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battery/freeze-up and more

okay, someone I need help here, I love my phone but it can be so frustrating to own. I have the torch 9800, just bought in May 2011, and a few weeks before christmas I had it send off for repairs. The problems I was having were:
-wouldn't unlock with the lock button
- touch screen, track pad, and keyboard would freeze up and not work, sometimes all at once. I would press one thing, and it would freeze up and I would have to wait for it respond, usually a few minutes to continue on what I was doing.
- answer, menu, back, and end button would sometimes not work.
- the smallest of those problems was the battery draining quickly.
I was told it was physical damage, but when I asked for a request, what the physical damage was, my phone was sent back, with only a diagnostic fee of $50, where before they were saying the cost would be close to $300.

My phone ran perfect for a few days, and it started again, but then I went home for christmas, where we have no cell phone service. For a full 2 weeks I ran on only wifi, and just used my phone for browsing on facebook mostly and playing games, and it worked like brand new, and I could get a few days out of my battery.

When I came back from christmas break, and had cell phone service, the problems were noticable again, except slightly different.
- My phone only freezes up, and becomes unresponsive when it is slide open. It's not all the time, i'm not sure if its when its slide open and is unlocked,  or i was using it and then slide it open, or so on, but the problems only occur when the phone is slide open. I lock it, unlock it, and it is perfectly fine. 
- it becomes extremly hot, but not just from the back, I can feel the heat more so by toucing the screen. I had a case and thought that was normal, because the phone was covered, but I recently took my case off, and it still becomes hot, but i realized it is only when its been in my pocket.
- one of the weirdest things,  is when it is in beside mode only, when i unlock the screen, there is a quick, couple seconds, "static" screen. Like, when the tv is on the channel you don't have, it's look what you would call static. 
- The battery is ridicolous. I wait until the battery is almost dead, about 5% or so, or less sometimes, until i charge it, which is usually when i get home from school, and leave it until the next morning where i charge it again, so i have a full battery for the day. The best way to explain, is an example. Today, my phone was 100% charged when I left for school at 8:30am, and at 3pm it was at 60%, which isn't bad if i was texting the whole day, but I only sent about 10 text off, and browsed facebook for a few minutes, and I did have cell phone service the whole time. At 3, while at 60% my friend who has the Torch 9810, her phone was at 40%, by 4pm my battery was saying it was at 45%, even though the icon was still showing what the battery level was at 60%, while my friends phone still remained close to 40%. When I finished class at 5pm, i sent about 2 text the whole class, my phone was still at 45%, showing the level of 60%, and then I litterally watched it go from that level, to drop where the battery icon was red, and you could barely see the battery, in less than a second. I checked the battery level, even though I just did not even a minute ago, and it was gone to 7%. and Within a half hour it was gone to 1%, barely used. My phone took a hour to charge afterwards, which is usually how long it takes, however, yesterday, when I got home it was at 8%, and it took 3 hours to fully charged, and I sent off about 5  text the whole night, and barely touched my phone and by morning it was at 60%.

SOO I know that is a whole lot to read hahaha, but its hard to explain what's happening with my phone in any other way thats shorter. I'm on call for a new battery replacement, and see if that's the problem. But could the battery cause the phone to be freezing up and all those other problems? or could it be the phone, to cause the battery problem. But yet, it's perfectly fine when It's not connected to the mobile network? I have a small number of apps on my phone, just the basic ones, and my memory is not even close to a 1/4 full. The CPU is good, and no apps are running in the background.  

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Re: battery/freeze-up and more

Try a Battery pull please, with the BlackBerry device powered ON, remove the battery 15 seconds and then reinsert the battery to reboot device. This will clear all cache like rebooting a PC. Then try again and see if your problem persists.

What OS are you on? On your device, type in a new message MYVER and a space after to see and report back please.

On device go to Options, Device, Application Management is a great way to see what your apps are doing with your CPU usage on #Torch. Just slide top bar to CPU and see what is going on. Also touch the CPU menu to see other time variables. I found out that an app was eating away CPU cycles on mine

have you updated your apps?


do you have compression turn on in storage?


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