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a few question about applications for the storm

just picked up a storm the other day. dig it alot. very useful phone. but there are a few things that i'm wondering and if anyone here knows the answers all the better.


first, why are the apps so expensive for this device. i own an ipod touch also. we dont get iphones in montana. but their apps are really cheap for the most part. also they have more to choose from. it seems like the graphics are better. also why arent there any music making apps outside of schizotone and a piano app(at least that i could find). but really my question is why so expensive?


second, where are the photo editing apps like juxtaposer? or a good drawing app like iDoodle. grant it i'm comparing to apple apps but still. you'd think blackberry would be pushing this stuff like crazy. i've heard that they sell more than the iphone so i'd would think they would be up there in apps.


third, what are some good sites to check outside of the blackberry app world for apps for the storm. especially music and photo apps. i'm aware of crackberry and epicapplications. good sites. but are there more.



i know it might sound like i'm bitching but i'm just curious. i bought one and like it alot so i want to utilize it to its fullest i just dont want to spend a ton of cash. why should we.


thanks in advance and later too.

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Re: a few question about applications for the storm


Apple is really oriented towards consumers, so their aim was to provide many stupid applications. To do so, they allowed applications in Apple AppStore to be either free, or with a premium as low as 0.99 USD.

RIM decided to start looking at the consumer market, and create an AppWorld, with either free applications, or applications for a much higher lowest premium 3 times higher (starting at 2.99USD).

as a consequence, and since all of the Hype around the Apple iPhone, developers were willing to develop applications for the iPhone. Many are really not interesting, but the result is that competition is very strong in the iPhone applications market, and in the end the consumer gets much better applications.

Have you heard of the Exalead engine ? It is a search engine that is based on an XML database (a hierarchical database, as opposed to relationship-oriented databases like Oracle / Sybase / MySQL). Well, the developers were eager to develop a client for iPhone, and not so much for BlackBerry devices. It's just one example among thousands of developers.

Fun fact is that, in the last 12 months, despite all what newspapers say, number of browser connections worldwide is higher for BlackBerry devices than for iPhone devices. And the trend is increasing.


Another explanation is that Apple is really making so as to get all applications for iPhone look alike. They have provided a graphic toolkit so that an iPhone application can be recognized at fist glance. that way, the user experience is seamless whatever application you use. It has its drawbacks (lack of creativity and of surprises) but a major advantage : developers spend much less time than on developing a BlackBerry application (where you have to spend much time just to create a button).


Another explanation is that the Apple iPhone's hardware is better suited for consumers. They integrated a graphic processor, which enables to easily add 3D to iPhone applications. That is not available for BlackBerry devices, because focus is given to the battery, security and failproof-ness.


AppStore is also an old buddy now, whereas AppWorld is just a new kid. Give AppWorld some time and you will see more and more quality applications for BlackBerry devices.


there are nearly 10x more applications on the Apple AppStore than on the BlackBerry AppWorld, but more is not always better. There are many look-alike applications on the AppStore, and when I hear "there's an app for that, and that, and that, on the AppStore), well, it's the same for the AppWorld (apart from games).


About your query for multimedia applications on BlackBerry devices, like music creation applications or photo edition applications, they are missing but all you have to do is contact the current Juxtaposer or iDoodle and ask them to port their applications to the BlackBerry world. If you don't, you won't make anything go faster Smiley Wink


other competitors of AppWorld are : BPlay, MobiHand, Handango and GetJAR for the most used ones. Remember : AppWorld is a few months old, and BlackBerry owners have been installing applications for years before.

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