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Upgraded App World on BlackBerry 9800 Not Launching

I upgraded the App World on my BlackBerry 9800, rebooted as instructed now App World will not launch at all.

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Re: Upgraded App World on BlackBerry 9800 Not Launching

These things happen sometimes.  Smiley Sad


Start by getting rid of App World so we can reload it.  To delete it, go to your Applications list which can be found by following Options>Device>Application Management.  Highlight App World with your cursor, press the menu key and select Delete.  Once it's deleted, if you're not prompted to remove your battery, do so on your own while your phone is still powered on.

Now to reinstall it.  From your phone's browser, type in www.blackberry.com/appworld and download it again.



This should correct the problem.  Post back if it doesn't and we'll look at another option.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Upgraded App World on BlackBerry 9800 Not Launching

I followed your instructions but the problems repeats. The app world icon if clicked does not launch the application world. The previous versions were all o.k. But is not launching even after deleting it and re-installing it.
How can I get the previous version back? I am using Version 6 bundle 3049 on my Torch.
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Re: Upgraded App World on BlackBerry 9800 Not Launching

Im having the same problem too.I dont know how to fix.please help me
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My Device: Z30, Torch 9800, Playbook
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Re: Upgraded App World on BlackBerry 9800 Not Launching

Initial Conditions: your PC is able to run: Blackberry Desktop Software 7.1, BlackBerry App World Browser Plugin, Blackberry Device Manager 7.0, and BlackBerry Device Software Updater (you can check this via your control panel and selecting ‘Add or Remove Programs whether this software is present’).


While this is my preferred way of fixing my AW version ‘not launching issue’ one has to be aware that every time a reboot happens after upgrading other apps later this issue could reappear as it did for me now 3 times. So give yourself 40 minutes time and AW is back to normal…somewhat…. till RIM knows how to fix this App World issue permanently..


Warning: All your pictures, videos and other important files which are stored on your 4 GB internal memory will disappear. (Since we are going to wipe out the internal memory with this ’Update’ procedure it is your job to copy all those files first over to the external SD card or to your PC using your DTM or via Windows Explorer, etc.). Note, that the next 10 steps refer to a Windows XP PC; adapt these steps to suite your own hardware/software status).


1) shut down all apps on your phone till only 6 apps are remaining on your ‘Switch Application’ screen


2) plug in your BB into a USB port on your PC and retire the 2 appearing pop up USB windows


3) start DTM 7 and wait for the ‘sync’ label


4) do a full backup of your BB phone


5) do a full backup of your apps  (optional: see below ‘how to’ but this is not critical because the next steps will uninstall/reinstall your apps automatically unless you have disruptions).


6) select ‘Update’  under ‘Device’, i.e. think  of it this way, updating the ‘corrupt  OS device version ’ to the ‘clean current OS device version’ not necessarily a newer version. The software will search for updates and most likely you get a message back: ‘There are no BlackBerry Device Software updates available’. OK, then uncheck the ‘email box’ and select ‘View other versions’.


7) ‘Available Versions box’ comes up check and highlight the top line ‘…(currently installed)’ and click ‘Install’.


8) ‘Update Options box’ appears; uncheck ‘Email me when…’ and the ‘Install update’

button becomes selectable. Click it and the ‘Updating BlackBerry Device Software box’ appears and will be with you for a while. In my case, it takes about 40 minutes because of 4 restarts. You will see one of the messages saying: ‘Loading application modules’ and this is why I am using this method. Using the phone ‘Wipe’ leaves you without data and apps. This ‘Update’ method restores both types but you still have to reinitialize all your app settings later but at least they are present and might only need updating.


9) When you see the message ‘Your software update is complete’, disconnect your phone from the PC, turn on your radio and WiFi and follow the prompts. No need to touch your phone and answer prompts till this message appears.


10) When you select the AW icon you have to reboot one more time and then again after entering your ID but then this ‘restarting’ should be OK for a while. Don’t skip the first request to ‘Restart now’. Do it ‘now’ not ‘later’ or your ID process will be messed up and you need a 5th or 6th restart.


While this 10 step method cures the AW issue, remember it could come back. So keep this list handy. If it solved your AW issue let us know or click the ’Like button’.


By the way, here is a quick way of also backing up your app.cod files.

This is done via selecting ‘Device’ then ‘Switch Devices’ and then highlighting your ‘phone picture’ and click on it, then uncheck ‘Device data’ and then select ’Next’. You will see messages saying: ‘Retrieving module abc.cod’ (your app-file.cod downloads).


When this activity has stopped go to the temp directory of the current user on your PC, e.g. for XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp and copy the folder named ‘123bb456’, i.e. named after your 8 digit phone PIN number and copy it to your BlackBerry backup folder, i.e. where the backup file of step 4 was copied to so you can find your apps ‘unaltered’ if needed later. Then go back to the DTM ‘Device Switch box’ and click ‘Cancel'. This way your apps can be reinstalled by another method if step 7 to 9 got disrupted.

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Re: Upgraded App World on BlackBerry 9800 Not Launching

BB4matt, thanks a lot. I was going crazy since I upgraded to the latest App World about 10 days ago, unable to figure out what's wrong with my phone. Luckily a google search landed me right to one of your posts, and for now, my phone seems to be working fine.