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What are advantages / rewards to use BB (Bold 9790) over any Android - other than the keyboard ?

Considering that Motorolla has the (Android) Defy Pro (on Rogers) which has a competitive keyboard , and ignoring that Rogers is quite expensive versus Wind Mobile (Defy Pro can't run on Wind b/c of frequency) --- Why would a personor business person who is not much into games, socializing, entertainment, and who would prefer to have a reliable phone (outages?) want to do BB versus Android ?


I'm looking for reasons to feel better for buying a BB 9790 for the first time.

I'm prepared for a roller coaster,

Wind Mobile carrier first time and

BB first time,

hoping to rough it out and find the advantages of BB. 

I have family in Europe and S.Africa and will unlock my phone after purchase so I can use it overseas b/c WIND doesn't run there (GSM 850/1900).

I've read the how's and why's of pulling the battery.


And further, i'm self-employed,

So ---------- YOUR HELP AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT --------- why would i go BB versus Android ?





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Re: What are advantages / rewards to use BB (Bold 9790) over any Android - other than the keyboard ?

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Why choose BlackBerry?  My goodness, have you got a half hour to spare while I list a few reasons?


First of all, BlackBerry has superior push technology.  RIM practically invented getting emails to your phone securely and quickly.  You can access up to 10 different email addresses on your BlackBerry device. 

BlackBerry data is also secure so not just anybody can intercept it.

BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, is BY FAR the best communications tool available.  You can send BBM messages up to 2500 characters in length (as opposed to SMS's 160 character limit) to anyone worldwide who uses BBM free of charge.

BlackBerry devices typically use about two-thirds LESS data than competitors' phones due to RIM's compression technology.  This can make a BIG difference at the end of the month when it's time to pay for usage above your monthly data limit.

BlackBerry devices are only getting better.  BB10 is just around the corner and I've seen some of the things it can do.  Believe me, you'll want to be grabbing one of those babies once they hit the market.


Now obviously, I'm biased because I've been using BlackBerry phones for years with minimal problems.  You briefly mentioned the outages that RIM has encountered.  Keep in mind that data from BlackBerry phones travels through RIM's servers where it is compressed and encrypted.  BBM messages alone number 2.2 million PER MINUTE worldwide.  That's just BBM data, not any internet data (which would skyrocket that amount).  You're going to hit the odd speedbump when you're dealing with that kind of volume....it's inevitable.  Keep in mind, also, that other major smartphone brands do not operate such servers, their data just goes through the carriers' servers, such as Wind, Rogers, etc.



I hope that sheds some light on the situation.  Feel free to post back with additional questions if I missed anything.  Smiley Happy

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Re: What are advantages / rewards to use BB (Bold 9790) over any Android - other than the keyboard ?

When considering BlackBerry, consider what you want to use the phone for. If you want a phone primarily to communicate and get things done, BlackBerry is an excellent option. If your main focus is playing games or downloading lots of apps, then a different device might be in order.

I personally use my BlackBerry because it does what I need it to do. From email and BBM, to texting, phone calls, and web browsing when I need information, and Twitter and Facebook to keep up with my social media needs, it does everything I need/want. I also use the BlackBerry News app to keep up on news, and Slacker Radio to stream music when I need a break. And I like that when I travel, my data roaming fees aren't ridiculous.

Another thing to consider is that BlackBerry keyboards are well known for being the best. And when you're hammering out lots of messages, that's a definite bonus.

I've also dropped my BlackBerry smartphones multiple times and with the exception of a few scratches, they've kept on working. I know you're a bit concerned about the reliability of the data network, but despite some recent negativity on this, I've still found my BlackBerry services to be highly reliable and I've been unaffected by the outages (and with the exception of the one big outage last year, I haven't lost my data connection at all). And a good thing is that even when a data outage has occured, no messages were actually lost - they were just delayed. As a FYI though, both Android and Apple devices have had data issues in the past as well... they just don't tend to get played up in the media as much.

Based on your needs, I think the BlackBerry 9790 would be a good device for you on Wind. But if you have any other specific questions, please feel free to ask.

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