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What's with Blackberry's indifference to problems??

I have been using a blackberry bold 9900 from over 10 months now.


There hasn't been a singe day where I can say that I have not faced problems with this device.


The usual problems are :
1. The phone restarts all by itself! it can be when it's idle, while you are on a call OR when you are trying to receive a call.

2. There will be a "PING" sound and the LED would start blinking - but there is absolutely no new notification. Checked everywhere - all of them are read. Problem doesn't correct itself till the time you hard restart the phone atleast a couple of times

3. Restarting the phone takes more than half an hour at times (though feels like eternity)
4. Of it's own the phone makes duplicate contacts multiple times. This resulted in the phone not responding for more than 10 minutes at the least. somehow managed to delete some 100 odd duplicate entries - that's when it started behaving a bit normal

5. each time you take out the phone from the holster - the camera is always found ON and it says can not find viewfinder or something like that.

6. the BIGGEST problem with the phone is that while you are on call - it puts that call on hold and either calls a random number OR calls the same number AGAIN!! I mean come on blackberry!! a stupid chinese phone has mastered the proximity sensors!!!! why can't you do something about that?!?!?!

7. god forbid if you ever take a 3G plan and activate it on your blackberry bold 9900 !!! the battery barely lasts one and half hour at the most!! that too when you are not using the phone for browsing or anything but you are making calls!! my office is 45 minutes away from my residence - and while driving one can imagine how many calls a person can make. So this stupid phone lasts maybe half an hour more after reaching the office - and this is purely when i am on phone calls.

8. another problem is blackberry's total ignorance towards people who use a mac/apple computer. there is absolutely no way their desktop software helps you with anything!! you can't download the phone logs - to give it to the person sitting high up at blackberry and who is genuinely trying to help you. you can not upgrade your blackberry's software via it. 

i mean what's the point of not releasing similar softwares for both Windows and MacOS???
9. With a very careful usage of 10 months - the phone's keypad's chrome has already started coming off

10. the phone if i am not mistaken is a 5MP camera phone - but unfortunately most of the images clicked by it are very blurry to say the least!!

can someone at blackberry please address any of the problems ??

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Re: What's with Blackberry's indifference to problems??

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samyak wrote:


3. Restarting the phone takes more than half an hour at times (though feels like eternity)

OS 7 devices can certainly take a while to restart, no doubt. I have NEVER encountered one that takes a half hour to reboot, and if yours actually does, you have some severe problems.


So, since I know that very likely isn't true, it makes it difficult for me to assess the veracity of the other issues you've posted.

samyak wrote:

can someone at blackberry please address any of the problems ??

This is a user-to-user community support forum. We are not RIM employees, but volunteers who enjoy assisting other users. RIM personnel rarely comment on queries posted here. You would have noticed this in the message upon registration.


If you need help direct from BlackBerry, you have these options:

1) call your carrier help hotline
2) explain them your problem
3) let them work with it, and acknowledge they cannot solve your issue
4) demand to have your issue escalated, at no charge for you, to the Blackberry Level2 support
5) a BlackBerry employee will contact you and work your issue out

Or, use the pay per incident support channel offered by BlackBerry.


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My Device: Bold 9900
My Carrier: Idea

Re: What's with Blackberry's indifference to problems??

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ohh trust me my friend - it hangs up even while restarting - and that i realise after maybe half an hour or so - so do what i usually do in such cases - alt+shift+del. and like i said it happens "at times" not always

really appreciate your efforts for helping people who are stuck with such an expensive but problem rich phones

the service providers that they have here in India are bunch of "knuckleheads" who do not understand any problems faced by the customer. all they can do is completely wipe off the phone, re-install the software & send it to bangalore to get a letter saying that the team there has re-installed the software. if the problem persists they just hand over a refurbished phone to you - without even checking it whether that phone works fine or not. (i know since i had my 9 blackberry curve replaced by them - and none of them worked properly - multiple issues of repititive/non-repetitive nature with all)
the last time a blackberry employee actually got in touch could only help me retrieve the logs from my phone using someone else's computer (since i use a mac) - but those issues were not resolved either since they couldn't "diagnose" the problem.
this is when there were no fancy apps installed on the phone. just the normal ones like blackberry protect, blackberry travel, facebook, twitter and memboo. 
tried contacting the supposedly responsible customer care head here - but he turned out to be totally irresponsible and indifferent to the problems a customer is facing since the first day he bought the phone.

but anyway - let's chuck that

thanks a lot for helping out people who are stuck with small niggling issues with their phones. really appriciate that.



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