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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

It is now working. I deleted the Yahoo calendar entries again and them recreated only future entries. I set the sync up to also just sync future entries. It is syncing all data fine now.
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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

"As expected, he walked me through a hard reset (losing all the data on my phone) and, voila, it's up and syncing again."


All he really had to do was clear the calendar database using Desktop Manager and that would have sufficed.

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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

I stumbled across this post while trying to find a solution myself, and just thought i'd share what I had to do to get the sync to work...


I eventually just went into the Options->Advanced Options->Service Books and deleted all the calendar books (email[ICAL]) so I was left with just a "Default" calendar.  All my data was still saved, and with only one calendar the sync worked first try.  I don't know if it gets confused by multiple calendars or just didn't know which one to use.  I only really needed one calendar so this was fine with me.

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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

I dont know how important it is for some folks to use Yahoo, but I recently signed up with Google (Gmail) and they have a program called Google Sync.  It works flawlessly with my Blackberry Curve..  It syncs EVERYTHING!  Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Etc....  I stopped using Yahoo and now use Google (Gmail).  If it isnt a big deal to for you to switch your email address, I highly recommend doing it.  I hope this helps everyone.
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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

same problem here, I even wrote to Yahoo. Their answer was we dont support Intellisync. The problem started when the new calendar was launched. I was online trying out Zimbra. It's in beta and my contacts loaded perfectly and after a hour the calendar, contacts, tasks and notes stopped loading. Calendar and notes work fine again. Contacts and calendar/tasks are still off.  Editing and saving contacts also encounter problems when saving. Yahoo has trouble and wont come forward if you ask me. Why not launch a page where to find when systems are down instead of leaving us hanging... Man Mad

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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

You are a genius!  That was exactly my issue!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

I am getting the same disconnect from Yahoo server. For me it basically started when my calendar got upgraded to their new BETA Calendar. Unfortunately I can't revert back to the old Calendar where the syncing worked. What version are you using?

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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

Its a Yahoo! - created issue.


A Calendar attached to an older Yahoo account (and not updated) still syncs fine with my Curve (OS5 and DM 6), but a new account with the 'new' Calendar results in a failed sync.

It seems that in their efforts to successfully sync with Apple products (Touch/iPhone/iPad) they've buggered up the RIM sync.


An email to Yahoo! Mobile resulted in this rather unsatisfactor reply -


I'm sorry to say that this feature is not currently supported
although we hope to have this functionality available to you in the

Yahoo! and RIM BlackBerry are currently working on a resolution to sync
your Calendar to your BlackBerry, and although we don't have an ETA on 
the resolution, we'll be sure to let you know when the option becomes
available. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

In the meantime, I suggest accessing Yahoo! Calendar on your mobile
device via the Yahoo! WAP site by following the steps below.

1. Go to "new.m.yahoo.com" and find the heading "All Sites".
2. Click "Calendar". A page with settings open.
3. Select the tab you wish to add events.
4. Click "Add an Event".
5. Enter the information to add event and click "Save".
6. A message about the addition is displayed near the top of the page.




So basically, 'suck it up and deal with it'. Can't be helpful to Yahoo! as it will only encourage users to look for alternatives, or to RIM (ditto). While Yahoo! Calendar / Tasks / Memo sync might not be a big deal for Corportae users, for smaller companies, SOHO or family users, the loss of  an online, shareable, syncable service could prove problematic.'

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Re: Yahoo calendar won't sync

It seemed so obsurd for BB to continue to show the Yahoo sync option in sucessive released of the sync manager, that I decided to call BB support. After 2.5 hours on the phone, I was finally told that the Yahoo server no longer supports this feature. --- It's Yahoo's fault.


I've waited many months for a resolution to this problem. Yesterday, I got so frustrated that I joined the Graphite Pencil Society and bought a DayTimer to keep my calendar in;

- no login

- reduced eye strain

- intuitive user interface

- low power

- no daily recharges required

- wide viewing angle

- multi-language support

- no reoccuring charges

- inherant secure from computer viruses and online hacker

- not affected by system crashes, power outages, low battery, or network failure, or traffic load

- exceptionally druable (no broken screens)

- OS independant

- entered records create unique user memory keys

- and many more practical features for the small business and corporate user alike.


Next, I'll have to explore the use of carbon paper for creating schedule annoucements and backup copies.