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Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

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I moved to the Blackberry from the Sidekick, as the Sidekick was a closed platform. Applications to do SSH and IRC (the only thing I really care about) were available on the Blackberry, and for the most part I've been happy.


My old Blackberry basically wore out and I picked up what was labelled as a new unlocked 8700 from feeBay. It turns out it's locked. And it's depressing, a headache.


There are a million services offering the ability to generate the MEP code from the IMEI serial number. How are they doing this? Is it a lookup table, or is it mathematical?


My "new" unit is a Cingular branded phone. I downloaded the TMobile desktop program, and the OS update for the TMobile platform. I was hoping to move the OS to TMobile, and then hoping it would be locked to T-Mobile SIMs. At first the desktop manager refused to upgrade the phone, as it's the wrong carrier. I got around this and got it to update the OS with the file from TMobile onto the Cingular sold device. The graphics did not seem change to Tmobile ones, after I got it to actually boot again (it was no smooth.) At first it didn't seem to want to execute the code, hanging at a twirling hourglass. I think restoring the previous settings seemed to load some app security crap that made it go. In the end the OS version matches but it doesn't look like a t-mobile phone and still rejects the t-mobile SIM.


Does anyone know how the security features are handled? Is the MEP/SIM unlock stuff set in eeprom or flash? Is it definitely not done in software?


How do these other guys generate unlock codes? Did they reverse the firmware and OS? I haven't looked to see how the OS binaries are packed, and if IDA Pro supports whatever processor is in the BBerry.


Everyone I know is switching to iphones, and I thought about bringing an iphone over to tmobile but to be honest I don't really want another closed platform, DRM encumbered device. I really hope mobile Ubuntu will make it onto the HTC products (removing Windows) or perhaps something will happen with OpenMoko, or Android.


But in the meantime, I'd love to have a free website where all blackberry users can go to unlock their own phones so they can use them where they want. I would find it funny to destroy the underground mobile unlocking business.


I don't buy the argument the carrier needs to make back the money as phones are sold at a loss. All phones are sold on  a contract based system, and if some poor sap can't afford their account the carrier sells the debt to scum who will harass the customer into eternitiy, which means the carrier always gets paid for the device if the customer defaults or not. Mass quanity electronics are cheap to make, given you can buy a full laptop computer with Windows Vista at Walmart for the same price as a blackberry 8300 without contract.




Message Edited by telmnstr on 08-02-2008 01:32 AM
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Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

Unlock codes are generated based on your imei.  Depending on the carrier it's locked to you can unlock it from $16.99 to $49.99.


if you need to unlock it you can try here:  http://www.gsmunlocklabs.com/blackberry-imei-unlock-code-p-242.html



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My Device: Blackberry Storm 9530
My Carrier: Verizon

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

I totally agree with you on each and every point.  Cellular companies are not losing a dime; they are multi-billion dollar entities trying to get their next billion.  Those unlock codes should be available to the owners of the darn phones --period. I have a BB Storm that I want to sell because I bought a Motorola and a HTC Droid.  That is a considerable amount of dollars spent in addition to my usual two-year contract at nearly $200 monthly!  If consumers had a choice of their carriers, it would create a more competitive market and reduce the "captured for two" tactics.  I would like to sell MY BB -- the one I bought and paid for -- to someone else.  I am limited to only Verizon customers because I cant unlock it.  When I called VZW Global, they give me some **bleep** about I have my phone active to get the code.  My phones have been active for the past 8 years with VZW - I don't know how these unlock codes are generated, but I'd love to bring it out of the underground also.  It would be my version of an uprising against greedy corporations!

New Contributor
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My Device: Bold 9700
My Carrier: Vodaphone UK

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, Find unlock code for a Blackberry, 3rd parties

The unlock code is randomly programmed into a blackberry at the request of the mobile service operator, that sells you the phone. It prevents the use of a blackberry on a network different  to the one to which the cell phone was originally sold on. I think it is referred to as a subsidy sim lock? 


I know locking the mobile helps the carrier recoup part of the subsidy of having sold the phone below cost with a contract. But I also think it is good for RIM, the manufacturer, because it forces people who are not able get the mep code to unlock or unblock their phone to buy another. In other worlds Blackberry gets to sell more phones. It is a win win for both the network service provider and Blackberry (RIM). 


I was able to unlock my blackberry 9700 bold locked on Telus, Canada. But not before undergoing a lot of headaches. I initially used a clueless unlocker. It turns out you need an 8-16 digit unlock code and instructions on how to enter it into your blackberry. In my case, because my smartphone was locked to Telus, I needed two unlock codes. Yes two different codes! I finally used a service called www.unlockology.com. Unlockology provided the correct codes and they also provided very easy "how to enter the unlock code" instructions on their site. 


From what I understood, there is more than one unlock code for every phone, but they don't all necessarily  work. Be careful because the Blackberry only gives you 10 attempts to enter the correct unlock code. Unlockology made me look up the MEP Number on my blackberry. They said that giving them this information reduced the possibility of error. 


When I arrived in the UK, my Canadian blackberry would not accept a SIM card from Vodaphone UK. After entering the unlock code, the Vodafone SIM card began working perfectly. So unlocking really works, and I did not have to but another handset. 


Just my 2 cents... hope it helps.

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My Device: Bold
My Carrier: vodafone

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

I unlocked my mobile here http://www.theunlockspot.com/unlock-your-phone/rs10wp2/   It provides unlock code and instructions...with the help of this i unloced easily...

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Registered: ‎03-18-2010
My Device: 8900
My Carrier: TM

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, Find unlock code for a Blackberry, 3rd parties

How were you able to look up your MEP code?


A company is going to get me an unlock code but need my IMEI AND MEP code?

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Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, Find unlock code for a Blackberry, 3rd parties

The IMEI is on your device at Opitons > Status or on the white sticker under the battery.


The MEP code is the unlock code your carrier or unlocking vendor will give you.


Read this: 


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My Device: Blackberry 8310
My Carrier: AT&T

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

[ Edited ]

you can get unlock code for blackberry 9000 by third party after unlock blackberry 9000 you can use any GSM network Sim card around the world
This website will help you a lot for unlocking blackberry

[removed unauthorized link]

New Contributor
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My Device: Storm
My Carrier: T-mobile

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

[ Edited ]

it's the instructions how to enter unlock code :


1. Insert any sim card
2. Turn off all of the wireless connections
3. Go to Options
4. Select Advanced Options
5. Select SIM Card
6. Hit menu select show keyboard (where needed)
7. Type MEPPD or MEPD (you will not be able to see the typed info)
8. Enter MEP2 or MEPP2
9. Now it will say enter network mep code
10. Enter Unlock Code


To get unlock code enter [removed unauthorized link]

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My Device: curve 8520
My Carrier: Lime

Re: Unlocking, MEP codes, 3rd parties

Hello My Name Is Alex Ebanks Am From Grand Cayman Cayman  Islands My Blackberry Curve 8520 Is Asking Me For The Mep Code If You HAve It Could You Please Be So Kind And Send It To Me!!! My Blackberry Awaits Me Big Time Thanks