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Verizon Blames Blackberry for GPS problems

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Dear Blackberry,


Verizon is blaming this on you.


To answer your question, we do not provide support for the Blackberry Map application. If the application does not work, and we are unable to resolve the issue, the issue is referred to Blackberry. Please note that while you can access maps with Blackberry Maps, the navigational feature of the application will not work due to the GPS limitation of the device that has already been explained to you.


They state it doesn't meet their security policies. Doesn't this sound like an FTC issue?  Verizon is monopolizing VZNavigator, similiar to Microsoft's use of Internet Explorer in the past.

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Re: Verizon Blames Blackberry for GPS problems

I am turning in my Blackberry 8830 World Edition for a LG. 


The forced email was a nice feature, but not one I rely upon.  However, active GPS was the reason I purchased your phone.  I was wanting Topography Software from Trimble, and Navigation Software by Garmin. 


Now I understand why ATT and Sprint got the IPhone.  Verizon doesn't care about customer requirements, and because of that I am afraid Blackberry just lost a sale.


If anything changes between your relationship with Verizon, and your ability to come to terms with them on releasing GPS, then let me know.  I would love to go back to Blackberry.


It may mean that your company needs to make a hard decision. 


Do we sell our Well Known Brand Name to Verizon, who blames Blackberry for Verizon's GPS problems.  Or do we do what Apple did, and say, you either utilize the full functionallity of our phone, or you (Verizon) will lose a MAJOR brand name from your portfolio. 


Since your phone is more geared towards business users, Verizon stands to lose many customer's, and this could be a huge loss for them.


You have the upper hand or "Royal Flush Ace High", Please use your might to sell your phones, with all of its capabilities.


Customer's love your phones, only if they have full functionallity.


With Best Regards

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Re: Verizon Blames Blackberry for GPS problems

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I feel like I am wasting my time here because you appear to have made up your mind, but since you chose to post twice and nobody else replied here goes.


Most people are not aware that GPS can be a 2 way street. If it can tell you where you are, other people unknown to you can also track you. 


According to VZW tech support, the issue with RIM's GPS is that the application would possibly allow someone to track you without your knowledge and there is no way to change that. RIM's Blackberry Map application is not capable of using anything other than the native GPS on the device. This is why VZW had that functionality locked out. 


The Verizon Wireless VZNavigator prevents that issue from happening unless you specifically allow it. There is a setting in VZNavigator that you can set on or off to allow you to be tracked. This of course is not applicable to 911 calls.


It is my understanding that Verizon Wireless is very protective of their customers privacy, and has even stood up to the Fed's to prevent their customers information from being made accessible to things such as cell phone directories etcetera.


I personally think it is commendable that a provider has my security in mind. If I needed navigation on my phone, I would not hesitate to pay VZW for the service. Some of their bundled packagages include unlimited VZNavigator.


Besides even if enabled, Blackberry maps does not provide turn by turn navigation and other features that the Verizon app does. BB Maps doesn't even have a voice giving you information. It is basically a mapping program similar to Google maps and nothing more.

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Re: Verizon Blames Blackberry for GPS problems

I keep learning more and more each day.

I am new to Blackberry's and having a rough go at it 

I still have 2 and a half weeks to see if I want to keep it.

But Alltel never told me I had to pay to use the GSP and I hate the fact that the email program sucks

I keep getting told I have to wait for ver.4.5 then I go back and is people have been waiting for over 5 months for it.


Alltel BB World Edition 8830

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Re: Verizon Blames Blackberry for GPS problems

sacgary, how can I diplomatically put this: your defense of Verizon is a crock.


ptiptondodge... you have discovered a major (but, imho, under-publicized) ciriticism of Verizon in their marketing and deployment of their versions of the Blackberry. Unfortunately, the critical mass needed for market effects (i.e. people not buying through Verizon) to turn the tide will probably never be realized.


All of Verizon's claims are specious, in light of the fact that a) their clams have been vague, b) their claims have changed over time, and c) other carriers make the Blackberry's native GPS available without strings or cost.


But then, perhaps my rebuttal of Verizon's claims is specious as well, since Verizon is not very public about vendor functionality they disable on the devices they sell.


Also, sacgary, while your comments relative to the quality of vzNavigator vs. Blackberry Maps (or Google, or Microsoft Live Search) may or may not be accurate... they are, in any case, irrelevant. ptiptondodge is complaining about the fact that the GPS on his device doesn't work, thanks to Verizon blocking it... and he's right!


As for Verizon protecting me... thanks... but I didn't ask them to, and don't want them to, and don't believe that this is the issue, not even close (hint: follow the money).


Also, by the way, RIM's Blackberry Map application is capable of using non-native GPS signal (i.e. from a GPS puck).


Finally, ptiptondodge, if you want the Blackberry, and the Verizon/GPS issue is the only deal-breaker for you, you may want to just buy a GPS puck (they are plentiful and cheap) and forego vzNavigator. You can use any BlueTooth GPS device with your Blackberry with any generic map program, and never pay Verizon $10/month. As for your complaint relative to Verizon screwing you on the on-board GPS signal... just swallow it and go forward.