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failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD

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Hi Everybody,


I bought my gf a BOLD 9700. I live in Singapore and bought an officially unlocked BB. I ust bought the model only, not with a contract from any carrier.


My gf uses her simcard but doesnt have a data plan. We dont intend to use the email fucntions.


But we do want to have WIFI on my home network. Been already busy for a few days and have seen several sites and seems that a lot of people have problems with this issue.


I dont know what to do anymore.


Inside my router I see there is an IP adress assiged to the blackberry and I see the mac adress of the BB.  But the blackberry keeps saying Failed to obtain an IP adress.


Other laptops and my IPhone connect instantly to this router.


Some usefull information:


crytographic kerner V3.8.5.85

branding version:


And how to contact the blackberry technical support? Or can I return the phone under warranty?

Im not so familiar with blackberry's.


I also tried it with my own simcard which does have a data plan with it. But the same problem exists.


Already reset the router a thousand times and removed battery from the BB a dozen times. No succus.


on the BB screen I also see the WiFi is connected to my home network router but the wifi logo doesnt light up.


I have set browser to Hotspot.


On several sites I see you have to register something in the Host Routing Table option. Something like WIFI 60. ??. The only thing I see there is *no entries*.


I have tried it without any WEP codes on my router. no succes.


Please Help.








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Re: failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD

had the same problem with wi fi connection also w/ my bb 9700. can u pls give us some solutions.

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Re: failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD



pleaaassse. I ran out of ideas and we  also dont want to return it to the shop to get an Iphone.

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Re: failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD

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Hi Guido,


Please e-mail RIM detailing your problem, they should be able to assist you further and arrange a call from tech support for you.




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Re: failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD


CarverMediaGroup wrote:

Hi Guido,


Please e-mail RIM detailing your problem, they should be able to assist you further and arrange a call from tech support for you.





Hello -- sorry, but wrong. RIM does not provide front line support. Rather, the carriers perform front line support and can escalate into RIM at no charge to the user.



Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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Re: failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD

Ohk everybody seems to get a problem with their wifi connection from things that i read off the net. I faced the same problem too mainly because i didn't buy the blackberry with it's 'way too over priced' data plan that has been made so exclusive and without it, you cant do much. This is a major flaw in RIM's operating procedures and by forcing consumers to suscribe to their service, it's just going to make more people frustrated and feel like throwing their phones out their windows.

First, for the WIFI connection to work, you need to go to your Options>Advanced options>Browser, and change your default browser as the 'Hotspot Browser'.


 Next would be to starup the 'Manage Connections' icon and switch off your mobile network. Switch on your WIFI and then enter the 'Mobile Network Options' tab.


Make sure data services is set to 'On'. ( Dont worry, you may think that this is the option that's going to make your phone bills top the charge due to the data charges, but no. This basically means that you want to enable data services. Smiley Happy )


 Once this is done, you can try to set up your wifi network and things should work perfectly.


To prove that the wifi is the one running, refer back to the previous steps. The mobile network is off and therefore, it cannot be possible that you're going to have to pay data charges.


Once you're in done with all the above steps, go to your browser. Do not switch on the mobile network yet. Go into 'Options' and select browser configuration to check that the hotspot browser is currently in use.


Next, go into 'General Properties' and customize your viewing according to your own likes and dislikes. Make sure that the 'Switching to WAP for streaming media' is unchecked or else the phone will switch to your WAP, which is basically getting data over the internet, to stream contents. Next would be to change your 'start page' to your 'Home Page'. Make sure that you save everything once done with configuring.


Then, go to your bookmark, and delete the Starhub, Singtel or M1 default bookmarks to make sure that they're gone.


The next step would be to exit and reenter the browser and it should be working now. Press G to go to google.com or yahoo.com and make them your homepage as soon as you get connected to the net.


I figured this out on my own because nothing came in the manuals when i got it and i really got frustrated at it. Realising that not much help is on the Net, i decided to make this guide for everyone who DOES NOT HAVE A DATA PLAN! Dont worry dude, i'm from singapore and i'm really thinking of selling this useless piece of **bleep** after a few months as it cannot do much without the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). I really like the feel of using it but i think that the IPhone is way more superior in terms of its capabilities and design. Blackberry is just an over-rated brand here which doesn't deliver the goods for the price that it's selling its phones at. And the thing that irks me quite alot is regarding its appworld. They're really forcing you to sign up for their internet service just to download apps and more.


Hope this guide helps anyone who made the mistake of their lives buying the blackberry Bold 9700.

Especially you guido1976.




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Re: failed to obtain IP adress 9700 BOlD



I red and tried all your solution fo fix this problem. Still a big problem :-(


Actually, the wifi icon is grey and I can now go on internet with the browser !!!!!!

But no email coming, no bb messenger ...


I am at the moment in a long trip outside France, in countries without GPRS service.

The only way for me to have my emails is through wifi connections.

Please, help me !!!!


Tks in advance,