XXXX XXXXX, and I am happy to help you with your inquiry.

I have received the code you requested from the manufacturer. Please
note the following important information regarding unlocking your phone:

* You have five (5) tries to unlock the phone
* If this process is unsuccessful five times in a row, the phone locks
permanently to the AT&T network
* The steps provided to unlock the phone are specific to the software
version or model (based off of the IMEI number you provided me)

The steps to unlock your phone are as follows:

1. Insert AT&T SIM card.
2. Power phone on and turn off the radio (turn Wireless Off option).
Very Important.
3. Select Settings, then Options and then select Advanced Options.
4. Scroll down and select SIM Card.
5. Hold down the ALT key and type "MEPD" (this does not display on the
6. Hold down the ALT key and type "MEP2" (this does not display on the
7. Enter the Unlock Code: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
8. Press Enter.
9. Reboot Device. Device is now unlocked.

Mr. XXXX, we are here to assist you. I encourage you to visit us at
www.att.com/wireless often to view your monthly account statements, make
payments and shop for new products and services. Again, my name is XXX
XXXX, and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you since, at
least, 06/09/2009. Should you have additional concerns or questions
about this issue, please reply to this email. If you need to contact us
again regarding a new issue, please send us another email via the
contact link through your online account.


Online Customer Care Professional


STEP 5: head to an alternate carrier's shop and replace your existing SIM card with theirs. be sure to test it before purchasing though. you're now set, and paying a fraction of what the cost of a new handset or international roaming would have cost you~~
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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

bdinchicago, thanks for that in depth set of instructions.  That's one of the best I've see thus far!


Now then, if only the Canadian carriers Telus and Bell would do the same as the American carriers Smiley Tongue.  But thanks so much for this info!

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Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

I ordered an unlock code for my storm 9500 from cellcorner.com and now I'm waiting for it... but before that, I can't access the place where I can write the code. after typing "MEPD" a window opens with several lines like ID, Personalization, SIM, Network, etc... here I'm typing "MEP2" but nothing happens... I guess a box for typing the code should appear but it doesn't... any ideas please??


also, did somebody try to unlock with cellcorner?? thanks

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My Device: storm 9500 on vivacell

Re: Unlocking BlackBerry Storm

no? Smiley Happy