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Re: blackberry daemon process help

Unfortunately, this problem lasts for so long that I'm afraid it's not gonna be fixed any soon...

I uninstalled the BB package and will soon change my work phone for an iPhone or an Android.


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Re: blackberry daemon process help

yeah, this is an annoying problem. I had to reinstall BB desktop to do a renistall of my playbook software, but then unistalled it straight after, as i didnt want to go through the issue again. I also emailed blackberry customer support on the issue, and the best they had was to install it again, and see if it turns up again! WTF!


having said that though, just last night, i found a rougue Daemon, belonging to elmediaplayer - which was doing the same thing. I also had to uninstall that program. I talked to a programmer friend, and he basically said that it happens quite regurlarly with applications. 


long story short - i am not sure there is a solution, other than uninstalling BB desktop. Do you have to have BB Desktop to access files, - can you not bluetooth files across, or is that too much of a hassle?

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Re: blackberry daemon process help

Hi guys,


I've read this thread and I really appreciate your help.

Having tried to stop and remove the said processes, I haven't come very far.

I have been able to remove the BBLaunchAgent via "launchctl remove com.rim.BBLaunchAgent" and it seemed to work.

However, after a reboot, BBLaunchAgent is up in the monitor again!

Also, I have never been able to fix the BBDaemon via Terminal.


What else can I do? I am pretty desperate now.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: blackberry daemon process help

I'd try to redownload the installer from here http://us.blackberry.com/software/desktop/desktop-mac.html


Which is the only way — no idea why — to get the uninstaller, which is what you need. 


Do not reinstall the software, just run the uninstaller. 


This will still, unfortunately, leave some junk behind in /Library/Application Support/Blackberry.


Remove the entire folder. You'll need to authenticate to do so, unless you use the Terminal to rm -r it. Same difference either way. 


Look for and remove any Blackberry folders in ~/Library/Application Support, i.e. under your home directory/folder in /Users on your computer. 


There will also be BB related plists left in the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons directories in /Library. Remove them.


The uninstaller will still not remove the launchctl entries mentioned earlier in this thread. Whoever vended out this code at RIM and whoever actually did the work were largely asleep when it came time to QC it, so there are no commands to do so automatically as part of the uninstall. Review those commands, run them as root or under sudo from the Terminal and reboot. 


Blackberry Link for the new BB's seems to have a few of the same problems, and seems to have not really been subjected to any testing in the real world. I just deleted Blackberry Link for the time being. 


Last time I poked around with it (months ago now) there was still a rimAlbumArtDaemon process running alongside the installation of BB Desktop Manager for Mac, scraping album art from iTunes for no reason, albeit much less consumptive of resources. Seeing as how there's little else in the way of software for backup, I don't blame people if they have to reinstall. My experiences with restorals from it have been very poor and migrating from device to device with it is largely cosmetic. The onboard Device Switch tool works better although not well and doesn't work to migrate to BB10. 


Good luck everyone.