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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

I've upgraded to Desktop Software v6 with no problems at all.  Connected my husband's Storm 9520 and configured the sync details.  That appeared to go ok, until it actually attempted to synchronise.  Then I got this error dialogue:


X Error encountered. Error code - 0x80043aaa. Check Documentation


I disconnected the Storm, rebooted both the Storm and the computer, then started Desktop Software again and repeated the process with exactly the same result.  So then I selected 'reset settings' for organiser sync which appeared to clear the settings ok.  Then I tried to 'configure settings' again, with a different error result:


X Error encountered. Error code - 0x80043ade. Check Documentation


So now I can't synchronise the Storm at all. 


Any ideas?

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

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Hi nakia1965 and welcome to the forums!


I would try the following to isolate the error.

Note that the HEX values change but the error format indicates record error.

On the Blackberry open the browser>options>cache operations>clear all.

On the PC delete the intellisync directory on the PC

Perform a battery pull on your device.


Reconfigure your sync options for only application calendar, contacts, notes.

Once the device is completely rebooted, attach and try the sync. If  it works with the first

selected app. Reset the sync again for the second application only. Repeat until the sync

works with all or an application fails.

If an application fails start advanced logging to trace the error.

Let us know how it goes!








How to determine what organizer database is causing the synchronization to fail


 KB16153  Error 0x8004fd28" displays during calendar synchronization using BlackBerry Desktop Manager


Battery Pull

No data will be lost when doing the following: pull the battery while the device is ON.
Replace after a minute, Let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is fixed.

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

I am having problems syncing with my Pearl and BlackBerry Desktop and it has never properly worked through several versions of BBD since I was given the BlackBerry for work. So far I have not had a good experience with it.


Basically I have Outlook 2003 and Notes 8.5.1 both talking to a Domino backend. I am trying to set up organiser synchronisation for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and MemoPad for items containing a category of 'Work' (don't want all my personal contacts and appointments on my work phone).


I start by configuring the settings for organiser synchronisation, which pops up Intellisynch (the same schoolboy interface as it has been for several versions), mark a checkbox alongside all the items in the list and configure to sync with Outlook 2-way synch. For Calendar this works (I can click OK) , for the others it gives an error 'The operation terminated unexpectedly'.


I need to go into Advanced configuration and set the filter to Category contains 'Work' which on the Calendar works most of the time but fails sometimes, and always fails for the other items with the error:

'An error has occurred when the application was validating the current configuration. Please verify application specific settings are correct'


I have tried resetting the synch settings, following the clean uninstall and reinstalling, but still it gives the error.


I expected such a basic facility to work and if I didn't have to use the BlackBerry I can say that I wouldn't, I just want to make it usable.


Any help would be gratefully received.

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

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So I fired up desktop manager 6, and upon configuring sync, it says it detects a version of office 2010 64-bit. I have office 2007. the only office thing from 2010 i'm running is sharepoint designer. I think whoever wrote the logic behind checking office libraries, etc, didn't do a very logical job...


What should I do, besides reinstall desktop software version 5?

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

I do not think this problem occurs because of uninstalling BDM5. The new installation of BDM6 did not uninstall BDM5 on my Win 7, Outlook, ThinkPad X61. Both versions were there and neither worked. Normal uninstallation of BDB6 and BDM5, followed be reinstalling BDM5 also did not work.

I finally got sync to work again by following the first step in How to Perforn a Clean Uninstall of the BlackBerry Desktop Software (KB02206 ). I was loath to mess with the registry, so I did not do Task 2 or the subsequent tasks, especially since the first direction in Task 2 (how to backup the registry) did not work. (These Knowledge Base items seem not to know about Win 7, even though some have been updated well after the introduction of Win 7.)

I did the clean uninstall of both BDM6 and BDM5 (in that order), each time checking the box that says Remove all user settings for BlackBerry Desktop Software.

I then installed BDM5 (not 6) and, after I reconfigured all of the items I want to sync, it now works the way it did last Thursday (and at least four hours of wasted time ago). I do not intend to "upgrade" to BDM6 anytime soon.

It is not clear to me whether Bifocals works for RIM or not. However, there is a distinct impression from reading this and one of the other threads on this problem, that RIM employees are conspicuous by their absence and we are on our own trying to find solutions to this problem that they foisted on us.

Clicking on that update button was a lot like opening an email attachment with a virus in it.

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

I have followed what has been posted here and tried all the suggestions on the support site with all coming up with the same problem. I am going to try getting rid (removing this totally untested version 6. Up until I updated I never had a problem with 5.01. Iphone is looking better all the time!!!!

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

I had this problem and found this thread, I just upgraded to DM 6 with a Tour 9630 and run Windows 7 on a Dell box. 


As an initial stab I just ran the Uninstall command on DM 6 but when it prompted me to repair the installation and I did.  It lead me through a reinstall of DM 6 and it now works perfectly. 


I post this both to let people know and to celebrate the first ever occurance of the first fix working on a problem this annoying. 

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

Win 7, outlook 2010, tour - I have tired all the clean install procedures right down to searches of the registry MULTIPLE times, followed by multiple reinstall of DM 6 - still cannot get past "intellysinc operation terminated unexpectedly error" seen on attempting to configure dm6.

very very frustrating; haven't been able to sync since using outlook 2010 in April.

Horrible that rim would treat its' core businessmen constituency this way ! What other platform would one recommend ? droid works with outlook 2010 ?

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

Delete any previous versions of Blackberry Desktop Software and you troubles will disappear!

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Re: Updated to DM 6, cannot configure sync

F#$%^&&^_____.  All righty then I hope that I have it out of my system!!! 


I updated my Desktop manager to 6.0 and it has been pure hell since that time.  I use a BB Storm 9530.


I have spent hours trying to figure out how to undue what Blackberry did to me and my phone with this update.  I can not sync my phone with the new desktop.  I always get an "Intellisync Error Unknown" message.  The new desktop will not allow me to configure the settings either.  I have even completed a system restore trying to undue the problem to only have the same problem now with Desktop Manager 5.0.  I have installed and uninstalled.  Nothing works.  Now I can't sync my phone at all!!  From what I have read, I'm not the only one having this problem.




If anyone has a solution please let me know. 


Many thanks for anyone's assistance in overcoming this problem.