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basic Blackberry options removed or do not function as designed in os10/Q10/Z10

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first, I held onto my Bold w/OS 6 forever, awaiting the Z10/Q10, because I got stuff done and quickly and had access to all I needed in one small little phone. now because of options removed w/Q10/Z10, with wi-fi I keep my old Bold w/OS6 active at home for email, twitter, facebook because the following "don't work as designed" issues or required unctionality stripped out of core apps which disables phone use (drains battery)


1. biggest issue: OFF for Custom Ring Tone - Message does not work. I use twitter's SMS option for important news accounts, so that I can read them all in one place as opposed to having to follow manually (go to each and every user) via a twitter app. the FIRST thing I did after purchasing phone: go to my contact entry for Twitter SMS, select Custom Ring Tone, select Messages and turn OFF. to my surprise, SOUND STILL PLAYS. now every few seconds -- beep, beep, beep, beep. the only way to disable sound is to open then General Notifications and Sound and turn ALL off which prevents me from being notified of important messages from family and friends Smiley Surprised I was told by Blackberry support: upload a silent ring tone to solve this problem but as it turns out, there's no custom ring tone option per contact for text message, no matter what you set the sound to for messages, text messages sound is based upon General Notifications settings (from home screen)


2. text/sms character counter always active removed from user interface. counter now only appears when you have 14 of 160 characters left for 1 msg. I use Twitter's SMS option to also RT important news feeds followed. now I have to count, guess, take a chance (and receive "oops your message was over 140 characters so we shortened it here" text response) or just forget about it. w/ Blackberry os6.0 character counter always avail so that I know I have exactly 140 chars in message and this includes link which twitter also auto-adds an additional 7 characters to txt/sms "http://" if simply www.twitter.com or twitter.com is typed.

3. sharing from text to FACEBOOK, TWITTER or any other 3rd party app requires ALL of the text message to be highlighted, as in have to use cumbersome text selection tool to highlight simply to share. THEN and only then will Share option include Facebook or Twitter. by default, sharing only includes email or BBM, Bluetooth or NFC. Smiley Sad


4. I won't/can't add any gmail account to Hub because EVERY SINGLE EMAIL message now included for gmail accounts. previously only NEW messages downloaded to phone. now, complete sync of gmail account which includes non-priority messages. now have to wade through all the garbage to find what you want. and IF you include the gmail account in hub, you have to wade through ALL the email to find the important text, emergency alerts. *I MISS* the mail folders option *sigh* but hub would have been cool IF only X-number of messages would be displayed THEN have option to go to mail account to read all mail.


5. Phone log only shows "UNKNOWN" caller for calls w/phone number but no name for caller ID (for those w/advanced caller ID option). to view the number of the person who called, | have to CAREFULLY hold down the phone log entry, select the "i (circled)" option (info) -- which only appears when you carefully hold down the phone log entry, otherwise you're dialing back a telemarketer or gawd only knows who back. how about instead of displaying simply "missed call" w/view option, display missed call w/ TELEPHONE NUMBER that way when you go to the phone app, you don't have to solve a puzzle to find out who called you


6. date and time stamp removed from text/sms option. thus, forwarding text/sms via email now strips the important date/timestamp. for those of us spammed via text, it's important to forward the message w/its date and time to FTC to prevent others from being spammed. and also when messages are grouped by conversation, no date/time of message available. this matters for requests sent, as in start time of help requests


7. core Twitter app for os10 is extremely awful and DRAINS BATTERY because the previous Twitter for Blackberry os 6 options are stripped out. you no longer have the option to manually update twitter feed, so for someone who follows thousands or follows heavy tweeters, every few seconds twitter is updating instead of updating only when you're *ready to read tweets*. there's also no way to add additional twitter accounts which WAS available with Blackberry os6. you now have to log out, log in to other account OR just use multiple account desktop app which defeats mobile access given limited Blackberry 10.0 Twitter apps


8. did someone forget the bluetooth and music option, as in option to switch to handset while in music app? now, you have to exit music app, go to home screen, swipe down for settings, select Bluetooth THEN unpair device or turn off Bluetooth. wow, wow, wow. this is basic stuff that should have been QA'd


9. text SMS search finds the matching message among many in a thread, however, unlike os6 and below, when selected to open, focus is always placed at the bottom of the thread -- as in if you have hundreds of messages, you then have to manually find the message which defeats search functionality. this was not the functionality with os6 -- you find a message, select it and the actual message is displayed directly on screen. and what could have been a workaround: cannot forward the found so that you can at least see it! find a specific text message, hold down, select forward option, but end result is compose new message option, the message found is not forwarded, blank text message composed.


why muck up a good thing to compete w/ "dumbphones" I refused to use or even acknowledge because of the ease of my Blackberry os6? I'm hoping a quick update will address these basic functionality issues. otherwise, I now have an entertainment device synced to my entire gmail account


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Re: basic Blackberry options removed or do not function as designed in os10/Q10/Z10

tamramc, sorry your experiencing these issues.


May I ask, politely, are these issues with which you are willing get some help (on those that we can)?

Only because you aren't asking any questions, but if you're just wanting to get it off your chest, I understand.


If there some workarounds or help we can provide, just ask.

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Posts: 13
Registered: ‎06-13-2013
My Device: Q10

Re: basic Blackberry options removed or do not function as designed in os10/Q10/Z10

advised by Blackberry support: when you set up the gmail account, don't select the option to sync email. however, just one problem: you must select one of the options: sync email, sync contacts (which would be a nightmare given contacts auto-saved) or sync calendar which I don't use. if you select sync calendar (lesser of two evils), no email avail.


only other option: use gmail app but given other basic and critical functionality removed from other apps, tip-toeing to that option


for now, will wait for the update and keep the old Bold w/os6 on hand for access to twitter and important email

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My Device: Q10

Re: basic Blackberry options removed or do not function as designed in os10/Q10/Z10

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it worked out well, it was the #1 product in country/world. I left at 3.0 because the quality of the products went downhill thanks to a QA team that was divisive and missed a lot of problems before celebrating their "efforts"


However, the Palm Pilot led to the large increase in PDA's and smartphones which led to your head swelling to thinking you're an expert. and my point was: you're not talking to a software or PDA novice, I came here to report the bugs/problems .


[keep it courteous please]