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Re: help curve 9360 - replied emails not showing on hotmail

helenvt wrote:


i got all the regestration messages and have been recieving email since with no problem! 

So, you received the required HRT message from Step 1, plus the Service Book message(s) from step 2. Good. Thank you.

helenvt wrote:


- if i open and reply to an email on my handset only then the message just shows as opened in my hotmail 

See the highlighted part...I fear that you have contradicted yourself...up above in Post 6, you said "it just looks like an inbox full of untouched messages"...which to me would mean that they are showing as unopened on the server, even after you have replied on the BB. Now you say they are showing as opened on the server.


If what you say now is accurate, then the read/unread status is indeed working correctly, at least as far as when you reply on the BB...I cannot tell if the read/unread status works correctly when you just read on the BB but do not reply...I suspect it does work fine.

helenvt wrote:

i know you dont use hotmail but any email account will show its action be in reply or forward when you open an email

Not necessarily...many email systems work differently than others. The key to your situation is that it used to work before, and then stopped working. But, you have yet to confirm for me what happened between the time it was working and it stopped...I asked you for that confirmation earlier (I suspect it is just that you traveled), but you did not answer.

helenvt wrote:


What about all of the other reconciliation capabilities in that KB?


there are no steps above from the kb steps i can see about reconciliation please advise 

Sorry...I would have thought that they were obvious. Again, refer to the KB...for each reconciliation capability that should work, please verify that they do. For instance, it says that when you delete on the BB, it should delete from the server...does it? Likewise, when you delete from the server, the KB says that it should NOT delete from the BB...is that what happens? And so on and so forth. Please see those items in that KB and validate that they all are working as they should.

If they indeed are, then there technically is nothing wrong...BIS support ONLY what that KB lists, and that is working just fine (the Sent Item, from your reply on the BB, is being properly placed onto the Sent Items folder on the server AND the inbox item is being marked as "read" on the server). There is technically no support (as far as I can find) within BIS for ensuring that the Inbox item, on your Server, is somehow marked as having been replied to.


I've no idea why it used to work...I cannot explain that...but there's nothing that I can find that calls for that specific detail to be supported...hence, it would now be WAD -- Working As Designed. But, do also be aware that anything other than actual email delivery is considered, within BIS as well as the email services, of a "low priority"...in some cases, I've seen it take up to 24 hours (or more) for some things (e.g., deletions, read/unread, etc.) to reconcile all the way through...that as well may be impacting your situation.


So anyway, please confirm the above (what happened between it working and not working, and that all reconciliation capabilities work as they are supposed to).


I'm beginning to believe that you will need to go back to your mobile service provider on this, if you wish to pursue it. It will take some "behind the scenes" access and knowledge that simply isn't available in this user-to-user community. I know that you tried and they said no...but you will have to try again (and again, and again, if necessary) until you convince someone that something is actually wrong.


Good luck and let us know!

Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!

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